SOTA 13 October 2016

Hi All,

It looks like the house is getting full, and if you snooze, you COULD lose. So if you haven’t registered yet, do it now.

Filling Up!

At this time, it looks like Dawn Silver’s luncheon lecture will have few, if any, tickets left at the door. The same holds true for the Opening, which is your chance to meet and greet friends old and new, have some great nibblies (and there will be a cash bar too) and possibly get a message from one of the 5 excellent mediums who will be serving that night.

Now for those of you with Deluxe packages who are NOT coming [to the Opening], you could give me a big hand by letting me know that. Last year, as some of you know, we ran out of food. We don’t want to do that this year, but by the same token, we don’t want to order food that will go to waste. So as it stands, we will probably close registration for the Opening at month-end to ensure not running out of food. But if you have a Deluxe registration and are NOT coming (because some people don’t), let me know so I can see where we stand between now and month-end. Thanks!

And I WILL keep you all posted on the availability of tickets at the door.

So far, there is space in the banquet, but again whether or not we still have space at the door remains to be seen.

Speaker Changes

Next up, we have had a couple of changes to the roster. I mentioned last newsletter that Aaron Fried has canceled. He is being replaced for the Friday luncheon by Dawn Silver. Her lecture is Stars in Your Bowl and it will cover a lot of things — from vitamins to disciplines — that can be used to stay in optimum health. A full description, should you want it, is in last week’s newsletter, which is on the website. And speaking about filling up, there are only 3 spaces left in this one because our room is small. Also, because you get to choose your own lunch, there needs to be a limit so the kitchen can have the food ready. And I fear you DO have to be there, because luncheon sessions are not taped. So if you want to be sure of a seat, reserve now!

Meanwhile, Patty Mac has agreed to be the replacement speaker for Friday night. Some of you may know Patty from Sweet Messages. If you don’t, you’re in for a treat. She is dynamic, she is knowledgeable, and she is an excellent teacher. As a medium. she has clients across Canada. Her topic will be Evidential Mediumship. Now this may not be what you think. There are a lot of so-called mediums who give no evidence whatsoever that they are talking to your dear departed. They may be very good psychics, but they’re not mediums. Patty will explain all of this. And additionally, there will be a how-to component. I should have a full description for the next newsletter.

Patty’s lecture is one of 9 How-To mini lectures on Friday night. And you can go to any 3 of these (because you have a choice of 3 in each slot) for the small sum of $30. And you’ll get coffee, tea, and a cookie or some fruit on top of the information. Again, these will not be taped and they are decidedly worth coming out for. So if you’re local, why not consider these. Again, the schedule is on the website.

Open Hospitality

Also note that we will again have Open Hospitality on Thursday night after the Opening and on Saturday after the banquet. This is co-sponsored by AFAN and Astrology Toronto. Terry Johnson will be representing AFAN; I am waiting to hear who the Astrology Toronto rep is. These are two excellent groups with something offer, so by all means come to the hospitalities, and make sure you check out what these groups can offer you when they’re not busy doing hospitality.

Hotel Rooms and Online Paypal

And in case you missed it before, we are running out of [hotel] rooms. At this time, we still have some left, but when they are gone, there is no guarantee I can get you one. We have, I am happy to report, exceeded our room block. So if you need a room, call the hotel NOW at 1-800-323-3331.

Also note that the last date for PayPal is 10 pm Eastern on October 30. After that date, payments will only be taken at the door and it’s cash only.

OK, what about a look at some of the lectures?

Featured Speaker: April Elliott Kent

A couple of you have expressed disappointment at not being able to attend April Elliott Kent’s Post-Conference on The Progressed Lunar Phase and Transiting Saturn Cycle. I am sorry you can’t make it, but she IS also giving a 2-hour lecture on Eclipse Cycles and the Birth Chart on Saturday. Have a look at the description:

Eclipse Cycles and the Birth Chart

The 19-year cycle of eclipses moving through your natal chart describes a repeating pattern of developmental crisis. Which natal patterns currently demand your attention and willingness to change?  When have you confronted similar challenges in the past — and how might you handle them more effectively now?

This is good information that’s rarely presented. Worth hearing… And April is a great lecturer.

Featured Speaker: Wade Caves

And Wade Caves is back this year with two 1-hour talks. The first of these is on Saturday and is again on a topic that is rarely clearly explained.

The Aries Ingress: Prophecies of the Mundane Astrologer.

The Star of Bethlehem. Mundane astrology was anciently held to be astrology’s noblest application, employing techniques like the assessment of Saturn/Jupiter conjunctions, comets and eclipses, and Aries ingresses. Come explore the historical approach to annual Aries ingresses, and the techniques astrologers applied to forecast the future for their respective king and country.

If ever there was a time when you might want to forecast the future for your country and it’s “king”, this might be it. So come and learn about this fascinatng technique!

Wade’s second lecture is about planetary phases:

Sunodikos: Planetary Phases and Their Applications.

Astrologers often ruminate on the nature of lunar phases, but all planets undergo the process of increase and decline in their synodic cycle with the Sun. Through phase’s influence on speed, brilliance and motion, the working astrologer is able to glean physical, practical and psychological descriptions for use in consultation.

Phases are being used more and more. Come and see how they were used classically. I’m hoping to get into this one myself…

Ok, more next week. We still have a number of good speakers and lectures to profile. Stay tuned!