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SOTA 17 March 2016

Hi Everyone,

Spring is just around the corner. Hoping it brings sunshine and flowers to replace our current gray and rain.


The arrival of spring is also your alert that the early bird registration date is coming to an end. Last date to register at the lower rate is March 25. As of the 26th, all fees will increase except for the Welcome Reception and the Friday night mini-lectures. So do yourself a favor and register soon!

As some of you may know, we DID have some problems with our reg form, but Wendy our webmistress extraordinaire has fixed them and we’re back to business as usual on the web site. In the interim, we HAVE had some registrations by snail mail as well — and of course that is always an option. The mailing address is on the flyer.

Lunch Lectures

I’ve also had some queries as to how late is too late to register for the banquet and/or the luncheons. As was the case last year, you WILL be able to register for luncheons at the last minute so long as we still have room. And that’s the kicker. Our lunch room only holds 12, so this is strictly first come first served.

Also note that once again you will be able to order a lunch of your choice from the set menu. Please note that these are light luncheons revolving around salads and sandwiches for the most part. It has to be that way because the kitchen is trying to accommodate a variety of different tastes and have everything ready on time. They have agreed to let us place orders up until 10 am the day of the lecture, but with that flexibility there is also a trade-off. If we were doing set luncheons and turning numbers in a week ahead, we could possibly come up with some more imaginative menus.

So I fear you’ll have to forget about that lunchtime lobster thermidor or the vegan pizza with the 4 different kinds of mushrooms — at least until dinner.  However, we CAN guarantee you some filling food for mind and body. Just remember, though — when we’re sold out, we’re sold out.  Last year we were fine, but that doesn’t guarantee that we will be equally fine this year.


I’ve also been asked how late is too late to register if you want to go to the banquet.  Again, every year is different but in this case if you plan on registering at the door, you may be out of luck. Normally we are sold out well before the conference opens. So all I can say on this one is read your newsletters. Once we are sold out of luncheons or banquets, you’ll get the news here first and will see a notice to that effect on the website well after that.

Recorder/Monitor Needed

On other fronts, we are still looking for a recorder/monitor to replace Joanne Wise who has become assistant register. You will get training and a free conference for your trouble. Not only that, but if you are asked to work at a luncheon or the banquet, your luncheon or banquet will be paid for. And yes, we can help you find a roommate if necessary, but we do not pay a hotel allowance. You also need to know that you don’t get to choose which lectures you will be working at — but rest assured that you will get a good variety. And ALL of our lecturers are seasoned pros. Interested? Email me. I’ll fill you in!

Trade Room

The trade room is moving along. I can now confirm that Fei and David Cochrane of Cosmic Patterns will be on site. I’m hoping we’ll have an Astrolabe rep on site as well, but to date that hasn’t been confirmed.

Not only will these people be in the trade room this year, but they’ll also be doing half-hour demos on Friday night as part of our How To, What To, When To, Why To mini- lectures. More about those later — except to say that this will be an excellent and inexpensive evening for those of you who can’t make the whole conference. Stay tuned for details. They’ll be in the newsletter as soon as they are finalized.

We still have not finalized our bookseller, but we have had inquiries and hope to be able to make an announcement soon. Also note that we are trying to get the trade room finalized by April 25 if at all possible. Space is limited, and after that date we cannot guarantee to give you the space you want or even the quantity of space you want. So if you’re planning on being a part of the trade room, now is the time to reserve your space. Also note that this year we are hoping to have evening hours on Friday and will probably open a bit later in the mornings since traffic just didn’t justify the 8:30 am start.

Ed Tamplin

OK, now let me tempt you with a few good lectures to show you why it might be worth your while to register early:

You already know that Ed Tamplin will be presenting a Pre-Conference workshop on essential keys to mundane prediction. But did you know that he’s also lecturing on Friday? This one is called The Astrology of Belief and Ed tells me it’s a zinger. And if Ed says it’s a zinger, it’s definitely gonna zing. Here’s a description:

The Astrology of Belief

What we “believe” in determines who we are and either expands or limits our future. In extreme cases, it can spell the difference between life and death. How do we determine belief astrologically — both for the individual and the national narrative?

