SOTA 22 Nov 2017

Hi Everyone,

We’re back! And with a big welcome to both those of you who are new to SOTAnews and those of you who have been with us for a while.

We have tried to bring back many of the speakers you enjoyed last year, but we also have some new speakers and a couple of speakers who have not appeared on the roster for a few years. One such speaker is Baris Ilhan. Baris is from Istanbul, Turkey and is one of four — yes, count ’em, four — overseas speakers this year. (The other three are Alan Clay from New Zealand, John Green from England, and Ehsan Khazani from Iran.). Some of you may remember Baris from her last visit, though it was some years ago. If not, just let me tell you that she is knowledgeable, friendly, and very accessible. Feel free to go up and introduce yourself.

Pre-Conference Speaker:  Baris Illhan

“Mercury, Mars & Venus: The use of the Inner Planets as Agents for Improvement”

From the ancient texts we learn that the sources of volitional acts are three powers: carnal (Venus), wrath (Mars) and speech (Mercury). 13th Century astrologer Nasiredin Tusi says that although other powers (Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Saturn) are at their perfection, Mercury, Mars and Venus can be trained towards their perfection. During the workshop we will take a closer look at those planets and see how we can combine them in a way that carries us to loyalty, fidelity, compassion, love, submission, trust and joy.”

This, by the way, is a brand-new topic, and SOTA is getting it first! And in addition to this, Baris will be presenting The Fourth House: Our Grave or Our Treasure on Friday and The Veiled Power of the Twelfth House on Saturday. All in all, a lot of interesting and hard to find information…

SOTA Staff

Our flyer, again beautifully done by Jo Gleason, is below. Feel free to download it: 2018 SOTA FLYER (Nov 22).  And if it makes you drool, feel free to register on-line or by check or money order in US funds. Be aware, though, that as I write this (November 22) we’re still about 3 days away from having the website — and PayPal — fully operative. So if you can hold in your impatience for 2-3 days, we’d appreciate it and we’ll all be happier.

Right now there is a changing of the guard going on with the website and very soon Karen Sully will be replacing Wendy Guy as webmistress. We all want to thank Wendy for her hard work over several years. However, she is neither gone nor forgotten. In fact, she’ll be lecturing on Sunday on Pluto Out-Of-Bounds. 

SOTA 2018 Low Prices

As usual, we will keep you posted at regular intervals on speakers, lectures, and events at the conference so you can decide which lectures and days to attend. And also note that this being a  UAC year, we’re doing everything possible to keep our own fees low so you can still afford to attend. We can’t offer you 150 speakers, but we can offer you 29 truly excellent ones who will not be offering these topics at UAC (though yes, many, including Baris, will be in attendance and presenting). If you’ve joined us before, you know what you’re getting in terms of bang for your bucks. If you haven’t, well, why not give us a try? And yes, please, share SOTAnews with your friends.