SOTA 2017 – Speakers

Speakers for SOTA 2018 TBA.
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Get to know our speakers! This page presents a list of Speakers and their lecture titles for the pre-conference and post-conference workshops, and for the main lectures.

You can download the lecture and event schedule flyer. The schedule is also available on our Lecture Schedule page.

See also Pre & Post Conference page for descriptions of those workshops.

Thursday Pre-Conference Speakers

Greg Bogart

Greg Bogart

Jung, Astrology and Dreams

Grace K. Morris

Grace K. Morris

The Stock Market and the Economy

Monday Post-Conference Speakers

Gary P. Caton

Gary P. Caton

The Mercury Elemental Year

Adam Gainsburg

Adam Gainsburg

Heliacal Phases of Saturn

Main Lecture Speakers

Naomi Bennet

SUN: The Great Debate of House Rulerships

Greg Bogart

THU PRE-CONFERENCE: Jung, Astrology and Dreams

SAT: Planets in Therapy

Ellen Bourn

FRI: Spiritual Interpretation of Transits

Cassandra Butler

SUN: Stranger Times: Research in Paranormal Events

Ryhan Butler

SAT: Where Angels Tread: The Ruling Planet and the Soul

Gary P. Caton

FRI: The Centrality of Mercury in the Hermetic Worldview

MON POST-CONFERENCE: The Mercury Elemental Year

Wade Caves

FRI: The Horary Astrologer’s Guide to Decumbiture

FRI: Something Old, Something New: Panel

SAT: Power and Control: Saturn’s Role in Horary

David Cochrane

SAT: Neptune and Pluto: Trend Setters


SAT: Marketing for Astrologers in the Modern World

Armand Diaz

SUN: Relationship Transits: Crossing Paths

Adam Gainsburg

SAT: All Conjunctions are not Created Equally

SUN: Lunar Nodes and Their Dispositors

MON POST-CONFERENCE: Heliacal Phases of Saturn

Wendy Guy

FRI: How to Build a Successful Astrology Website

Brad Kochunas

FRI: Something Old, Something New: Panel

SAT: Twelfth House/Neptune/Pisces

Jodie Cara Lindley

SAT: Meeting Saturn

Inge Lohse

SAT: Trip Charts

Darri Low-Murphy

FRI: Timed Awakenings

Patty Mac

SUN: Basics of Mediumship

John Marani

SUN LUNCH LECTURE: Learning Tarot Archetypes through Pop


SUN: Moon Families

Grace K. Morris

THU PRE-CONFERENCE: The Stock Market and the Economy

FRI: Introduction to Financial Astrology

Chantal Patenaude

SAT: The New “Unified” Chart

Emmajay Paterson

FRI: Discovering and Maximizing Personal Genius

SAT LUNCH LECTURE: Rocking your Retrogrades

Christopher Renstrom

FRI: Sizzle or Fizzle?

SUN: Did Astrology Give Birth to the Christian Right?

Gabriel Rosas

FRI: We’re on a Boat: The Nautical Paradigm

Dawn Silver

FRI: Cosmic Origins of Crystal Healing

SUN: Midpoints in Healing

Julie Simmons

FRI: Something Old, Something New: Panel

SAT: Astrology in the Age of Gender-Bending

Tamara Small

FRI LUNCH LECTURE: Stricture or Warning Sign?

FRI: Something Old, Something New: Panel

Franco Soulbody

FRI: The Viking Runes

Donna Van Toen

SAT: Uranus Transits and Liberation

SUN: Meet Your Inner Pantheon



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