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Newsletters for SOTA 2015

SOTA 27 February 2015

Hi All,

Rumor has it that spring is coming. I certainly hope so. Don’t know about you, but I’m sick to death of this cold. Not much news this time, but I DID want to talk about a couple of things, notably the hospitality suite and the banquet.


As usual, many of you were not satisfied with the banquet last year. To be blunt, I haven’t been entirely satisfied with our banquets since we crossed the border. For whatever reason, the hotels we have used have lacked imagination in terms of offerings and sometimes lacked expertise in terms of preparation. I am hoping the Millennium will be different.

That said, I think it also needs to be said that we are a tough crowd to please. We have confirmed carnivores, we have people who don’t eat red meat, we have vegetarians, we have vegans, we have people with gluten allergies. We have foodies. We also have just plain fussy folks. Some people don’t eat mushrooms, some people don’t eat vegetables other than peas and green beans, some don’t eat garlic. And just to let you know that I’m no different, I have a medical condition that doesn’t allow me to eat salad or raw vegetables.

Given that most years we have a crowd of 75 – 95 to please, it’s not surprising that we don’t please everybody, though we will persist in trying. We have looked at ways to please more of you. For example, we took a poll last year to see if you would prefer plated dinners or a buffet style meal. The vast majority of you wanted buffet, so that’s the way we kept it. But a lot of you have complained about lack of variety. And I am inclined to agree with you. The last couple of buffets have been on the skimpy side.

Unfortunately, hotel food is expensive, and we DO have a budget. The actual cost to us of each banquet is only $2.00 less than what we have been charging for it. And that remaining $2.00 per person goes towards the entertainment and helps us offset the cost of the speakers’ banquets. We have tried to keep that cost down, but it’s become clear that we are not going to get what we want unless we increase our budget.

So we have done just that and that increase is reflected in the increased cost of the Deluxe conference package. The cost of food has risen greatly since SOTA first began, but our banquet budget has not. I am hoping that with our new and bigger budget and our new hotel we will come up with a winning combination that will please all of us.

While the menu has not as yet been decided, you can be assured that we are aiming for variety and if at all possible local produce. I am looking forward to seeing menus and possibly doing a tasting, so stay tuned… And if there’s something you’d like to see in that buffet, NOW is the time to let me know. But be forewarned — lobster is beyond our budget. So is filet mignon. And even though YOU don’t like tomatoes, some other the other people in attendance might. That’s why we have a buffet — so you can pick and choose.

Hospitality Suite

The other issue that came up last year — again — was the hospitality suite. And yes, Sheraton handled this badly. They knew the drill and they know what the suite would be used for. They COULD have blocked off that floor for our guests, but they didn’t. And that’s one of the reasons we’re not back there.

That said, hospitality suites are a thorny issue for hotels — and having taken some of the meeting planners’ courses, I know that. We are not the first conference to have had problems with our hospitality suite. There were problems at the last ISAR. There were problems at 2 of the last  3 UACs if not all three. And in all cases, security asked the suite to close. Why? Well, sound DOES carry — and since the hotels are unwilling to block off the floor — even for a big conference like UAC — there is a good chance that somebody will complain. And to be blunt, the hotels really don’t care about the success of our hospitality. If we were to order our food from the hotel and bring in a bartender for the evening I am fairly sure it would be different. But we can’t afford that. So as far as they’re concerned, it’s so sorry for our luck. And I know this. But despite knowing this, I went in search of a hotel that might accommodate us. Some hotels have basement-level rooms that are rarely used. Some may be willing to block off the floor. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

In the case of The Millennium, they were honest from the outset. Because of the layout of the hotel, sound carries, and they have a firm policy of no noise after 10 pm in the suites. Which means that you’re probably ok if you want to invite a couple of people to your room, but if you invite a couple of dozen, you can probably expect a knock on your door.

However, when I explained to them how important hospitality was to SOTA, they were quick to try to find a solution to the problem. And we HAVE come up with what I hope will be a good compromise. They are offering their own hospitality room (which is only open to their own frequent travellers) for our use on Thursday night after the Opening and on Saturday night after the banquet.

As usual, we can bring in our own food and drink. And we can stay open at least until the bar across the way closes — maybe even later as it seems to be a sleepy little bar. So you will be able to move directly from the banquet or the opening to the hospitality and continue the conversations you started earlier. I have seen the room and it easily holds 50. So we think this will be a good solution.

