SOTA 14 August 2018

Hi Everyone,

Well. I managed to spring myself from hospital, but of course now I’m running late, so let’s get right into the news:

First of all, some good news. I have talked to the hotel and it appears that we’re fine with the Pres and Posts. So yes, there’s still room and yes, you can register. Worry not!

AFAN and AYA Hospitality Evenings

… And some more good news: We will now have 3 hospitality evenings, not two. The first two are courtesy of AFAN; the third is sponsored by AYA. And who might AYA be? They’re the Association for Young Astrologers. Jo Gleason, our social media person and program designer, is their Vice-President. Now I have to be honest here — I am not a member. I find their name, um, ageist. I am far from a young astrologer, either in terms of actual age or in terms of experience in astrology. Having said that, should they ever decide to change their name, I will join in a flash. Why? Well for one thing, they have a superb annual journal (and I hope they will bring some for sale). For another, this is one of the brightest groups of people you might hope to meet. And nice people too. Service-oriented and learning-oriented. So I hope you will come and meet Jo and Jenn Zahrt and whoever else turns up. That’s what hospitalities are for. And yes, someone will be saying more about AYA at the Opening.

Now for the boring stuff:
We still have one 8-foot table going begging.  I’m hoping one or possible two people will grab it and sell some neat stuff. Cost is only $100 for the duration, and if you share it, that can save you still more. So please let me know if you’re interested, and let your friends know it’s available too. We are also interested in acquiring one more reader for the trade room. Anything but astrology. So contact me on that one if you think this might be you.

And almost-last but not least, the hotel is filling rapidly, though there’s still room. If you haven’t reserved your hotel room, it’s time. Call the hotel at 1-800-323-3331 and tell them you’re with SOTA to reserve at the conference rate. Once these rooms go, I can’t guarantee to get more.

Really last but not least: We have a limited number of ad spaces left. If you want to advertise your services, contact Jo Gleason at for rates and requirements.

OK, and on that note, on to lectures.

Kathy Rose

Kathy Rose is a first-time speaker at SOTA, but definitely not a new speaker. She is a seasoned lecturer who has done lectures and workshops in many places in the US. We’re very fortunate to have her. Here’s her topic:

Tapping the Horoscope’s Memory

The Horoscope itself has a memory! Planets or angles in the chart that have received powerful transits or solar arcs in the past can become highly sensitized areas in the horoscope. These “hotspots” may respond with dramatic change with any future contact.

Noting hot spots as Kathy describes is an important tool in the professional astrologer’s bag of tricks. Come and learn more!

And yes, we DID talk about Mystery Midpoints last time, but at the moment there are only 3 slots left and I’m pretty sure one of those is going to fill soon. Don’t miss out on this one! It promises to be extremely informative and probably quite fun too!

Mystery Midpoints

This is a fun and profound exercise where we read an unidentified person’s natal chart only using the 90-degree midpoint sort. An amazing amount of information comes forward so easily! The identity of the well-known person will be revealed only after we analyze the statement from the midpoints.

Remember, we’ve got at best 3 slots left in this one. And no, it won’t be taped. You have to be there! So sign up soon!!!

Ehsan Khazeni

One person I don’t think we’ve talked about yet is Ehsan Khazeni. Ehsan comes from Iran and is knowledgeable in both Eastern and Western astrology. This particular lecture was very well-received at the last Vedic conference in Sedona, though he tells me it’s worthwhile for Western astrologers too.

Universal Nakshatras

“Universal Nakshatras” is a bridge between ancient knowledge of Vedic lunar mansions and concepts of modern astrology. In Universal Nakshtras, despite the traditional teachings, there is a meaningful order for Nakshatras which shows how the lunar mansions of vedic astrology are sequentially interconnected. It demonstrates how the next and previous mansion for every planet can give us some information and how all mansions occupied by planets in the chart can be employed in our Interpretations.

This is a 2-hour lecture on Saturday. Come and join us. I’m pretty sure this will be new material for many of you!

OK, I’m off now. More next week. Stay tuned and have a good one!