You can rest assured that this lecture will not be yet another philosophical talking-head trip. There will be astrology. There will no doubt be examples. And there will be good, solid information. Come and check it out!

Joyce Levine

Later on Friday, Joyce Levine will be lecturing. Again, you may already know that Joyce is presenting a Post-Conference on working with transits. Her Friday lecture is on Family Dynamics — How and Why We Get Along. Here’s the description:

Family Dynamics – How and Why We Get Along

Family patterns get transmitted astrologically as well as genetically. Sign, planet, and aspect patterns are handed down  from generation to generation. It’s not an accident that we prefer certain family members to others. As parents, we may prefer the child who most resembles ourselves or have trougle seeing our characteristics reflected back to us. As adults, we may hope to emulate the way we were brought up or vow never to create that kind of family life. We may swear never to marry anyone like our mother or father only to discover similarities long after the wedding day. Astrology shows us why and what we can do about it.

Since we all have family dynamics, this is a lecture that should be of interest to many of you. And Joyce has a particularly good knack for showing you both sides of the coin.

If you can’t make this lecture, note that Joyce will also be lecturing on Pluto on Saturday. Again, you need someone who can show you both the gifts and the trade-offs of Pluto — particularly Pluto transits and their impact on the collective. I can’t think of anyone better than Joyce for the job!

Ronnie Gale Dreyer

Last but not least, since we were talking about luncheon lectures, have a look at Ronnie Gale Dreyer’s topic for Friday lunch:

Twins: Can we really tell them apart?

With the proliferation of twins being born it is most important for astrologers to be able to distinguish differences, even if it is only one major distinction. Using derived houses (3rd for younger and 11th for older sibling), and other techniques, Ronnie will present sample charts that provide the key.

I will just about guarantee that at some point in your life you will encounter a client who was a twin. You may even encounter both of them at different times. This is a lecture based on original research on a topic that is rarely covered. Don’t miss it — and also note that it is already starting to fill.

Ronnie will also be lecturing on Ascendant combinations on Sunday. A basic understanding of Vedic would be helpful for this one.


So there you have just a few good reasons to attend SOTA 2016. And there’ll be more to come over the next few weeks. Why not register now so you can save yourself some money and get in on the action? We’d love to see you there!




SOTA 6 March 2016

Hi All,

Welcome to another edition of SOTAnews. And yes, we DO have some news this time…

Registrar and Assistant Found

First of all, we finally have both a registrar and an assistant. Please welcome Shirley Prisco and Joanne Wise to the  SOTA staff. Some of you may already know one or both of these ladies, since they have both been at SOTA as both attendees and as monitors in the past.  They are ready, willing, and able to perform reg duties cheerfully, efficiently, and competently, and I think they’ll both be easy to deal with. So come prepared to introduce yourselves. And if you’re a first-timer, don’t be afraid to ask them questions. If they don’t have answers they will for sure know where to direct you to get them.

Need a Taper/Monitor

Since Joanne was actually going to be on staff anyway as a taper-monitor, we now need to find a replacement for her in that area. Might that be you? Or might you know somebody? The work is actually fairly easy. You will alternate between checking badges and doing recording for A-C Tapes. And while you do not get a choice of which lectures you will be working, your conference is absolutely free. Not only that, but if you are asked to work at a pre or post, that will be free as well. And if you are asked to check badges at a luncheon or the banquet, we’ll cover your luncheon or banquet too. Note that there is no other remuneration for this. Also note that we do not pay hotel. We can, however, find you a roommate if you need one. If you want to know more, simply email me. I’ll be happy to fill you in.

