SOTA 2018 – Speakers

Get to know our speakers!

Here is a list of our 2018 speakers. You can also find out more about the Pre/Post Conference workshops, view the Lecture Schedule or download the SOTA 2018 Flyer (updated Sept 24).


Thursday Pre-Conference Speakers

Baris Ilhan

Mercury, Mars and Venus

Kelly Surtees

The Power of Prediction

Monday Post-Conference Speakers

John Green

Practical Synastry

William Stickevers

Archetypal Astrology Through the Planetary Cyclic Index

Toby Aldren

FRI: Spiritual Interpretation of Transits

SUN: Primary Directions

Michael Barwick

FRI LUNCH LECTURE: Huber Aspects and Their Patterns

SUN: Many Happy Returns

Ellen Bourn

SUN: Kabbalistic Natal Interpretation

Cassandra Butler

SUN: The Draconic Chart

Ryhan Butler

THU PRE-CONFERENCE: Putting the U in Community

SAT: Crisis Alert: Illness, The Moon, and Critical Days

Wade Caves

FRI: Today On Mythbusters: A Critical Look at Length of Life Techniques

SAT PANEL: Confessions of Failure

Alan Clay

SAT: Sedna Consciousness: The Soul’s Path of Destiny

Armand Diaz

SAT: As Above, So What?


SAT: Birth Time Confirmation Techniques

Pam Gallagher

SAT: Decans, Duads, And Single Degrees

SUN: Your Pre-Natal Solar And Lunar Eclipses

John Green

MON POST-CONFERENCE: Practical Synastry

SAT: Gods Of War — Reclaiming The Mars Warrior

Wendy Guy

SUN: Out Of Bounds Pluto

Baris Ilhan

THU PRE-CONFERENCE: Mercury, Mars and Venus as Agents for Improvement

FRI: The Fourth House: Our Grave Or Our Treasure?

SAT: Veiled Power Of The Twelfth House

Alan Annand

SAT: The Nakshatras

Brad Kochunas

SAT PANEL: Confessions of Failure

SUN: Chiron: Learning To Fall

Inge Lohse

FRI: Venus Return Charts

Patty Mac

FRI: Experience Mediumship: An Interactive Workshop

John Marani

SAT: Telling Time With Tarot

Faith McInerney

SAT: Chiron And The Four Major Asteroids

Shawn Nygaard

FRI: Pluto’s Riches

David Perloff

FRI: Mental Chemistry

SUN: Planetary Patterns

Gabriel Rosas

SUN: Five Kinds Of Something (Traditional Dignity)

Kathy Rose

FRI: Tapping The Horoscope’s Memory

SUN LUNCH LECTURE: Mystery Midpoints

Dawn Silver

FRI: Your Birth Chart’s Reincarnation Story

Julie Simmons

FRI: Individuation In A World Gone Mad

SAT LUNCH LECTURE: Aftermath: Living In A Post Mars-Square-Uranus World

Tamara Small

FRI: How To Get The Most From Your Time Lords

William Stickevers

FRI: The Coming Global Economic Reset

SAT PANEL: Confessions of Failure

SAT: 2030: The Geopolitical Rise Of The Red Dragon

MON POST-CONFERENCE: Archetypal Astrology Through the Planetary Cyclic Index

Kelly Surtees

THU PRE-CONFERENCE: The Power of Prediction

FRI: What Should I Do With My Life?

SAT PANEL: Confessions of Failure

Donna Van Toen

FRI: Beyond Planetary Stereotypes: Synthesis And Transits

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