SOTA 12 July 2017

Hi Everyone,

I don’t know where the summer is going, but it seems to be moving very rapidly for me and pretty much everyone else I know. I hope you’re all enjoying the weather as much as I am, but I also hope you will take time  to share SOTAnews with your friends. Doing so will help them get in at a cheaper rate than the at-door rate. If will also ensure that they can make travel plans and grab a hotel room.

Hotel Rooms

…Speaking of which, if you haven’t reserved your hotel room, you need to do that soon. Just call the hotel at 1-800-523-3331 and tell them you’re with SOTA. You will find that this hotel aims to please, so if you want a room on a particular floor or next to an elevator let them know and they will do their best. Ditto if you get there and find the room too hot, too cold, too dark, or otherwise not to your liking. That said, some complaints just can’t be fixed. For example, last year a woman complained that the toilets were too high. Truly! That one probably can’t be fixed. If you’re short, you probably have to accept that some things go with the territory of being short and find your own work-arounds. Mind you, I’m fairly short and I’ve had no trouble with too-high toilets or tables or chairs or anything else. So I don’t think most of you have a great deal to worry about. Do mention you’re with SOTA when you call, though, as we have a discount. Why pay more???

Panel Discussion: Traditional / Modern

Now as you know, astrologers argue — about house systems, techniques, philosophies, and pretty much all else.  Sometimes they argue against things without even trying them; other times they have explored and rejected certain things. I am all for that latter stance so long as you keep in mind that what works for you may not work for me. It really IS ok to do things differently and a lot of times “what works” is based on your own philosophy and wiring. There are many systems I don’t use for one reason or another and I’m sure there are things I use that you may not. And that should be ok…

With that in mind, we’ve set up a panel featuring four very competent astrologers who may give you some new ideas as they discuss their work. Here’s a description:

Something Old / Something New:
Where traditional and modern meet

Friday, 4:30-5:30

This panel discussion explores the intersection of astrological perspective — in this case the intersection of traditional and modern astrology. This is going to be a “both/and” look at the conversation we are having as astrologers, whether we know it or not. We hope you’ll come and add to the discussion, no matter what type of astrology you do…

Some years ago, I was totally averse to traditional astrology. I mean why would you not use the modern planets? And why would you use techniques from bygone times? This is, after all, the 21st century. Times have changed. But so has my mind. And what changed it? A valedictory address by Chris Brennan at a Kepler grad. At that time I only knew of Chris as a strong proponent of Hellenistic/traditional astrology. So imagine my surprise when he said in his speech that his first reaction to having to study the classical tradition was “Why?” At that time, he was committed to psychological astrology and had no interest in learning traditional. But he DID want to graduate from Kepler. So he had no choice but to study traditional because it was a part of the curriculum. The rest is history.

My thought at the time was that if Chris Brennan could be made a convert, maybe there was something here I needed to explore. So I tried to open my mind and make room for some traditional. Initially without much success, I might add. Some time after that, I discovered a book called Introduction to Traditional Natal Astrology by Charles Obert. He is a modern astrologer who has studied with a great many of the traditional astrologers, including Brennan. And he’s also a Uranian (or as some of them call themselves now, a Spherical). And he very clearly demonstrated that there are many traditional techniques that complement modern astrology. So you don’t have to be either/or. You can, if your mind is open, draw from both traditions. (And yes, this book will be available at the book table if it sounds interesting to you.)

There’s no need for mudslinging. We can all coexist. And better yet, we can learn from others, assuming our minds are not closed to everything but our own voice and  ego. Really, that’s what conferences are about. Learning from one another. And if you don’t get something new to try at each conference, you’re probably doing yourself a disservice.

Also note that if something Julie Simmons, Tamara Small, Wade Caves or Jessica Lanyadoo says really resonates with you, you can hear them in their own lectures elsewhere during the conference. However, Tamara will be on before the panel, Friday at lunchtime. So you might want to  check her out beforehand when there’ll be food for the mind as well as food for the body. Her topic, strictures of judgment, would be of particular interest to you horary astrologers…

So come to this panel and stick your two cents in (well, it would have to be a nickel Canadian, since we no longer have pennies). But if the purpose of a conference is to learn new things, chances are that as you learn, someone may be learning from you too.

Just bring your open mind.

Oh, and bring your friends, too. New faces and new voices are always good…

There will be no newsletter next week as I’m traveling to Ann Arbor. And while Pam and I may do some SOTA stuff, part of the plan is to eat, hang out, see crafts, and relax.

I’ll be back in early August, if not before.