SOTA 17 May 2018

Hi Everybody,

SOTAnews will be taking a 2 week hiatus beginning next week as I will be at UAC. I will be bringing SOTA flyers with me just in case anybody is interested. If you see me there, by all means stop me and say hi.

And since we’ll be on hiatus, a reminder that conference rates will increase as of 10 pm June 21.  Why pay more? Register now!

Also, a reminder that we’re STILL looking for vendors. I have heard from Lisanne and she and Rob will not make it this year because of health problems. I know they will be much missed. And yes, this does mean we have an opening for a soap and bath stuff vendor along with other things. We MAY have someone coming from Young Living Oils, which would be wonderful. Good product and I’ve been trying to get someone from Young Living for years. This may be the year. Also waiting to hear about software. That will probably fall into place after UAC.

And last but not least, our wonderful AFAN hospitality person is looking for a roommate. Terry is wonderful and easy to room with. If you’re looking for a roommate, let me know and I’ll put you in touch.

And now for a couple of blurbs:

Faith McInerney

Faith McInerney works extensively with asteroids and midpoints. Her work is excellent and I have been trying to get her here for 3 years. So you can’t go wrong with this one! However, I DO need to mention that she will be doing a similar but shorter presentation at UAC. Blame me for the duplication, not Faith. We actually set this up 3 years ago. Then she had to opt out one year and the next I had no room on the roster. This year we were both free and I said “Let’s go for it!” Never even thought to ask if she was doing this at UAC. So if it should happen that you’re attending both SOTA and UAC, my apologies. But it’s still a damned fine lecture. Faith has worked extensively with the asteroids, and she really knows her material. One way or another, you need to hear this one:

Chiron and the Four Major Asteroids

Chiron’s influences on procreation, diet, dress, work and residence are described by its aspects to Ceres, Pallas, Vesta and Juno.

John Marani

Another lecture you may want to hear is this one by John Marani

Telling Time with Tarot

Shedding light on particular events is important in a tarot reading, but how do you determine WHEN an event will happen? John will discuss three different ways of timing events in a reading, using spreads, numbers, and astrology.

John is at this point a familiar face to many of you. He is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker on the Tarot and many of you have really enjoyed him. Additionally, many of you enjoy a bit of an exploration of non-astrology topics. This lecture incorporates astrology, but it also fits the bill.


I’ll be back in two weeks with more news. Hopefully by then our good weather will also be back. Meanwhile, enjoy, stay tuned, and if you’re at UAC, please come and say hello!