Trade Room

We are still on first call for the trade room. We would like to finalize as much as possible on that front before April 30th. So if you want to be sure you get the space you want, now is the time to get it. As most of you know, space is limited. It’s even more limited if you want wall space rather than aisle space. If you get your fee in early you’ll be assured of the space you need. And while we are on the subject of the trade room, we are STILL looking for a committed bookseller. We’ve also had requests for things like flower essences, astrologically-themed T shirts, and candles. We already have an amazing array of jewelry and minerals, some absolute wonderful soaps, software, and of course A-C Tapes. And we WILL have books if I have to sell them myself but please don’t make me do that. I’m SURE there’s a better person out there….

Mediums and Messages

I’ve also had a lot of queries about Mediums and Messages at the Opening. First of all, who are the mediums? Right now I am trying to sort that out. Suffice to say that I have a list of eleven mediums and we will take 5 or 6 from that list. So if you have a favorite, let me know. Secondly, will everybody get a message? Reluctantly we can’t guarantee that. We have time constraints — and besides, we rarely have any idea how many will be at the opening until at least a month before.

Speaking of which, last year we ran out of food. I don’t want that happening again. So it would help me greatly if I could get a head count. The opening is included in the Deluxe package but not everyone turns up for it. Last year, a lot of people decided to come at the last minute. And that was wonderful EXCEPT that we ran out of food. So this year I will probably be asking you to RSVP.

Which brings me to, three, which is can you simply turn up and pay at the door? Most years, the answer to that has been yes. This year I am not going to guarantee that.  My advice would be to check about 48 hours before rather than just turning up. And yeah, I know that isn’t appealing for you spontaneous types, but running out of food isn’t very appealing for those who are expecting something other than pretzels and celery…

Speakers and Topics

…OK, enough administrivia. Let’s look at some speakers and topics, beginning with Jodie Forrest. Most of you already know that  Jodie is one of our Pre-Conference speakers. She will be offering you a very thorough look at 2017 in that time slot, something that should be of both interest and value to pretty much everybody. But she also has a very interesting lecture in the main body of the conference on Friday. Here it is:

Jupiter and Saturn: The Reach and the Grasp

“A man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?”
—Robert Browning

The two planets are compared and their interpretations discussed, with their orbital periods and when their hard aspects occur in the life cycle. Then, we examine the energetic relationship between these two outer planets, both their interplay in the birth chart, and their aspects in a transits and progression reading.

In my opinion, the Jupiter-Saturn cycle is one of the most important  keys to understanding not only the natal chart but what’s going on in your life at any given time. Jodie is an idea candidate to present this material. Her insights are deep, her approach is holistic, and she’s ever so easy to listen to. This is definitely worth your while.


Note that one of your favorite lecturers, Kelly Surtees, is also lecturing on Friday. Her topic is a fascination one — firdaria. Have a look:

Firdaria – Planetary Periods

What are planetary periods? How can this traditional and medieval timing tool help you understand the rhythms of modern life? An exploration of the firdaria technique, as well as a ‘how to’ guide for professional practice. Discover how to combine firdaria with natal chart and predictive work.

Firdaria seem to be quite promising as timing tools — and is there anyone who can’t use another timing tool in their bag of tricks? Come and learn how to use them. You won’t be sorry!

Note that Kelly will also be lecturing on Sunday on Fertility Cycles, so you’ll have two chances to hear her this year.


So there you go — a few good reasons to come to SOTA. And there are lots more — great speakers, great hospitality, and absolutely great attendees. Come and be one of them — you’ll definitely be missed if you’re not there.




