SOTA 23 May 2015

Hi All,

Schedule Changes

First of all, open up the flyer please. We have a schedule change in the works. And we’ll have a new flyer in the works too, but at the moment Demetrius is on the road (and scouting out speakers at NORWAC) so it may take a few days for new flyer to materialize. Meanwhile, please follow along and we can sort this out post-haste:

If you look at your flyer, Michael Barwick is scheduled for Friday, October 23 from 10:15 – 12:15. That’s not gonna happen. Michael’s lecture has been moved to Saturday, October 24 from 10:15 to 12:15. And Wade Caves, who was in that Saturday time slot, will now be lecturing in the Friday, October 23 slot. Topics — Wish Upon Your Fixed Stars for Michael and Connections in Horary for Wade — remain unchanged.

The schedule switch was necessary because Wade will be unavailable on Saturday. So if you’re looking forward to hearing him — or even talking to him — better plan on being there on Friday or he’ll be gone. And if you’re here on Friday, please stick around for Michael’s lecture on Saturday. Both of these gentlemen have something worthwhile to say — and you don’t have to be a traditional astrologer to appreciate it.

On other fronts, I THINK we have filled our vacant staff position. If we haven’t, you’ll be hearing about it in a future newsletter.

Trade Room

We’d also like to officially welcome Joy White and Mary Lou Vaughan back to our trade room. Yes, that means those wonderful carvings are going to be back again. If you missed them last year — or if, like me, you came back to get one and found them sold — check them out EARLY this year. The trade room will be opening some time Thursday afternoon, and if these sell the way they did last year, many of them may be gone by Saturday —especially since the trade room is open to the public. You don’t have to be an astrologer to like these goodies.

In addition to Joy and Mary Lou, we’ll have Billee Dommell and David Jordan with their wonderful selection of jewelry and minerals, Sue Morris with her wonderful herbal/botanical/astrological concoctions for bath, body, and abode, and probably Linda Kane with her beautiful meditation and software disks. Plus software, books, and more. So do drop in if you’re in the neighborhood even if you can’t make the conference.


And for those of you who are trying to save money so you can spend it in the trade room, I will mention that at the moment we have an attendee looking for a roommate. I know this lady and will vouch for her lack of abrasiveness. So message me if you’d like to share a room and I’ll put you in touch. In my experience it’s far nicer to share memories and shop than to spend all your money on the hotel. After all, $99 a night is $99 a night. And half of $99 a night leaves more money for you!

Closing Prize Give-Away

Also, a brief reminder about our closing prize give-away. Those of you who have been here before know that each year we have a prize give-away at the closing ceremony. EVERYONE who is there for the closing is eligible — speakers, staff, attendees — everybody. All of the prizes are donated, and I generally have no idea what will be there until Sunday morning. However, I can tell you that these are generally small but nice prizes.

In the past, we’ve had chocolates, books, scarves, jewelry, and bunches of astro-kitsch — candles with Suns and Moons on them, plaques, incense burners, little neat wooden boxes, and occasionally meditation CDs or the like. All prizes are donated by speakers, staff, and attendees, and all are generally nice to go home with.

And yes, if you want to donate something, we would be delighted. In fact, this is the perfect spot to do some regifting of those things you got and never used. No guarantee everyone will win something, but the more prizes we have, the greater the likelihood of that happening. And again, the only kickers are that you must be present to win. So if you can stick around until 3:15 on Sunday, there may be a little something in it for you. Once again, this is free. There are no tickets to purchase.

We MAY also have raffles at some point in the conference, but that remains to be seen.


Now, if you’re planning to be there on Sunday, you’ll probably be wanting to take in some lectures. We’ve got a variety of good ones, including this one by Julie Simmons:

Houses: The ‘Where’ of Astrology

Astrological houses are where we enact our life stories; from beginning to end. In this session we will investigate the archetypal meaning of the houses and how to use the scenery of our lives to gain deeper understanding of our experience, both collectively as well as specifically. Bring your chart.

Julie is a seasoned astrologer and lecturer with many years of experience. She has studied with the likes of Eleanor Bach and Diana Stone, and has often been on the leading edge of techniques. She was using asteroids long before they became trendy. She was at the forefront of the experiential movement. Her work is both solid and insightful and very much tailored to her audience and the questions they ask. Her lecture style is low-key. There is no hype. But she has a solid following and invariably is one of the speakers we get excellent feedback on — as well as requests to bring her back. So we’re happy to oblige.


And on that note, I’m going to sign off. Have a terrific week and don’t let that Mercury retrograde jangle your nerves.