SOTA 30 October 2016

Hi All,

Well, this is it — crunch time!

By the time this reaches some of you, on-line reg will be closed. For those of you who get this in time, it closes TODAY, October 30, at 10 pm Eastern. And you will see that at this time,  some of the options have been removed. For example, we have no more Deluxe packages, because we are currently sold out of both Openings and Banquets. We WILL create a waiting list at the conference for those who missed the boat, but it will be strictly first-come, first-served. So no guarantees.

We DO, however, have plenty of Full packages available. We also have room in both Pre and Post Conferences. And of course you can still get single-day admission for any day.

We have also decided to offer half-day admissions, which will consist of one one-hour and one two-hour lectures. These must be on the same day and both a.m. or both p.m. They are $65.

While we DO have a few luncheons left, they are starting to fill, so before you set out to attend JUST a luncheon, you might want to check and see if the one you want is still available. To find out, call the hotel and ask to be put in touch with someone from the reg desk. And preferably do it the day before. Things can change very rapidly at a conference.

The Friday evening was designed to accommodate those of you who decide to come to something at the last minute, so there’s no need to check on this one. Just show up!

Note that I will be at the hotel from the 7th onwards and will be hard to reach by email or otherwise. I expect to be offline entirely on the 7th.  The rest of the time I will be checking email sporadically and will respond as quickly as I can.

I DO hope you can make it to some of this.  We have a LOT of great speakers as well as great attendees. While we are not the biggest conference going, we are certainly one of the friendliest. And you won’t get lost in the shuffle for sure. You’ll go away with new knowledge, new acquaintances, and maybe even new things, between the trade room and the prize draw at closing.

…And speaking of that trade room, a reminder that it is FREE and it is open to the general public. You don’t need to register to get into the trade room. So tell your non-astrological friends. We DO have something for many, including readings, gemstones, and more. And it will be open until at least 8 pm Friday night.

Featured Speaker: Jessica Lanyadoo

OK, about those speakers. One that you will miss if you don’t attend is Jessica Lanyadoo. And since Jessica hails from California (though she was originally from Montreal), it may be a while before you get a chance to see her again. Jessica was here last year and was a huge hit. She has tons of information. And this year, she has two most intriguing lectures:

Making The Most Of Your Crazy

In this class we will explore what planets govern the most common mental health maladies (as opposed to severe mental illness), the spiritual roots of our struggles and predispositions, and how to best cope with them. We will explore the motivation of the planets that govern our issues to better understand our own needs.

Personally, I think we all have a crazy. If you agree, and if you’d like to cope with yours better, this lecture is for you.

Also check out:

Understanding and Maintaining Health Through Astrology

This talk will provide insight and strategies for coping with mental and body health issues in the birth chart and by transit.  We will focus on the influence of the outer planets, their impact on our medical predispositions and how to find them in the chart. This will be a lively discussion that is suitable for astrology connoisseurs of all levels.

We are asked every year for “more medical”. So here’s one for all of you who have been asking!

…And More Speakers!

Plus great lectures by many of your favorites— Julie Simmons, Samuel Reynolds, and Ryhan Butler, for example — and some excellent new speakers, including Emmajay Paterson, Shelley Ackerman, Christopher Renstrom, and others.
So try to make it, huh? Even if it’s only for one day. You won’t be sorry. And we’ll miss you if you’re not there!

And yes, as usual, please feel free to share this with your friends.

Hoping to see you there!