SOTA 27 Feb 2016

Hi Everyone,

…Good-by to February, hello to March! We’re another month closer to SOTA and another month closer to warm weather. I hope you’re as happy as I am about that… It’s been a mild winter here but well, winter is winter…

We’re also moving closer to our first reg deadline. The early bird registration closes March 25. As of the 26th, both Full and Deluxe conference packages will increase by $40, while single day admissions will increase by $10. A lot of people have chosen to register early — we have already met our March 25 registration target — but if you haven’t registered yet, there’s still time.  Not only that, but the Canadian dollar is up at the moment.  ‘Nuff said…And yes, I know you Canadians are hoping for a bit of a price break due to the aforementioned exchange rate. Unfortunately we can’t do anything at this time, but we’re continuing to explore options.

Meanwhile, our wonderful webmistress Wendy Guy is working on a new — and simpler — reg form. We hope you like it and will take advantage of it.

On my end, I’m still working out details. We now have a full contingent of taping and monitoring staff, and while we don’t have a registrar or assistant yet, we are getting closer and I hope to be able to make an announcement by this time next week.

We are also still working on the Trade Room. I am happy to inform you that Lisanne and Rob Moore of Silver Raven Soaps will be joining us once again, along with Billee Dommell and David Jordan and all their wonderful jewelry and minerals and Carol and Al Godzick of A-C Tapes. We are expecting others as well, including a few readers. If YOU are planning to come or if you’re interested in being a reader or vendor, please contact me SOON. We would like to get the trade room finalized by April 30th if at all possible, and after that date space may be limited. If you let me know of your interest, I can put you on the list and keep you posted. Also note that once we get a full — or reasonably full — contingent  we will be posting a list to our website so that people will know about your participation and can come check you out.

And speaking of readers, this year we will have Mediums and Messages as part of the opening instead of a keynote. There will be at least 5 readers on hand, each of whom will give brief messages to members of the audience. And who are these mediums and psychics, you might ask? Well, right now I’m in the process of sorting that out. I will guarantee they will be competent, though — and since it’s very likely that not everyone will get a message, I’m hoping they will all be available at some point during the conference for those who might like a longer reading than we can offer at the opening. Again, as soon as I have a full list, I’ll let you know.

You will notice that we have very few non-astrological topics in our schedule this year. Believe me, it wasn’t for lack of trying. Most of our speakers submitted astrological topics and while I could have turned them back and asked for something more metaphysical, I believe that speakers do a better job with a topic of their choosing than with one I mandate. While I WILL sometimes turn back a topic, it’s usually for one of three reasons: 1) It’s too basic; 2) It’s already well-covered elsewhere in the program, or 3) it is identical or close to identical to something the same speaker has presented before. You don’t want reruns and neither do we. And merely changing the title in the hopes of getting a new audience just doesn’t cut it. We try to guarantee that what we’re offering is fresh, new, and…well…State of the Art.

One of the few metaphysical topics submitted for 2016 came from John Marani. You may remember John from 2015. He is a Tarot master and experienced reader as well as a student astrologer. Here’s his topic:

Across the Table: A Practical Look at Reading Tarot for Others

Want to read for other people but the very idea of it makes you nervous or anxious? Let’s work together to take that next step! This fun, practical lecture will provide insights and practical advice if you’d like to read for others or to build on your existing skills.    

John is definitely fun. He also definitely knows what he’s talking about. So if Tarot interests you, be sure to check this out. Even if you don’t want to read for others, you may learn a bit about Tarot or consulting in general. Why? Because John is a great teacher.

Ok, it’s now dinner time here in paradise, so I’m off to partake. Catch you next week!




SOTA 22 Feb 2016

Hi All,

I am back from The Millennium and I come bearing good news. First of all, yes, those bathrooms on the main floor have now been finished and are ready for us. I tried them all out (well, the Ladies and the Family washrooms anyway; you men are on your own). So that’s one problem out of the way.

Secondly, for those of you who complained that you couldn’t get coffee in the restaurant after 2 pm, we have that resolved. They will have coffee available and you will be able to pay the hostess. You will also be able to get light meals between 2 and 4. For those of you who asked about free coffee, I’m sorry. That free coffee may be free to you, but we pay for it. We would rather pay for speakers than for coffee.

