SOTA 5 April 2017

Hi Everyone,


OK, some bits of news, not all of which are SOTA-related.

Ray Merriman and the Canadian Dollar

First of all, I’ve been in touch with Ray Merriman. As some of you may know, Ray publishes an excellent forecast book each year. It has absolutely everything you might want in a forecast-book including an ephemeris and astro-calendar, forecasts for each sign, major aspects for the year and a discussion of same, lists of favorable and challenging dates (including Mercury — and this year Venus — retrogrades) and forecasts for various currencies — the US, of course, and this year the British pound, but also the yen, the euro, and the Swiss franc.

And these may be very helpful for some people, but as I ask him every year, what about the Canadian dollar. That’s the one I need to know about. And some of my friends on the US side of the border could probably also use this too to plan vacations, shopping trips, and similar excursions. I have stuck with this forecast-book and nagged for several years and finally have gotten a positive response from Ray.

Specifically, if he can get 20 subscribers from Canada, he will see that our dollar is covered.

Now I will warn you, this book isn’t cheap, but it’s worth every penny in our lousy devalued dollars. It would be even better with a Canadian dollar forecast. So if this interests you, let Ray know. Better still, subscribe and let Ray know. This is a much-needed report —and added to the other information here, it would make a good reference a near-perfect one. So let Ray know you’re interested, huh? You’ll be doing us all a favor!

Divination Night

Secondly, one more reader has committed to Divination Night. More details will follow when I get her registration.

Book Seller

Third — and boy am I happy about this one — we MAY have a bookseller. We have a tentative agreement which I’m hoping we will finalize on the 9th. The person is someone I’ve known for many years, and she HAS attended SOTA in the past, so she knows what we are about. I haven’t met her business partner, so some of the call on the 9th is to talk to her…

Donna Van Toen at Astrology Toronto

Fourth, I am honored to be doing an all-day workshop for Astrology Toronto on September 18th to kick of their season. Topic: Transiting Uranus: Deconstruction and Reconstruction.

Please note that very little of the material I am covering in the SOTA lecture will be covered in this workshop. The focus in the SOTA lecture is transits through the houses, with a brief look at transits to the angles and the Vertex. The AT workshop will look at transiting Uranus and its aspects to natal planets, the nodes, Chiron, and if time and interest permit, Ceres and the other major asteroids. So the two are very different aside from them both emphasizing Uranus. I’m hoping I’ll see many of you at one of these events or another.

Featured Speaker: Donna Van Toen

And since we’re talking about my SOTA talks, we may as well talk about Meet Your Inner Pantheon which I’m offering at SOTA on Sunday. Here’s the blurb:

Meet Your Inner Pantheon

Planets are archetypes, based to some extent on the gods and goddesses of old. Signs are also archetypal energies. What gods,goddesses, or more modern archetypes reside within you??? Let’s explore! Bring your chart with aspectarian, along with your imagination and your sense of humor. This is meant to be fun and perhaps a bit magical.

Featured Speaker: Jessica Lanyadoo

And Jessica Lanyadoo is back too! Jessica is rapidly becoming a SOTA favorite. Here’s a description of one of her two lectures:

High Times & Addiction in the Chart

Join Jessica Lanyadoo to look at what planets govern which drugs, and why. Can you be moderate or are you slated to a messy relationship with adult candy? We’ll explore addiction, high times, and maintenance substance use from an astrological perspective in this fun and non-judgmental talk, suitable for all levels.

This could be very interesting since I would hazard a guess that most of us have either had a messy relationship with adult candy or know someone who has. Jessica’s about the only person I can think of who can make addiction entertaining while giving you some solid tips from an astrological perspective. Come and join in this interesting discussion!

Note that Jessica is also doing a lecture on Saturn. More about that another time…

And on that note, I will wish you a good week. Stay warm and dry, huh?