SOTA 5 April 2016

Hi All,


I need to open this time with a correction. Some of you may have gotten a flyer saying that the Deluxe conference package includes 2 lunches. That was a mistake. Somehow this remained on the flyer from last year when we ran out of banquets. The Deluxe package actually includes the Opening, the How To, What To mini-lectures Friday night, and the banquet. Luncheon lectures are extra. I apologize for the confusion. You can download the corrected flyer here or from the website sidebar.

Two Full Conference Specials

Secondly, a reminder that we have two Full Conference specials running at the moment, both of which are valid until 10 pm Eastern, May 31. One of these is a Canadian money at par special, meaning you can register for SOTA for only $200 Canadian. The other one is a 4-for-the-price-of-3 special, where 4 people can register for the full conference for only $600 US.

Some conditions apply for both of these; for example, the Canadian money at par is cheque or email transfer (Interac) only. You can check out the Special Offers page on our website for the details on the 4-for-3. Or you can email me for more information. Note that these packages do not include banquet, opening, or anything other than the main conference lectures; extras, regrettably, will cost you extra because they cost US extra and we can’t afford to operate at a loss. However, you will still be getting remarkably good value for your money. We have a full contingent of excellent speakers, including some old favorites, and some new-to-SOTA presenters.


Third, just after I finished this, I got a cancellation notice from Ronnie Dreyer. She has a family commitment — a wedding — the same weekend. It was totally beyond her control and she is not happy about it. Neither are we. Ronnie was one of your favorite presenters last year, and she will be missed. But fortunately, we had other presenters waiting in the wings, ready and able to fill the gap.

One of those ┬ápresenters is none other than David Cochrane. You may know David because of Cosmic Patterns. However, he is a tireless researcher and a frequent presenter at UAC. He also has some excellent instructional videos on YouTube. You don’t see him so much at regional conferences, because well, all that research takes time. But he WILL be at SOTA this year. Here’s his topic:

The Discovery of Why Astrology Works: Fractal Sacred Geometry

Astrologers have very recently discovered that the tropical zodiac is a perfect representation of prime number and Fibonacci number sequences! This is now understood in detail. Science, mysticism, astrology, and psychic ability are not antithetical to each other but rather are different lenses into the same awesome and mysterious reality.

And in case you are worrying about this topic being too dry or too complicated, stop now! David is a good teacher and a clear presenter. And he is very definitely neither dry or humorless, despite him being in my opinion, one of the finest minds in astrology today. So you just might want to add this one to your list of must-hears.

And since David is now filling in for Ronnie Dreyer, here’s his second topic:

Marriage and the Navamsa Chart

Vedic astrologers regard the navamsa chart as extremely important. It is not possible to give an astrological reading without it. It is often called a chart of dharma, marriage, and happiness. We will learn what the navamsa chart is and we will see examples of its power in relationships.

David has done extensive work with harmonics and I can’t think of anyone better to introduce you to the navamsa chart.

David, Fei, or both of them will also be doing a Sirius demonstration as part of our How To, What To series. People have been asking for something like this for years, and we simply haven’t had space in the main conference program. So if you want to learn more about how to use Sirius — and believe me, Sirius has more features than the average astrologer will ever get around to using on a regular basis — come and give this a listen. And check them out in the trade room too…

Oh, and for those of you wondering about Solar Fire, we’re hoping we can get a demonstration going for that too.

Our other new presenter is Aaron Fried. Aaron is an up-and-coming astrologer currently from the Buffalo area. He will be filling in for Ronnie for the luncheon lecture. I don’t have a topic description yet, but here’s his title:

Astrology as a Contemplative Art: Metaphysical Medicine

Since Aaron is a Yogi as well as an astrologer, I strongly suspect he will have something of value to say. And while it will have nothing to do with twins, perhaps we  can get Ronnie back next year to present her research.

Aaron will also be presenting as part of the How To, What To, When To, Why To mini-lectures on Friday night. More about that another time…


And on that note, please be aware, SOTA will be in hiatus for a couple of weeks while I attend GLAC, work on the trade room, where we STILL have no confirmation from a bookseller, and finalize the roster for Mediums and Messages at the opening. I hope to come back with lots of news for you.

I also hope to come back with a revised flyer that reflects our lecture changes. Note that the info about the Deluxe package HAS been changed.

Meanwhile, pray for spring and enjoy your astrology. I hope to see some of you at GLAC.