Third, for any vegans out there, we are exploring having a vegan cookie option available on Friday night. And we will ensure that we won’t run out of food at the opening this year. However, I will need your help on this one. So if you’re planning on coming, I will need to know a week before. While we don’t want to run out of food, we don’t want to over-order either.

There have also been some upgrades to the bedrooms, most notably an extra little shelf outside of the bathroom. This is good news for those of us who tend to travel with a lot of make-up, pills, and toiletries. However, I will warn you that the bathrooms are STILL small, so if you are a woman, you might not want to go 3 to a room. The closet, however, is large. And I am told they are working on upgrading the Wi-Fi, though I am not sure that will be done for our arrival. And in case you missed it earlier, the hotel has shaved $2.00 a night off our hotel rate — not just for this year, but for 2017 and 2018 too…

Last but not least, some of you will remember the jerk who threw us out of the trade room early last year. Well, guess what? He’s GONE! And the trade room will be ours until 5 pm. Iron-clad guarantee with severe penalties if they violate the contract.

On other fronts, I am still sorting out the registrar and assistant registrar positions. I hope to have news on those in the next newsletter. We HAVE, however, filled our staff vacancies for taper/monitor. I am happy to welcome Elizabeth S, Kullen and Cindy Chamberlin to the staff roster. They are both pleasant, organized, and capable. I think you’ll like them….And I think they’ll like you, because really SOTA-ites on the whole are pretty likable.

We’re now working on the trade room, and we’re still in first call mode. So far I can confirm that Billee Dommell and David Jordan are returning, as are Carol and Al Godzick of A-C Tapes. We’re also expecting Lisanne Moore of Silver Raven Soaps, Fei and David Cochrane from Cosmic Patterns, and Joy White and Mary Lou Vaughan, who will once again have all those wonderful little boxes and carvings and possibly some We’Moon calendars too. If you’re thinking of coming and haven’t reserved your space yet, now is the time. We are hoping to get the trade room sorted out by April 30th so reserving your space early will guarantee that you can have the table space you need. After that, it will be first come, first-served — and if it’s like last year, it might be single tables only. Also, note that this year you will get advance and ongoing publicity on our website.

Also note that we are currently actively seeking a bookseller. Helene Arts will not be joining us this year. We have had — and are continuing to have — discussions with a couple of people, but as yet we have no firm commitment. So if it happens that you’ve always wanted to be the bookseller, contact me and I can tell you what’s involved.

…And now let’s talk about one of the speakers, specifically Sherrynne Dalby. Sherrynne is from Australia, where she has been an active speaker for a number of years, lecturing at FAA conferences and elsewhere. While she has not lectured in the US, she has drawn praise from Ronnie Gale Dreyer and others who have heard her while in Australia. Sherrynne is also the author of an astrology book on parenting which we will try to have at the conference. So not surprisingly, one of her lectures will be on childhood stages. Here’s a description:

Childhood Stages

In this lecture we look at the developmental stages of childhood and their astrological correlations. Using astrology, we can understand why children develop and different rates and why they normally level out by the time they start school. Understanding this can make parenting a less stressful process for all concerned.

Sherrynne will also be lecturing on astrolocality, specifically local space, during the conference. You don’t hear much about local space, but it’s a valuable technique. Sherrynne will explain it clearly and concisely so you can go home and try it for yourself.

Sherrynne’s bio will also be posted on our website. This is also where you can register if you haven’t already done so. Early registration helps us greatly. It’s also good for you, because by the time you get to the conference, it’s all paid for, leaving you more money for jewellry, or books, or software, or whatever.

Please consider joining us. We’ve got a good time planned for all, but it just won’t be the same without you.

OK, I am off to deal with more administrivia. Catch you next week!




