SOTA 30 August 2017

Hi Everyone,

Going to start this edition of SOTAnews with:

A Few Requests…

Speaking Slots 2018

First of all, if you are interested in a speaking slot, there aren’t any. You would need to apply in November for 2018. I will be looking at blurbs and bios for 2018 at that time. Sending them now will NOT get you a foot in the door. In fact, chances are good that I’ll misplace them between now and then.

Trade Room 2017

Secondly, we have some space in the trade room. Can you please tell your friends? We are open to pretty much anything other than books, soaps, minerals, or software. These are small spaces, so the cost for the duration (Thursday -Sunday) would be only $100 US. Have your friends contact me or contact me yourself if you’re interested.

Reserve Your Hotel Room NOW

Third, please reserve your hotel room if you haven’t already done so. Once the rooms are gone, they are probably gone, since we can’t guarantee that we can get any more. Reserve NOW by calling the hotel at 1-800-323-3331 and tell them you’re with SOTA. This will save both of us headaches.

Lecture Recordings

Fourth, I am already getting asked about the availability of recordings. I don’t handle this. That would be Sara Cartwright. And Sara can’t guarantee availability until she knows the lecture has been recorded successfully. So again, your best bet is to wait until AFTER the conference to submit your requests. That said, I will ┬áinclude Sara’s email closer to the date.

Featured Speaker: Julie Simmons

OK, announcements/requests over. Let’s look at another lecture topic: As you know, Julie Simmons is one of our regulars. And she has a very good knack for coming up with something fresh and timely each and every year.

Here’s her topic for 2017:

Astrology in the age of Gender Bending

The language of astrology is as fraught with stereotypes and political correctness the same as the surrounding culture. In this session we will challenge our assumptions and play with possibilities.

Julie LIKES to be gently experiential, so be prepared to literally play with those possibilities as required.

Also note that Julie will be a part of the Something Old, Something New Panel, along with several others. This will also be good — especially for those of you trying to sort out your primary astrological focus, be it modern or traditional.


OK, I am behind with everything tonight, so II’m going to keep this short and sweet. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share: