SOTA 30 July 2017

Hi All,

Before launching into the SOTA stuff, I want to make sure everyone knows that Wade Caves appears in Newsweek sharing his comments on the eclipse. Two other astrologers were also interviewed. The article  was sane and not anti-astrology, though of course they had to get a comment from one anti-astrology person. Still, that’s unbiased journalism. Do read Wade’s comments — and if you’re so inclined, check out his website. I believe his lengthy and worthwhile article on the eclipses is posted there. Congratulations, Wade! You did astrology proud and we’re very happy to have you at SOTA. (Find Wade in our lecture schedule.)

Link to us!

OK, here in SOTAland we would greatly appreciate you sending links in your newsletter. For some reason, we got left off of a couple of our links this year, and of course that threatens to lower attendance. It will be taken care of for next year, but meanwhile, if you send out a newsletter or have a website, please include a link to SOTA. Our website is  We also have a presence on Facebook — go to SotaAstrologyConference . You’ll find us there. And no, it’s not the same stuff as in the newsletter. So stay informed and check it out.

Donna at Lily Dale

I am currently working on menus and should have news for you soon on that front. Not next week, because I am away again at Lily Dale, but I’ll be back again the following week with yet more news. And yes, I will have flyers with me at Lily Dale, so if you see me, ask for one or feel free to ask questions if you have any. Since my talk is geared to beginners and focuses heavily on Sun Signs, I’m not expecting to see too many of you there, but if you’re interested in Stress and the Sun Signs, by all means come. I’d love to see you.


And speaking of menus, I know there are some vegetarians out there, but I got nary a response to my request to have you come forward so I could get a head count and an idea of what you want. So at this point, we are aiming for one vegetarian entree, one meat, and one fish.  If I hear from enough of you, I will revise accordingly, but you should be aware that we DO have a budget and if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

No vegans came forward, so we will not be having a specific vegan entree, but you can order one. We aim to please, but we need a bit of cooperation. And we DO know that not everyone would be thrilled about an all-vegetarian menu, so don’t hold your breath on that one. Even UAC doesn’t give more than one vegetarian option. However, unlike UAC, we do things buffet-style, so yes, there will be a variety of vegetables you can choose from.

Featured Speaker: Ellen Bourn

And speaking of Lily Dale again,  I want to be sure that everyone knows that Ellen Bourn has two lectures. On Friday morning, she’ll be presenting Spiritual Interpretation of Transits from 10:30 to 12:30.

Then on Saturday from 4:30 to 5:30 she’ll be doing Saturn: Self-Mastery or Self-Sabotage.  This one was a last-minute addition, as Ellen graciously agreed to fill in for another speaker who canceled. Just in case your didn’t read that description of that one when it came out, here it is again:

Saturn: Self-Mastery or Self-Sabotage?

Saturn has long been referred to as the planet of Karma in one’s Natal Horoscope. What does this really mean on a metaphysical level? What does this mean one needs to learn in order to achieve mastery of the Inner Self and External Life Circumstances? Will you view your life through the lens of wisdom or the lens of inhibition? The choice is yours. Learn how to select your best option.

As most of you know, Ellen is a spiritual/kabbalistic astrologer who has quite a following at SOTA as well as in Upstate New York and elsewhere. So do come and check her out if  this topic appeals.

Featured Speaker: Wendy Guy

We have already talked about Wendy Guy, a number of times, always in her capacity as webmistress, where she is definitely invaluable. However, you need to know that she’s also a seasoned speaker. And this year, she’s going to be sharing some of her webmistress tips in her lecture. Here’s a description for you:

How To Build A Successful Astrology Website

A website is your “Internet business card” – an essential tool for astrologers today to share insights and attract clients. We’ll focus on the unique needs of astrology websites, with easy-to-understand tips for design, organization, writing great articles, selling your services, and valuable dos and don’ts to keep your site safe and user-friendly.

So if you want to know what somebody like Wendy knows and whether or not you might want to get someone to set up your website rather than do it yourself, this could be a very worthwhile lecture for you. Wendy has extensive experience. She is also a very clear presenter. You can even ask her what kind of baseball bat she uses on the hackers. And you can meet her in person. Please note that this is NOT an infomercial, but if you like what you hear and think you could benefit from Wendy’s services, I’m sure she’d be happy to talk to you after her lecture. Don’t be shy!

OK, my dinner awaits so I’m off again. Look for the next newsletter around August 15. And meanwhile, enjoy the rest of the summer.