SOTA 21 June 2017

Hi All,

An alert for those of you not already registered: Fees go up June 22. REGISTER NOW. Wendy will  be waiting for you. I  know lots of you are trying to hold on to your money as long as possible this year, but it’s really false economy to hang on to it now in order to pay more later. Rates AREN’T going to go down. So if you snooze, you’re gonna lose…

Featured Speaker: Ellen Bourn

Last time I promised to update you on who is replacing Jodie Lindley, who had a scheduling conflict. It will be none other than Ellen Bourn. And yes, she’s giving us a Saturn topic: Saturn: Self-Mastery or Self-Sabotage? Here’s the description:

Lecture: Saturn: Self-Mastery or Self-Sabotage?

Saturn has long been referred to as the planet of Karma in one’s Natal Horoscope. What does this really mean on a metaphysical level? What does this mean one needs to learn in order to achieve mastery of the Inner Self and External Life Circumstances? Will you view your life through the lens of wisdom or the lens of inhibition? The choice is yours. Learn how to select your best option.

As most of you know, Ellen is an  astrologer who likes to explore karmic themes. You can be pretty sure  she’ll  do this in this lecture. And you can be sure she’ll be both clear and thorough.

Featured Speaker: Grace K. Morris

And since we were talking  about things like holding onto your money, let me remind you that one of our speakers will be talking about The Stock Market and The Economy.   And no, this isn’t a  US-centric lecture;  what she has to say will also be of  relevance and interest to you Canadians.

Pre-Conference: The Stock Market and the Economy

Grace has successfully forecast the direction of the economy for over 30 years. Picking favorable sectors and winning stocks, accurately predicting interest rates, inflation/deflation cycles, and real estate values has proven profitable for her clients and subscribers. She will share with you the resources she uses so that you, too, can profit.

And I will mention that Grace is accessible. You will not be intimidated by market terms you don’t understand. She explains thoroughly. If the global economy interests you, this could be very much worth your while, even if you’re sitting on the Trumpless side of the border…

Pre-Conference: Greg Bogart

And Greg Bogart will doing a Pre-Conference  just before Grace. More about him  next time except to say that if you’re interested in Jungian psychology and astrology, you might want to plan on making a day of it and hearing him too…

Trade Room

Last but not least, let’s have  a look at our trade room to date:

As you might expect, both Astrolabe and Cosmic Patterns  will be in attendance. The latter  booth will again be ably staffed by Fei and sometimes David Cochrane. Astrolabe will be staffed by Emmajay Paterson.

Now Emmajay is going to be speaking and I suspect that she will  also be attending some lectures,  so you may need to make an appointment to sit down with her. There will be a sign-up book on the table, so you can do just that. And yes, I know this isn’t ideal, but it was the best we — and Astrolabe — could do.

Silver Raven Soap will be back again too, and there is a rumor that they may have some  new  goodies this year. These soaps are both inexpensive and an absolute treat. And Lisanne and Rob are  both  pleasant and knowledgeable to deal with.

We are also hoping to have Keyhole Gallery back. Therese Taylor is the one who had those intention dolls last year, as well so some funky jewelry.

And in terms of gems and minerals, we have someone new this year. Barr’s Gems and Treasures is run by Steve and Lynn Barr. They have a fairly wide array of minerals in addition to jewelry. So check them out — I think you may like them.

Also new this year is our bookseller, Earth Haven Learning Centre, run by Kathryn Aunger and Rosemary Tayler (and no, that isn’t a typo; that’s how her name is spelled). In addition to selling books, Kathryn also has a farm which sells organic food and promotes sustainable farming. Rosemary is an astrologer and an herbalist, and some of you may remember her as an attendee years ago. These ladies do more than I can describe here, so you may want to  check them out at

Meanwhile, I can tell you they will be stocking calendars (including their own gardening calendar) and datebooks, books on herbs, and some good astrology books, including a full range of books by our speakers. What you may not find this year are used books — sorry about that — but you will  find a lot of relatively hot off  the press titles, including  some hard-to-find titles.

And yes, we will have readers. Pat Beers will be back, for starters. Joining her will be Lorraine Hughes (after a long absence where she was much missed), and Patty Mac, who did some enjoyable presentations for us last year. We will also have a “floating reader’s table” in the event  that some of you either a) can’t get to the reader of your choice at divination night, or b) want a longer reading than divination  night is set up for.

There may be others in the trade room as well, as right now I have a couple of fence-sitters. However, their time  on  the fence may be limited, as space will be released as of June 31. You know who you are, folks. To you I say snooze and you’ll lose. Time to put your money where your mouths are.

Also note that the trade room is very definitely open to  the public. In fact, we welcome the public. So please share this newsletter with your friends.

And on that note, I’ll see you next time.