Of course that DOES leave Wednesday and Friday.  Rest assured that there WILL be hospitality for those of you coming in on Wednesday afternoon or evening. Demetrius and I will be putting our heads together and coming up with something. If all else fails, I DO have a suite — though given that I am the convener I will be adhering to the hotel rules and kicking people out at 10 pm. If you want to stay up later, perhaps you can invite a couple of people to YOUR room after that. Remember, a couple of people sharing hospitality is not a problem.

As for Friday, given that it’s the one night that our schedule is kind of flexible, we thought we would leave things open. Many of you will want to go to Mediums and Messages, and perhaps we will move from there to the bar or the restaurant to finish our conversations. Or again, you’re free to invite people back to your room for a chat. I know it’s less inclusive, but sometimes it’s nice to connect with just a few people.

In short, we have a reputation for being a friendly conference, and we are going to do our best to live up to that reputation. I don’t think there’ll be any lack of social opportunities.


OK, time for some reminders:

First of all, early bird registration CLOSES at 10 pm on March 20th. You can register via PayPal on the Registration page, or you can register by cheque. Make the cheque payable to Full Circle Seminars and mail it to me. My address is on the flyer. Or if you’re on this side of the border, you can pay by email transfer. But remember, it takes 5-7 days for a cheque to get here and if yours comes after March 20th it will not qualify for the early bird rate.

Secondly, you can reserve your hotel room by calling 1-800-323-3331 and telling them you’re with SOTA.

Third, if you attended SOTA last year and got the $20 discount coupon for GLAC, that also expires on March 10. And yes, I will be going to GLAC. As for offering a SOTA discount to GLAC attendees this year, nothing has been decided yet — and it may not be decided until the end of March. So if you want to register before the rates go up, now is the best time. Any discount will be on the next highest rate.

And since we’re talking about GLAC, I was asked if I will be doing the same lectures there and at SOTA. The answer is no. I try very hard not to do that; it doesn’t help GLAC and it doesn’t help SOTA. Nobody likes reruns, astrological or otherwise.

That said, here are my SOTA lectures:

Friday, October 23, 10:15 am to 12: 15 pm

Looking for Love at All the Right Times

“When will I find the right person?” is one of those perennial questions that most astrologers are asked to answer on a weekly, if not daily, basis. While no astrologer in their right mind would guarantee that you will meet your one and only true love at a specific time. we can and will discuss progressions and transits that increase the likelihood of an important meeting, ranging from those “getting lucky at the bar moments” to less transient, more serious, and possibly more slowly-evolving meetings. Brief discussion of the natal chart and synastry is included as well as some discussion of the most likely places/activities to lead you to the right person based on your chart.


Sunday, October 24, 2:00 to 3:00 pm

Uranus — ‘Cause You Deserve a Break Today

As we all know, whatever we expect Uranus to bring is generally not what it brings. This makes it very hard to know what to expect from a Uranus transit. However, there’s one thing I’ve noticed consistently — Uranus has a propensity from breaking things. It can break your computer, break up your relationship, break down your self-created barriers, and force you to take a break from the ordinary and the familiar. Breakthrough can happen — and you may never be the same. And sometimes, that can be a very good thing.

I’d be happy to see you at one of these, but more importantly, I’d be delighted to see you at SOTA. We have some excellent lectures for you to choose from this year, from familiar faces to rising stars. Please join us. And please share this newsletter with your friends. There’s plenty of room for everybody.



SOTA 21 February 2015

Hi All,

It’s another cold, snowy day here. I am definitely waiting for spring. I hope all of you are nice and warm in the interim.

I’ve had queries about the banquet and specifically whether or not it is included in the Deluxe conference package. It most certainly is! It somehow got left off the last flyer; we have now included it. The only things NOT included in the deluxe package are the luncheons and the Pre-Conference workshops. And yes, a new flyer is available.

And what are you missing by NOT going to the Pre-Conference workshops? How about this:

The Journey of Life: Understanding Transits

Presenter: Eileen McCabe

As rites of passage, transits represent the unfoldment of individual consciousness. This is an in-depth exploration of how to interpret the developmental cycles and transits of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto and their impact on the angles and personal planets. We will discuss the meaning of each planet and how the transits are the timekeepers of the human potential inherent in the natal chart.

Eileen has been on my short list of speakers to hear at conferences for many years. She has also been on my wish list for SOTA for a number of years. She is a solid, clear, and insightful presenter that you can learn from — even if you think her topic is familiar territory.

