SOTA 16 August 2017

Hi Everyone,

Lots of news this time, so let’s get started:

Special Offers

First of all, I am getting a lot of queries from people on a budget as to whether they can come for just one session. We haven’t made a decision on the single session thing, but we rarely allow this option.

We WILL be offering a half-day ticket for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. That will be $55 cash at the door. No advance registration.

Third, until August 31 we are offering a bit of a price break on single-day admissions in the main conference. They will still cost $100 but until August 31, you can get a free lunch thrown in. Just pick your day and you’ll get the lunch of the day with speaker until space runs out.

Lunches, by the way, are not fancy. They run to salads and sandwiches plus coffee or tea. But you will get to choose your own lunch; just turn in your lunch form before 10 am on that day. And you’re getting a lecture to go with that lunch. (I’ll post lunch descriptions next time.)

So that’s a bit of a savings for you I hope. We have a budget to meet too, so we have to be careful about cutting costs. But a free lunch is a free lunch. I’m hoping some of you locals may turn out as a result. And yes, please DO share this with your friends.

The only restrictions are: 1) These packages are one to a customer. 2) Payment is by cheque only. Make your cheque payable to Full Circle Seminars and send it to me at 35 Brock St., Suite #1405, Hamilton, ON L8L 4L7 Canada. And note that Canada does NOT have Saturday mail delivery. Allow 5 mail days for your cheque to arrive. And make sure it gets here by August 31. Because 3) This offer will expire as of midnight August 31.

Raffles and Prize Draws

Secondly, I’ve had quite a few queries about raffles and prize draws and the like. So let’s sort this out: We always have a 50-50 draw at the banquet. The winner gets half of what we collect. Occasionally there are other raffles at the banquet as well. Those depend on what we’re donated, if anything. And we may draw them at either the raffle or the prize draw on Sunday. In any case, we’ll try to tell you what’s being drawn when, though usually we don’t know how many raffles we will have until the conference.

The prize draw on Sunday is not a raffle. If you’re registered, you get a ticket. We then draw tickets for an assortment of prizes. These are all donated and vary from year to year — books, various astro-kits and Tarot kits, jewelry, astro-kitsch like candles and incense burners and pretty much anything else. You could go home with a very nice souvenir. Our speakers have been very generous with donations in the past and some of our attendees have been generous as well. Again, we never know what we’ll get, but a couple of years, we’ve had enough that some people won 2 prizes. So it’s worth your while to stick around for the closing because you have to be present to win.

Banquet Menu

OK, I mentioned the banquet earlier. The menu is still tentative, but this is what we have so far:

  • House salad
  • Rolls and butter
  • Fresh tomato and mozzarella display with basil vinaigrette
  • Seafood pasta salad
  • Lemon glazed chicken breast
  • Herb crusted salmon filet
  • Tortellini primavera
  • Au gratin potatoes
  • Green beans almondine
  • Dessert
  • Coffee, tea

At this time I am waiting to hear if the kitchen can do us a good eggplant parmesan or something else vegetarian that isn’t pasta. And for those of you who don’t eat cheese, PLEASE let me know. We can do separate plates for you, but I have to know when I put the orders in. The rest of you are also free to make suggestions; just remember I have a budget. And since this is buffet style, yes, you can taste everything.

Featured Speaker: Chantal Patenaude

OK, since we talked about one-day passes, let’s talk about a lecture. Last year, Chantal Patenaude did a lecture on what she calls “the unified chart”. It generated a lot of interest and a lot of positive feedback. So she’s going to talk about it again. Here’s the blurb:

The New ‘Unified’ Chart

The latest research on the unified chart and its implications for relationships of all kinds. What it is, how to set it up, the connection to sacred geometry and the twin flame phenomenon.

As you can see,  this is a synastry lecture. And no, it isn’t a rehash of last year. Nor is it a continuation of last year’s lecture. Whether, you attended last year or not,  you’ll learn something. So if you’re interested in synastry, this might be for you.


OK, luncheon lecture descriptions next time. Meanwhile I’m running late as usual. So have a good week and I’ll catch you later…