SOTA 5 September 2017

Hi Everyone,

Price Break for Canadians

The big news this month is for you Canadians. Now that the dollar is rising, we are able to give you a little bit of a price break for Full or Single Day admissions. By which I mean, you can pay in Canadian funds at par for these until September 30. This is a savings of about $50 until September 21 when the price goes up. Then it’s actually a savings of about $55 in exchange.

As usual, there are some kickers, though:

First of all, this offer is restricted to Canadians. I say this because it wouldn’t be the first time an American has tried to send me Canadian funds when I’ve done this. It won’t work, so be forewarned. This is Canadians only.

Secondly, this is cheque-only. No PayPal. We can’t afford PayPal fees on top of this kind of discount.

Third, this offer is ONLY good for Full Conference or single days. You would STILL have to pay in US funds for Pre and Post Conference stuff and for food functions such as the opening, divination night (yes, there will be snacks at divination night), the banquet, and luncheons. And those can STILL be paid for on the web site.

Fourth, note that our fees go up on the 22nd. The current rates will only be honored until the 21st. That means your cheque must be received by that date. However, you can still pay the increased rate for Full or single-day admissions after that date and until September 30th.

Offer expires September 30th. Cheques should be made payable to Full Circle Seminars and sent to me at 35 Brock St,, Suite 1405, Hamilton, ON L8L 4L7. Or if you happen to be going to my September 16 workshop at Astrology Toronto, (on t.Uranus aspects) you can bring them there and save yourself the postage. And yes, I will also have flyers at the event.

So there it is. I wish it could be more, but it’s the best we can do. And it IS a deal open to all Canadians, so please share the news with your friends.

Special 2018 Price for Attendees

And note, that ALL registrants for at least one day this year are eligible to take advantage of the attendees-only rate for next year. This is again a limited-time, cheques-only thing, but the price is even lower than the early bird rate. And this is the ONLY time we take Canadian funds at par for the Deluxe package at this point. So this is another reason you might want to show up for at least a day this year. We’re hoping to have a good line-up including a couple of overseas speakers next year, so it will again be good.

Half-Day Admissions

For all of you on tight time or money budgets, note that you will be able to get a half-day admission at the door for $55 US. This is cash only. In fact, all registrations at the door are cash only. Please note.

And note that once again we have decided against offering single-session admissions. Sorry. And regrettably, half-day admissions are not eligible for the attendees-only rate for 2018. Sorry again.

Book Your Hotel Room NOW

And if you haven’t reserved your hotel room, it’s time. Call the hotel at 1-800-323-3331 and tell them you’re with SOTA to get the discount. Speakers, you need to do this too. We don’t reserve rooms. You have to do that.

Meanwhile, have you seen our page at SotaAstrologyConference on Facebook??? Check it out! It has all kinds of little tidbits including some wonderful speakers/posters featuring those on our roster and links to their lecture blurbs. All thanks to the amazing Jo Gleason!

Featured Speaker: Marilyn

And speaking of speakers, here’s another blurb, this time from Marilyn :

Moon Families

Just as life often displays patterns, so does our moon. Each new moon creates a cycle. This pattern spans approximately 2 1/4 years. When a new moon cycle conjoins a planet, in our chart, it could activate a very profound working tool for timing. A great concept for all astrologers who uses forecasting or predictive astrology.

Marilyn lectured last year. If you heard her then, you may want to hear her again. If you didn’t, well, here’s another chance.


Note that there will be no newsletter next week. I need to catch up on program book stuff and also to prepare for my workshop in Toronto on the 16th. I will, however, be back with more news the following week.

Meanwhile, have a good one! And please share this newsletter!