From New York, she is an NCGR-certified astrologer who teaches and has presented at many conferences, including UAC. Additionally, she is a licensed social worker, which adds an additional dimension to her work. I hope you’ll enjoy her as much as I do…


We try very hard at SOTA to give you, the attendees, what you want because we’re very aware that without you there would BE no SOTA.

Once in a while, however, we run into something we just can’t provide. And that’s the case with the requests for a dedicated all-day hospitality suite. The bottom line is that we simply can’t afford this. It would require a room for 3 full days at our expense. It would require coffee, tea, and other goodies. And it would require someone to staff that room full time. We have neither the budget nor the staff to do that.

I know that people like to hang out somewhere, but we simply can’t provide this. I also know some of you like to hang out near the reg desk at breaks. That may not be possible either. The corridors are fairly narrow, and I’m not sure we can get much seating in that area.

So where do you find people? Well, if there are lectures going on, that’s probably where they are. Between lectures, try the trade room. At lunch time, we have luncheon lectures going on. Some people may be there. Others might decide to go to the mall and grab a sub or whatever. And some will no doubt be in the hotel restaurant.

We’d love to provide you with a place to eat your take-out food, but we simply can’t afford to pay for a lunch room. Additionally, the hotel contract prohibits food from outside in the conference area. If you’re at loose ends at lunch or between lectures, there IS a spacious lobby where you can hang out and wait for your friends and it’s adjacent to our meeting rooms.

There is also a restaurant in this same area where you can have a cup of coffee and wait for friends. And again, there is always something going on in the trade room. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for free lunch or even free coffee, I’m afraid we can’t help. Nor can we help if you’re looking for a place to give or get free readings or astrologize informally.

However, we CAN put up a notice board. That way if you’re going to the mall at lunch and looking for company or want to do a little astrologizing at lunch or before the opening you can put up a notice and connect with others who want to do the same, either in someone’s room or in a quiet corner of the restaurant or the lobby.

We try very hard to be friendly and inclusive at SOTA — and we definitely aim to please — but we can’t necessarily find somewhere for you to hang out every waking hour. I hope you understand. None of the larger conferences can afford dedicated hospitality suites. Neither can we. But we’ll do our best to make it easy for you to connect with others some way.

I DO know that it can be more than a bit intimidating to walk into a conference where you know absolutely no one. I’ve been there. I’ve done that. But there are a few tips that can help you meet people easily and painlessly.

  1. Wear your badge. Your badge shows others you’re one of us. Which is good, because they automatically know you’re a kindred spirit.
  2. Smile. Smiling attracts people. Period. Costs you nothing.
  3. Don’t be afraid to show up at those evening events. That’s where it’s often easiest to meet people.

And rest assured that SOTA folks are among the friendliest people in conference-land. That INCLUDES our speakers. And remember that some of them won’t know anyone either. So you won’t have to sit at a table where you don’t know anyone, being ignored all evening. In fact, if things run true to form, you won’t be able to sit at a table all evening without getting into a conversation. And it’s our intention to give you something to talk about.

Take Thursday evening for example, when Jacqueline Janes will be giving our keynote address:

State of the Art Evolving

Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries formed seven exact squares  between June 2012 and March 2015. Seeds of change and transformation were sown and a matrix of possibilities formed. Now what? As astrologers, mediums, and intuitives, what is the future of our professions, our “state of the art” ?

Jacqueline is a captivating speaker and this is a topic that all of us can relate to. Come and hear what Jacqueline has to say. Then share your thoughts with your tablemates and others. If all goes according to plan, we WILL have a dedicated hospitality room from 9 pm onward where you can continue your conversations and maybe even meet still more people. And unlike last year, we have a guarantee that the hospitality suite can be open until midnight or even later. So stay tuned…

And on that note, I wish you a warm and contented week.



SOTA 13 February 2015

Hi All,

I hope you’re all warm and snug. It’s COLD here…

I returned last week from a wonderful time at Midwest School of Astrology, where I enjoyed connecting with Pam Gallagher, Mindy Witt and many of you. Unfortunately, I came home with an unexpected souvenir in my computer, something called Taplika. It locked me out of Windows and created all kind of annoyance, as did the Dell service people. However, I found a live person who knew what he was doing and I’m now back in business. So let’s get to it!
First of all, our redesigned flyer is available for download (PDF). Demetrius Bagley has listened to your advice and listed lectures according to times, rather than according to rooms. It should make things easier to follow. And yes, the program book will be designed the same way.

