Very energetic. Rather quick to anger. Spontaneous, uncomplicated, arbitrary (“Because I said so, that’s why…). Wants things right away. Happiest when there’s constant activity. A self-starter. Outgoing, pioneering, assertive. They tend to go their own way, sometimes very abruptly. The life lessons primarily have to do with learning to see the results of their actions.


Likes to be comfortable, but also needs to do some kind of work, Not strictly decorative types as a rule. Results-oriented. Likes to work with other people. Thinking tends to be concrete. Can be lethargic — a turtle, not a racehorse — and inclined to procrastinate, but once they get started, they finish no matter how long it takes. Patient but can be one-sided and prone to not seeing or hearing what they don’t want to see or hear.


Likes to travel; likes driving. Deliberate but changeable; what is the right thing today may not be the right thing tomorrow. Smart but not intellectual. Definitely resourceful. Great imagination. Able to analyze with precision (e.g. measurements, blends,). Begins lots, finishes little. Needs variety. Has a contagious enthusiasm for life in general. Usually, though, there are so many things going on at once that some get left by the wayside. Often a jack of all trades, master of none kind of energy.


Attached to the old and familiar. Keeps stuff from childhood, mementos of happy events, etc. Rarely takes a straight path if they can take a winding one. Vivid imagination. Capable of very strong feelings. Shy and often slow to warm up. Sometimes overly devoted to or dependent on someone which serves to keep them from getting to know others. Basically, there’s a strong need for emotional security that overrides all else.


Gutsy, hearty, passionate, Sees life as a stage with them in the leading role. Good creative intelligence. Can be complacent, smug, or high and mighty. Great zest for living. Great leaders, lousy followers. Generally there’s a tremendous amount of stamina. Good at gaining other people’s cooperation. Good sense of humour except when it comes to laughing at themselves. They don’t handle criticism well and absolutely hate being wrong.


Tries to be very careful in terms of everything they do. Tends to worry about health. Often vegetarian. Likes to help others; being useful makes them feel good. Orderly, clever, objective at best. At worst, mistrustful, narrow-minded, and critical. Expecting perfection from themselves can contribute to a lack of self-confidence, while expecting it from others can contribute to work and relationship problems. Typically their surroundings are either incredibly neat or incredibly messy, depending on their self-esteem level.


Warm, refined, a peacemaker at heart. Likes beautiful things. Generally also likes contests and other competitive stuff. Tactful and concerned with what other people think. Can put on an act of pseudo-superiority. Generally very upbeat. More idealistic than realistic. There’s a strong belief in justice, but it can sometimes be compromised due to fear of alienating friends. They are found in all walks of life, but most commonly play the role of diplomat, moderator, or beautifier on some level.


Very intense. Has a great fondness for the mysterious. Tough, profound, quick-witted. Inclined to want to talk about what everyone else would rather keep silent about. Can be tyrannical, cynical, pig-headed. They see life as one big test, which they are determined to pass. There’s a great deal of pride and sometimes a fair bit of ego. There’s a strong sense of curiosity and a drive to constantly dig deeper until they know everything there is to know about who or what they’re interested in.


Enjoys game-playing, flirting, and good times. Dignified, self-motivated, idealistic. Liberal mind. Tends to have incredibly amazing plans. Can be a doer or merely a big-mouthed dazzler. There is sincerity, but also changeability, so while they may mean what they say today, tomorrow they may feel otherwise. There is usually a bit of an intellectual streak and enthusiasm for educational activities. There’s also a restlessness that keeps them wanting more or wanting things that are just a little bit out of reach.


Much more serious before midlife than after; mellows with age. Generally has a rather odd sense of humor, sometimes self-deprecating, other times Monty Python-esque. Very practical. Believes tangible results are the only ones that count. Can be rigid and inclined to cling to old patterns. Very concerned with traditions and methods. Wants respect more than popularity. The life pattern is generally a stable one.


Likes to try new things. Wants independence. Believes feelings complicate things; tries to be detached and rational. Can be unpredictable, impersonal, eccentric. Thinking is original. Life is a continual search for freedom. Usually there is tremendous willpower and a belief that freedom is doing what you have to do willingly. There’s a great dislike of waiting and monotonous or repetitive routines. Can be both inspired and inspiring. Good at finding shortcuts and reinventing wheels to make them more interesting or in tune with the times.


Shy but friendly if someone else makes the first move; sits back and smiles until they are approached. Understands the art of being able to let go and let things happen. Wants insight. Selfless in love. Can use illness as an escape. Often find themselves alone — sometimes by choice, sometimes by circumstance. Receptive, inward-looking, and not someone you’ll ever know totally. Can be outgoing, warm, and very sympathetic, but there’s also a very private side.