SOTA 4 June 2017

Hi Everyone,

Lots of news and  a few requests for help/information. Dig in…

Monitor Needed

First of all, it appears we need another monitor. Yes, again. The last call was filled very promptly (thank you Marina and Dina — and Dina welcome aboard) but last night I was informed that one of our regulars cannot make it this year. So we need yet another one.

The ideal candidate would be someone who is not as yet registered for the conference and can be available from the evening of October 18 (for the training, which is non-negotiable) through to October 23. And it goes without saying that you also need to be prompt and reasonably friendly. Now reality is that you may not be needed on the 23rd and may not be needed until the evening on the 19th but until I have a full contingent of monitors, I can’t set a schedule and therefore can’t give you yours.

The work is relatively easy — checking badges and taping — but we DO  have a protocol. Hence the training. For the right person, this is a good way to get a FREE conference including possibly free Pre or Post Conference lectures, free lunch, and a free banquet, depending on what sessions you’re selected to work. And yes, we will try to see that you get a couple of your preferred lectures, though I can’t guarantee that. Still, free is very nice. We may even be able to help you find a roommate, though I can’t guarantee that.

Interested? Email me… Given that the $100 Full Conference Special has now expired, this is probably your last chance to get a cheap conference. Maybe even a free one… And yes, by all means share this with your friends!

SOTA 2018

Secondly, even though this year hasn’t happened yet, we are getting a tentative start on next year. Why? Because it’s a UAC year and historically people simply can’t afford to do both UAC and SOTA. Our aim is to give people an alternative to UAC, which is large and expensive. We can’t afford to bring you 150 speakers, but we are taking pains to bring you the speakers and topics you want to see. We still have a lot of decisions to make and are hoping you’ll be willing to help.

First of all, should we keep the same format as this year or possibly go to mostly 2-hour lectures for next year only? Some people like quality and depth; others like quantity. UAC will be having only hour-and-a-quarter lectures, so more depth is something we can do if you want it. On the other hand, if you like the format as it is, we’ll leave it alone.

And that brings us to speakers and topics. We already know that several of our 2017 SOTA lecturers will also be lecturing at UAC. We expect the same will hold true for 2018. So what speakers do YOU want to see??? Let me know. Big names or less big names. We’re easy, so long as they draw. Please don’t suggest yourself, though. That really doesn’t tell us much except that you want to speak.

Third, what about topics? For the past couple of years we’ve had heavy doses of traditional and psychological. Do these still appeal, or do you want something else. And if you want something else, what else? Research??? Professional development topics such as creating web sites and marketing??? Medical astrology, addictions, and similar topics??? Basic planet/sign/house stuff??? Aspect theory??? Specialties???

Tell us what you’d like to see and we’ll do our best to provide it. Just email me. It doesn’t have to be a major missive — just a few words as to what you want.

And rest assured that we will be working to keep the cost as low as we can. And we will announce what we’re doing at the conference. Oh, and by the way, remember that if you’re registered this year, you are also eligible to take advantage of the attendees-only rate for 2018, which is even lower than the early bird rate.

Need a Webmaster?

On to the news: First of all, as some of you may already know, Wendy Guy was responsible for thwarting a major hack on our website, for which I am very grateful. Not only did she know what software to use, she stays vigilant and does a fair bit of blocking of suspicious addresses. I couldn’t do this without her. And if you’re trying to do a website single-handedly, you may need a Wendy too. In fact, our Wendy has openings in her schedule for a couple more clients. Again, contact me and I’ll put you in touch with her. I’ll also vouch for her work. She’s prompt, efficient, and knows what she’s doing! And I couldn’t do this without her!


Also, I am happy to report that Barr’s Gemstones and Treasures will be our gem and mineral vendor this year. They will be joining Earth Haven Learning Centre (books), Silver Raven Soaps, and probably  Keyhole Gallery. At the moment I’m still waiting for some cheques, but will confirm the whole roster of vendors in the next issue.

I am headed out to the hotel on Tuesday for a site inspection, so will probably have more to report on that next time as well.

Featured Speaker: Adam Gainsburg

Meanwhile, I promised you I’d fill you in on Adam Gainsburg’s post-conference. Actually, Adam will also be participating in the main conference, doing a lecture on Lunar Nodes and their Dispositors on Sunday. And then on Monday, he’ll be presenting a 3-hour post-conference on Heliacal Saturn Phases. Here’s a description:

Post-Conference: Heliacal Saturn Phases

My post-conference will be on the heliacal Phases of Saturn as signifying a broader responsibility we each carry for serving or upholding a better society (Saturn-Sun). I have formed this system of phases on the same principles as Venus and Mars — what I call Saturn’s Sky Factors – its unique brightness cycles, speed changes, etc. — rather than its chart factors alone. This workshop will first present Saturn’s Phases, then demonstrate how to integrate natal Saturn with phasal Saturn for the complete picture of a native’s Saturn dharma. I’ll use attendee charts for this.

Sound good? I’m sure it will be. And note that he  will be using attendee’s charts for this.

As mentioned last week, Adam will be following Gary Caton, who will be presenting The Mercury Elemental Year. This is two of your favorite presenters back-to-back with 3 hour presentations! How often does this happen??? If I were you, I’d take advantage before June 22 when the rates increase. At $100 US, this is a steal — and it WON’T be the same old material. So why not sign up now and save money??? You can’t go wrong with these.


You can expect the next newsletter around June 11 or thereafter, and you can probably expect more news.

Until then, enjoy the nice  weather.