SOTA 13 March 2017

Hi All,

I’m going to start out this time with some feedback on last year’s conference that we got on the 2016 survey:

“This one exceeded my expectations. That’s probably because I decided to attend all of the evening events this year. And I found out that’s  where you really  have the time to get   to  know people and make lasting friendships,”

There you have it. Those evening events are worth the difference between  a full package  and a deluxe package. I have a lot of stories about people who  have become  friends at SOTA.  It  is easy to meet kindred spirits at SOTA. And we’re trying  hard  to  exceed your expectations,  both in terms of speakers and evening activities.

For example, our opening reception, in addition to having a cash bar and some tasty nibblies, will feature a keynote from one  of the speakers you told us you wanted back —— none other than David Cochrane. David’s topic, The Astrologer’s Journey: Roller Coasters  and Merry-Go-Rounds will no doubt be enjoyable for all — and I bet some of you have spent time  on one or both of these rides on your journey through the carnival of astrology. David will also have many anecdotes from his own journey to share with you.

Friday night is Divination Night, so there will be cookies, tea and coffee, and readings. We are still trying to confirm  readers, but  it’s certain that Emmajay Paterson, Dawn Silver, and John Marani will be three of them. Meanwhile, if  you’d like to volunteer your services as  a reader, please let me know. We DO have space…

Featured Speaker: David Cochrane

Saturday night is the banquet. We  will, as usual, have entertainment (and I never know the theme of that until it happens),  the 50/50 draw, and a very nice buffet. And yes, we accommodate vegetarians. Meanwhile,  we try to feature the show-cased (Pre and Post) speakers as well as some of those you’ve requested we ask back on Saturday. So  while you’re waiting for the banquet fun to begin, you can check out the following:

Neptune and Pluto: Trend Setters —— David  Cochrane

Neptune and Pluto are engaged in a cosmic dance that sets major political trends and life style changes. Using ideas in Vibrational Astrology David has made many accurate predictions over the past 15 years. We will learn how this is done using very simple rules.

And while you don’t need it  for this lecture, you might want to nip into the trade room and have a look at  Linda Berry and David Cochrane’s book, Vibrational Astrology, mentioned above. It truly is a breakthrough book!

Featured Speaker: Adam Gainsburg

You can also hear/see Adam Gainsburg’s All Conjunctions Are Not Created Equally:

All Conjunctions Are Not Created Equally

All Western astrology shares the round horoscopic wheel as its main tool.  Yet how much of the celestial reality do our chart wheels portray?  The truth is, not very much at all.  This lecture will utilize the visually compelling and misunderstood Conjunction to demonstrate the many “types” of conjunctions, and how a rudimentary understanding of the sky as a backdrop, against which each conjunction occurs, is essential for delineating each type.

If  you’ve never attended one of Adam’s lectures,  please note that they are always highly visual, so while they will be taped, it’s really not quite the same.

And speaking of Adam, we’re keeping him busy this year. He’ll also be lecturing on Sunday on Lunar Nodes and their Dispositors, and then finishing up the conference with a 3-hour Post-Conference on Phases of Saturn. So you fans should be able to make it to one of his presentations. Or more than one, if you’re a big fan…


For the 3 of you who didn’t know, I am currently also working on my gem book, and right  now I have a tree agate demanding my attention. So I’ll catch  you next week. Meanwhile, feel free to share this newsletter and/or direct your friends to

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