SOTA 7 July 2017

Hi Everyone,

Opening Reception and Keynote

OK, I’ve had some questions about the Opening and Keynote, so let’s start with those. First of all, the opening reception will feature an attractive array of hot and cold nibblies and yes, there will be something for the vegetarians. There will also be a cash bar. And there will be seating; this is not a cocktail party.

And somebody  asked “What if you don’t know anybody?” Don’t worry;just sit down where there’s a free seat. This is a very friendly crowd, and  by the time the evening’s over, you no doubt WILL know some  people. In fact, the opening has been described as one of the best places to meet people.

David’s talk is one that is geared to all levels. He’s going to describe a  couple of astrological paths —  the roller-coaster and the merry-go-round — drawing on his experience, which is plentiful. If you’ve been studying for more than a month, yes, you will be able to relate. David is both  entertaining and thought-provoking. We are very lucky to have him doing the keynote.

However, a word of caution to you fence-sitters. Yes, you have to be registered for this unless you have a  deluxe package. In that case the opening and keynote are included. We have to order food, and we need to do that before the day of the opening. You CAN wait and see if there have been cancellations, but if there haven’t been, you will be out of luck. So no, you can’t just show up and decide to attend. Sorry, but since we  have to plan ahead, so do you. And yes, it will be worth the effort.

Divination Night

Then  on to Friday  and Divination Night. At the moment we have 9 readers, and I am hoping to hear from a tenth.  Our 9 readers are: Franco  (runes), Cassandra Butler (mediumship), Judy Conkel, (numerology), Lorraine Hughes (eclectic psychic), Patty Mac (crystal ball), John Marani (Tarot), Emmajay Paterson (dukkering, which  is  fortune-telling with  playing cards), and Dawn  Silver (gemstone oracle).

We are currently holding a space for Pat Beers, whom some of you know from the trade room, as well. And if I’ve left anybody of the list, my apologies in advance. Please let me know and I’ll put a correction in the next SOTAnews. This list has changed several times over the course of things, and meanwhile Neptune is sitting on my Sun, so brain-fog is entirely possible. Meanwhile, we are going to need at least one more reader. If any of you do astro-dice, psychometry, face-reading, or whatever, and would like to be one of our divine diviners, please contact me and I’ll fill you in.

Meanwhile, if you have signed up for this, or if you have a deluxe package, you are eligible for one 10-minute reading. But since the tables only hold 8 people max, it will be up to you to sign up for the reader of your choice. We will have sign-up sheets available at the reg desk from 5:30 onwards and at the event from 6:30 onwards. Obviously early sign-up is better, since it will guarantee your choice of reader. In the event that your reader’s table is full or if you don’t know who you want to go to, we will try to put you with someone who is a good fit.

And since ALL of these people are good, you don’t need to worry about getting a lousy reader! Readings are all 10-minutes each. Should you want an additional 10 minutes, you can sign up for it for an additional $15.00 and get one on the spot once the tables are  finished at 8:30.

Or if you’d really rather have a longer reading, you can make arrangements to get one in the trade room; ask your reader about fees and availability. Pat Beers, Lorraine, and Patty Mac will be in  the trade room for the duration. We have set aside space for others to come in and do readings by appointment. So there’s no reason for you not to be well-read!

Oh, and there will be coffee, tea, fruit, and cookies at divination night for your munching enjoyment. And you don’t have to be pre-registered. Just be aware that if you show up at 6:55, your choice may be limited.

Featured Speaker: Franco

Leading up to divination night, you can hear a lecture by none other than Franco. And yes, it’s on The Viking Runes. Here’s a description:

Alphabet of the Gods — The Viking Runes

Imagine taking the letters of the alphabet and attaching a deity to each one, affixing a divinatory meaning, and then throwing in some magical effects. What you’ll have is the Viking Runes. The Runes have intricate and complex meanings. This workshop will  allow you to dip your toes in the vast sea of the runes and see if you like the water…

Franco is, among other things, one of the few people I would call a rune master. This is one of his prime areas of  expertise, though he is no slouch when it comes to Tarot or astrology either. Actually, in the first bio I  got from Franco, he described himself as sort of a Renaissance man, and now that I know him, I would say he is definitely as described.

An engineer, a world traveller as part of his job, a musician, a rune master, a Tarot reader, an astrologer and astro-researcher (he is Alphee Lavoie’s right hand man over in ‘GatorLand), a pagan, and besides that one of the nicest — and funniest — people you’d ever want to me. So come to this lecture and then go see him in action and get a rune reading at Divination Night.

Franco is also in charge of our banquet entertainment. He has pulled many, many rabbits out of his hat for this one — and as I said last time, I never know what he’s doing until the last minute. So while we’ll talk about the banquet, I’ll have to be a bit vague about entertainment except to say it’s invariably good and very funny.


OK, more next week. And hopefully by then we’ll have another reader.

Stay cool,