Secondly, if you were eligible for the attendee’s only rate and didn’t take advantage of it, well, um, it’s too late. But you can still get in on the early bird rate when you register online any time between now and 10 pm Eastern on March 20. Yes, I know, it’s usually midnight, but our webmistress, the amazing Wendy Guy, sometimes has to be up bright and early for paid work and hanging around until midnight to change everything is not always helpful if you need to be bright and perky the next day. The earlier changeover will help her greatly. And if you’re prone to doing late-night registration, you can do it on the 19th or even at 3 am on the 20th. Just do it before 10 pm. Wendy and I will both thank you.

You can also pay by cheque by making the cheque payable to Full Circle Seminars and sending it to me at 35 Brock St., Suite #1405, Hamilton, ON L8L 4L7 Canada. Or you can pay by Interac if you’re on this side of the border. Note, however, that the fees listed are in US Dollars. If you’re paying in Canadian funds, there will be a 20% surcharge, which is still a bit less than the bank will charge you. We will review the exchange rate periodically and revise if our dollar starts doing better. We don’t like it either, but there’s nothing we can do about it.

…And speaking of too late, some of you got $20 off coupons for GLAC (Great Lakes Astrology Conference). I’ve been asked to remind you that those expire March 10. Like SOTA, GLAC is small, friendly, and fun — and Ann Arbor is lovely! Their speakers this year include Nick Dagan Best, Anne Ortelee, Joyce Levine, and yours truly. So do check them out!

Oh, and for those of you who have asked if GLAC attendees will get a discount for SOTA 2015, no decision has been made on that yet. However, the early bird rate will have expired by GLAC time, so any discount would be on the next highest rate. Bottom line: the best way to make sure you save money on SOTA is to reserve before March 21.

Third, I have heard from the hotel and they’re ready for us. You can reserve your room at The Millennium by calling 1-800-323-3331 and telling them you’re with SOTA. Rooms are $99 and $109 per night, plus tax. And again, the rooms are identical except for the fact that the $109 rooms overlook the indoor courtyard where we’ll have our food functions and have balconies with deck chairs.

OK, so I’ve been perusing the 2014 feedback and one of the things you want is “more stuff in the trade room”. We’ve taken the first step towards this by getting a bigger trade room — and we’ve already had a couple of vendors ask for more space. As for getting more vendors, we first of all have to find them. We also have to know what you want. We are not a big conference, so we try very hard to find vendors who offer what you want. They incur expenses as vendors and we want them to cover those expenses and ideally make a profit over and above those expenses.

So here’s the deal: if you want a bigger/better trade room, you need to tell me what you want to SEE in that trade room. If we don’t know what you’re looking for, how the devil can we provide it? Secondly — and this applies primarily to those of you who live in the Buffalo/Niagara area — please tell your friends to drop by and check us out. Vendors just LOVE shoppers — and the more they sell, the happier they are and the more willing they are to come back. And while we DO try to promote locally, I don’t live in Buffalo, Demetrius doesn’t live in Buffalo, and neither does Myra. Or Carol and Al. We need help from you Buffalonians and Cheektowagans, and Amhertians and the like. If we can count on you to promote the trade room, that will make our job ever so much easier. It will also make our vendors very, very, happy. And remember, the trade room is free to everyone. You just have to show up.

At the moment, it looks like Billee Dommell and David Jordan will be back with their wonderful jewelry and minerals, Helene Arts will be back with books, Fei Cochrane and Pam Gallagher will be back representing Sirius/Kepler, Joy White and Mary Lou Vaughan are planning to be back with their wonderful carvings, and Nora Sturtevant Bouvier will be back with her gorgeous prints. And of course Carol and Al Godzick will be back with CDs for your listening pleasure. I will also be talking to Astrolabe to see if they can find us a rep this year.

And I have several other people to talk to as well. But before I fill the space, I’d like to hear from you as to what you’d like to see. I have already had requests for chocolate or similar goodies and for T-shirts, bags, etc. What else?? Let me know,  and I’ll do my best. And yes, we will have at least 4 readers again and more if attendance warrants. One will be Tim Brainard. I’m hoping another will be Patricia Beers. Note that in terms of readers, we’ve had a specific request for a numerologist; if that sounds like you, email me and we can talk.

I’ll be making a formal call for vendors in late March. Meanwhile, if you’re ready to commit or if you simply want more information, drop me a note and I’ll be happy to fill you in.

