SOTA 21 March 2017

Hi All,

Wanted: Bookseller

At  this time, SOTA is once again looking for a bookseller. This is a good gig for an entrepreneurial type who likes people  and books, but it DOES require you to invest in some inventory — calendars, for example. And possibly a few books. A great many of the speakers’ books are sold on consignment, but we sometimes need other books as well. You can buy those wholesale and sell them retail. And you can even return what you do not sell for a refund. You can also augment your inventory  with gently-used books if you have  some. And we are happy to  show you the ropes, suggest books that will sell, and whatever else  you need us to do.

I did this job myself for many years and never lost money. I’m prepared to do it again if no  one comes forward to  take it   on, but it’s not ideal given that I am running the conference and sometimes have to be away from the table. So I would love to  hear from anyone  who might be interested in taking this on. Email me and I’ll fill  you in. Not only  can you make money, it’s a great way to meet people, because absolutely  everybody hits the book table at some point.

Wanted: Gem Vendor

We additionally are still looking for a gem vendor and have one space open for another vendor as well. Again, if you’re interested, contact me.

Wanted: More Attendees!

Last but not least, we could very definitely use more attendees. We have banners available that you can put on your email; contact Wendy and she’ll help you attach them. Or you can simply share  this and other newsletters or direct people to

And yes, I’m talking to YOU! I know everyone assumes that someone else will do it. They might not. At the moment, we need about 30 attendees. If everyone got just one friend to come, we would be very happy. So how about it? Give it a try! Nothing ventured,  nothing gained. And you would make us very happy… You’d  also help us keep next year’s prices down…

Featured Staff: Jo Gleason

We have gotten very good feedback on our flyer, which is the work of Jo Gleason. Jo is a freelance graphic designer and she worked very hard to create what we wanted. Now it COULD be that you’re looking for a graphic designer yourself. Just email me. I’d be happy  to put you in touch with Jo. We need to support one another in  this field.

And speaking of design, last year the program was a bit of a mess. That was a case of two people who had far too much on their respective plates. And one of those people has since stepped down. So it’s up to Jo and I to see to it that the same problem doesn’t happen this year. We will be starting on the program very soon. And while there are always last-minute changes, Jo and I are going to see that this year we’re not missing information  and have the right lecture descriptions and other information.

OK, enough of that!  Let’s look at just one of the lectures people will be missing by not attending.

Featured Speaker: Inge Lohse

Trip Charts

An astrological chart set for the time of leaving  on a trip  has a story to tell. Timing is everything. By  utilizing astrology to  plan your  next adventure, you can avoid adversities, become aware of the potentials,and see the eventual outcome of your travels. Handouts  provided.

Years ago, nobody  would think of heading out to a conference without doing a trip chart. And at some point we would all get together and swap stories. It was fun, and the charts were uncanny,  However,  nobody seems to do these anymore. Inge may remedy  this. And lest you think that this is yet more head-trip stuff, let me tell you  that not only is Inge a great traveler, she often flies her own  plane. As a pilot, she of course wants to know about the weather conditions, among other things. And these charts give that information and more.

As for her knowledge, Inge has probably forgotten more than many of us knew in the first place. She is bright, she is funny,  and she has 40-some years of astrology under her belt. So DO check this one out… And maybe next year we can resuscitate that tradition of comparing trip charts. It was also great fun…

OK, running  late this week so shall keep this short and sweet. For those of you who can register before 10 pm Eastern, you can save yourself a bit of money. For those who can’t, it will cost you $15 US extra. Still good value. Join us!