SOTA 7 Feb 2016

Hi Everybody,

SOTAnews is FINALLY back after a lengthy absence — and before I do anything else, I want to thank all of you who were there for making SOTA 2015 our most successful conference ever — both in terms of feedback and in terms of attendance. Which explains our lengthy absence, We’ve got a tough act to follow and we have had to make some tough choices in terms of speakers, activities, and all else. We have a lot of new speakers and new offerings coming up, and I can’t cover them all in one newsletter, so  I’ll simply direct you to the SOTA 2016 Flyer and let the roster speak for itself. I hope you will find a couple of favorite speakers and some worthy offerings there. But before I start talking about speakers and offerings, please allow me to get some administrivia out of the way.

First of all, some bad news: Our beloved registrar, Myra Lewis, is unable to join us this year. To say she will be missed is a gross understatement. Myra has functioned as my right arm, my left arm, and occasionally my brain at every conference but one. She is much-loved, and she will be much missed. We wish her much success with her plans for 2016 and hope that she is in fact SO successful that she’ll be able to return in some capacity in 2017. Meanwhile, I’m looking for a dozen or so people to replace her. Well, yeah, that’s a bit of an overstatement, but she IS going to be hard to replace and we ARE looking for people who might be interested in this position. If that sounds like you, email me and we’ll talk.

Secondly, we will most certainly be looking for at least one and possibly two people to serve as recorders/monitors, so again, if that interests you, let me know.

All of these are volunteer positions, so don’t expect to get rich. You can, however, expect to have a good time and have some of your conference paid for.

Third, this is first call for vendors. If you want to reserve a space, let me know and I’ll tell you what’s available and what I need from you. We already know that Billee Dommell will be back, along with A-C Tapes and several others from last year. But we’re also open to new vendors. Let me know if you’re interested and tell me about your product. We try very hard to get a variety of products because we’ve found that’s what makes both our vendors and our attendees the happiest.

And now, let’s talk about our program…

As some of you regulars know, we are always trying to offer new things. And this year because of feedback, we are going to offer both Pre Conference and Post Conference lectures. The aim in doing this was to present a variety of topics and speakers who would appeal to a variety of different interests and levels.


Jodie Forrest

First, Jodie Forrest. Some of you may remember Jodie, because she lectured for us before, doing an excellent Pre-Conference based on her book, The Ascendant. Jodie is a multi-talented lady, not only a very fine astrologer, but also a successful fantasy writer and an artist. In short, a real Renaissance woman. I would describe her as eclectic/evolutionary. And she has the perfect topic to kick off the conference:

Stardate:  2017

Fasten your seat belts as Jodie examines 2017’s major astrological events: specifically, the aspects and aspect patterns made by slowly moving outer planet transits, and those aspects’ triggers formed by eclipses and the faster-moving inner planets. If an aspect’s duration overlaps calendar year 2017, its whole time frame is briefly addressed.

Jodie is both knowledgeable and easy to listen to. This will be an excellent 3-hour overview of 2017. Bring your chart and come along for the ride. I think you’ll enjoy it, no matter what your astrological level.

Ed Tamplin

Next up on November 10 is Ed Tamplin. Ed is an Australian astrologer with an excellent reputation and a very large following. I had heard about him for years, as we had a mutual friend. But I didn’t meet him until 2 years ago when I lectured at the FAA conference in Tasmania.  And he knocked my socks off.

Now some of you know that I’m old and jaded and these days my socks don’t get knocked off all that easily. But not only does Ed know his stuff, he can also teach you old and jaded some new tricks in all probability. Since my return from that conference, I have followed Ed’s forecasts on Facebook in addition to having a bit of personal email with him. Not only did he call the Australian election before the fact, he called the Canadian election (much to my dismay because I was not rooting for Trudeau) and he’s called other elections as well. As well as other mundane events. All this and Sun Sign forecasts too. I’m impressed. I think you will be too. Here’s his topic:

The Mandala of Mundane – Essential Keys to Mundane Prediction

Social media has forever changed the astrological playing field. Accurate analysis of global trends – culturally, politically and financially – is becoming increasingly important for the professional astrologer. The tools and techniques of two decades as a global astrological reporter are presented in this pre-conference lecture. Knowing the news – before it happens.