And now let’s talk about speakers… And let me tell you one of the reasons Gary Caton is one of our featured speakers this time.

Gary P. Caton

Once upon a time at the Denver UAC, I was sitting on the patio with my long-time friend Inge Lohse from Edmonton. She was lamenting, as those of us who are old and jaded are wont to do, about the dearth of fresh, new material in some of the lectures. She shoved her program at me, and said ” So you know what I like. Who do you recommend here?” After discussion of a couple of old favorites who nearly always have a little something new to say, I said, “How about Gary Caton? He’s relatively new on the circuit and I like his slant on things.” So off she went.

I ran into her later that evening and her comment was “I must thank you for directing me towards Gary Caton. That was the best lecture I’ve heard so far in the entire conference. He was just excellent.” Now some of you don’t know Inge, but I do. She doesn’t do platitudes and she sings praises sparingly. She’s also been around at least as long as I have, so she’s well past the stage where she’s going to settle for the same old stuff. If Gary Caton can impress my friend Inge and me, I think he just might be somebody whose knowledge will impress you too.

So here’s his Pre-Conference lecture blurb:

Secrets of the Venus-Mars Cycle and the Sacred Marriage

You may have noticed that there are three Venus-Mars conjunctions in 2015, but did you know that this is the only Ptolemaic aspect they will make all year? In this workshop we’ll put the entire 300-year Venus-Mars epoch into context from a mundane perspective. Then we’ll zoom in on the particular cycles of the current era and see how things have drastically changed since the baby boomers were born. This, of course, informs us about relationship styles and trends as well as giving insight into self-improvement strategies. Come find your own unique place in both the macro and the micro Venus-Mars cycles — which may be very different from what you expected!

See? Definitely not the same old stuff. Gary is dynamic, he is feisty, he is well-read, and he is deep without being abstruse. If you’re ready to learn something new, you’re gonna like him. And he’ll also be lecturing on Friday on Secrets of the Venus Retrograde Loops. So check him out!


And stay tuned. SOTAnews will be back next week. Meanwhile, stay warm.



SOTA 24 January 2015

Hi Everyone,

…And a very belated Happy New Year to you all ! I’ve had emails from many of you wondering what’s going on with SOTA and if all is well. It certainly is, and as you’ll see from the attached flyer, we are up and running! However, it took us a little more time than usual this year to make sure we are offering the best conference we’re capable of offering.

For starters, that meant reading your feedback — all of it! (And to those of you who returned feedback forms and or responded to surveys, a BIG thank you! You make our work much easier.) And it seemed that a great many of you were less than enchanted with Sheraton at the Falls this year for many reasons. So were we!

So we have moved for 2015. We will be at The Millennium Hotel Buffalo, which is in suburban Buffalo near the airport. It is easy to get to for those driving as well as those flying. For those driving, note that parking is FREE this year. And for those flying, there is a FREE airport shuttle to and from the airport. The shuttle is also handy — and free — for those of you travelling by bus. I am REALLY happy about this and I suspect some of you will be too. I’ve wanted a hotel with an airport shuttle for years!

Secondly, the hotel is practically next door to Walden Galleria. For those of you who are not local, Walden Galleria is a large mall with a Macy’s, a Lord and Taylor, and lots of your favorite stores — Lush, Sephora, Old Navy, a wonderful tea shop, and many, many more, including a few that were new to me. And if that’s not enough, there are 11 sit-down restaurants, including The Cheesecake Factory, La Cucina, Jack Astor’s, and others. There are also oodles of fast-food places, so if your preference is a sub, a smoothie, or some other light fare, it’s there. There’s also a Kmart, a Barnes and Noble, and more restaurants across the street. So you should be able to find what you want or need pretty easily. The hotel also has a restaurant, as well as a pool and a fitness center.

And as for rooms, there are two room rates — $99 and $109 US. What’s the difference? Well, the room interiors are identical, but the $109 rooms overlook the pool and the inner courtyard where we will be having our evening entertainment, so they have little balconies with deck chairs. You can sit on your balcony and sip your drink while you watch the world below.

Meeting space is good and all on one level and convenient to the trade room. All of the meeting rooms are bigger, so we will no longer have to worry about overflow unless we get double the numbers we got last year — and if we do, we have contingency plans for that! The trade room is also bigger, with room for expansion if we need it. More on that when we get there.

