SOTA 29 March 2017

Hi Everyone,

Divination Night

Not much news this month. We’re STILL  looking for readers for Divination night. Thanks to our latest recruit, Cassandra Butler who will be joining us.  Cassandra does mediumship, among other things. If YOU are coming and would like to show off your divination skills of one type or another, contact me. Right now we DO have room. And while this doesn’t pay, it DOES allow you to get the word out about your abilities. And that could lead to more business, perhaps at the conference or perhaps at a later date.

Featured Staff: Pam Wenzel and Charlene Preston

And just a mention that we have a new reg desk crew this year. Pam Wenzel ably assisted by Charlene Preston (aka Mrs. Sara’s mother) will be running the reg desk and ready to assist you. Pam has a fair bit of experience as registrar at GLAC, so she knows the ropes. And Charlene is friendly and willing to assist. You can rest assured that they will have a schedule handy at all times and will be able to direct you to the room you want courteously and promptly.

And one of the things on my wish list for the hotel this year is some kind of prominent signage to direct people to the rooms. We will also look at our own signage if I can get a volunteer to do it. We DO want you to get to the lectures on time…

Featured Speaker: Brad Kochunas

Meanwhile, let’s look at another lecture:

Twelfth House/Neptune/Pisces: That in Which We Live, Move and Have Our Being

What is the depth psychological function of this triumvirate? We may discover this best through a sudden glimpse, a nuanced whisper, or a poetic fragment, and yet myth tells us Poseidon is also bringer of oceanic storm, quaking lands, and overpowering ecstasy. How are we to grasp the ungraspable?

Brad as you probably know, is one of our regulars.  His topics are usually provocative and psychological.  This is a new one and a bit of a digression from his usual material, but as usual you can expect depth and insight. That’s why we keep asking him back…


OK, more news next week or perhaps the week after. At the moment I am looking at a time to schedule my first visit to the hotel…