We’ve had requests for mundane astrology for several years now. I will not only guarantee that Ed will give you the how-to, I can guarantee that he is NOT going to focus exclusively on the US.  As he says in the blurb, he analyzes global trends. And he does a superb job. If you’re one of the people who has been clamoring for mundane over the past 2-3 years, take advantage of this opportunity.  You won’t be sorry. And I would bet that even the old and jaded among you will learn something.


April Elliott Kent

That will lead us into our opening ceremonies, and I’m going to leave those for the time being so I can talk about the Post-Conferences, starting with April Elliott Kent. Now I’m really not sure if her book or her UAC lecture came first, but I DID meet April at the last UAC and enjoyed her immensely. Not only is she knowledgeable, she’s funny. And as far as I’m concerned, you can’t go wrong with a combo like that. But what I really like about April is that she can take a really basic concept and explore it with depth and insight so that you come away with far more food for thought than you expected. Here’s April’s topic:

The Progressed Lunar Phase and Transiting Saturn Cycles

Transiting Saturn’s return every 29.5 prompts a critical evaluation of your success and status in the world. Concurrently, the progressed Sun and Moon duplicate their natal phase relationship, provokes a review of your emotional well-being. Understanding these lengthy, concurrent cycles can be helpful in combining worldly success and emotional satisfaction.

Not only will you enjoy April, I think you’ll learn something — maybe even if you think you already know this stuff. April has a way of making you think without paining your brain.

Joyce Levine

Last but not least, we have Joyce Levine. Joyce has been a SOTA presenter before. She’s also been a presenter at GLAC, our sister conference. And if you’re looking for clear, solid, information, you need look no further than Joyce. No fluff, no folderol, just psychologically-sound information presented in a clear, coherent way. Here’s her topic:

What’s Likely to Happen?  Working with Transits.

Transits of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto to the birth chart represent major turning points in a person’s life.   This talk spells out the meanings of these transits in terms of event orientation and psychological and spiritual understanding.  It goes on to show how the same cycles affect people differently depending upon the make up of their birth chart.  Lastly, it shows how to interpret differing cycles occurring at the same time in a person’s life.  The participants will come away with a better understanding of how to make predictions, whether those predictions are event oriented or psychological.

Joyce has also told me that she will be happy to include some discussion of progressions and solar arcs as time permits. So what better way could there be to wind up your SOTA experience.


And yes, we know that most of you will not be able to take a full 5 days out of your life to attend. That’s why we’ve got 4 workshops. Hopefully you can make it to one or two. Especially those of you on my side of the border. The dollar sucks. I wish I could have found a venue in Canada that offered what The Millennium offers. I couldn’t. At least not at the price The Millennium was offering. Had I gone with a Canadian venue, it would have added AT LEAST $50 to the reg fee and you would not be getting rooms at $103 a night — which is what we negotiated with The Millennium.

We will look at some kind of price breaks as we move towards the conference, but the time of Canadian money at par is regrettably over. And until hotel rates in Canada change — which, to be blunt, they won’t because given the exchange rate, they have plenty of Americans to fill those rooms — I don’t see us going back to Canada. But as I say, we will try to hook in some price breaks somewhere along the way. I don’t like this any better than you do.


Meanwhile, if the flyer and the lecture descriptions pique your interest, you might want to check out the rest of our website at . If we’re not up and running, we will be very soon. Wendy is telling me Monday latest. [Wendy’s note: You can now register online!] Check us out and plan to join us. We’d love to have you!

Until next week, hang in and enjoy the mild weather if you’ve got it. If not, bundle up and stay cosy.