Meanwhile, for those of you wanting to see SOTA move back to Canada, we DID look. It’s more expensive on this side of the border and additionally we stand to lose many of our vendors. We would need someone to round up vendors and work on increasing our Canadian attendance by 20% before we can do that. If you think you might be the person to facilitate that, contact me and we can talk before next year.

Secondly, when I set up Open Forum last year, I was hoping to find 3 or 4 new speakers for 2015 and reserved 3 slots in the 2015 roster accordingly. Little did I know that we would wind up with 12 speakers worthy of consideration, including 4 who drew absolute raves. So I went back to the drawing board and managed to find slots for 6 of them. To accommodate all 12 would require adding a fourth track, and not only is that something that some of you don’t seem to be keen on, it’s something that our budget won’t sustain at this time. I am hoping that those who weren’t selected this year will apply for a slot in 2016 come November. Meanwhile, I am happy to welcome John Marani, Wade Caves, Carol Mason Godzick, Alex Trenoweth, Jodie Cara Lindley, and Adrianna Dream to our 2015 roster as official presenters.

In addition to these 6 presenters from Open Forum, we have many of your favorites from last year back again, including Ellen Bourn, Dr. Patricia Bell, Samuel Reynolds, and many others. Plus new speakers like Shirley Soffer (one of the best-respected teachers in New York), and our featured speakers, Gary Caton and Eileen McCabe. Also, returning after lengthy absences are Ronnie Gale Dreyer and Sylvia Jean Smith.

You asked for more predictive materials, and we’ve been happy to oblige. We have a pre-conference on transits, 2 hours on profections,  2 hours on dashas, a Vedic forecasting technique that can be used to supplement your Western astrology, and more.

You asked for more traditional astrology, so in addition to the profections material, Wade Caves will be back talking about connections in horary, and one of our new speakers, Rhyan Butler, will be talking about temperament.

You asked for declination, so Pam Gallagher will be doing 2 hours on the lifetime declination cycle.  Plus a lot of other neat topics. We didn’t manage to hook in any mundane, but we’ll try that again for 2016. The flyer is attached; check it out for yourself!

For those of you who attended last year, note that the attendees-only registration rate is still valid until January 30. That rate is valid only by cash, cheque, or Interac, but let me let you in on a little secret: I won’t BE here on January 30th. I’ll be in Cincinnati until February 2nd or 3rd. As long as your cheque is waiting for me on my return, it will qualify for the attendees-only rate. But you’ll need to hustle to get it in the mail. Make it payable to Full Circle Seminars, and send it to me at 35 Brock St., Suite 1405, Hamilton, ON L8L 4L7 Canada. Make sure you put sufficient postage on it, and make sure you put Canada on it if you are in the US. We’ve already had one check travel to Hamilton Bermuda or Ohio, or Australia or God-knows-where and as you know Mercury is retrograde. Do NOT send it special delivery because there will be no one here to sign for it and that will only slow the process down. Just get it in the mail or do the email transfer thing. But do it soon…If it shows up February 10th or something, you can be positive that it will be returned for additional funds.

For those of you who are not eligible for the attendees-only rate, PayPal will be up and running January 31st. You can also pay by cheque or Interac as above. Note that all fees are in US funds. If you are paying in Canadian currency, you will need to add a surcharge to cover the exchange rate. One Canadian dollar is now worth 78 cents US, so the exchange rate is about 22% at the banks. I will settle for 20% and wish I didn’t have to charge it, but it’s gotten to high to absorb. Blame Harper, blame OPEC, and blame King Abdullah may he rest in peace… (Or not, depending on your political persuasion…).

OK, as you know, we operate on a very small budget. We do not spend a lot on advertising, and we want to reach as many people as possible. So if you like SOTA, please tell your friends, and by all means share the newsletter and flyer. And if you’re on Facebook, we’d love for you to log in to our page, like it, and let us know you’re coming. Look for SOTA 2015 Astrology Conference on FB or use the full link: or you can use our shortlink:

The FB page is a great way to get the latest news, find out who’s coming, check for ride shares or roommates, and a whole lot of other things.

As I mentioned earlier, I will be in Cincinnati lecturing at Midwest School of Astrology January 29th-31st. If you want details, let me know. I’d love to see some of you there.

And last but not least, if you’re in the Hamilton, ON area, I am starting a 12 week Basics of Esoteric Astrology course on February 4th at East Hamilton Spiritual Church. Check out their website or contact me for details. Again, I’d love to see some of you there.

Expect more SOTAnews around February 6, including a look at our wonderful Pre-Conference lectures. Meanwhile, stay warm.