SOTA 7 February 2017

Hi All,

I am back from teaching in Cincinnati and ready  to  get back to work on SOTA.

Divination Night

First up, let’s talk about what has happened to the mediums. For several years now, we have had mediums, so this year we’re looking at trying something new.  Specifically,  a Divination Night. There are a lot of you — both attendees and speakers — who have divinatory talents.

We want  to give 10 of you a chance to show  your  stuff. We are hoping to get  a  variety  of  divinatory techniques, Tarot, runes, crystal ball, maybe numerology. We’ll take  mediums as well.  We may even take horary astrologers if we get any. And that’s the catch — we first of all have to get 10 of you willing to give somewhere between 6 and 10 ten-minute readings. These would be unpaid, but any beyond that would be at  attendee’s expense.

So every attendee will be guaranteed one reading, but if they want to try out  more than one discipline/reader,  there  will be a nominal charge, which will go to the  readers.

You’ll be hearing more about this as it evolves. Right now we are calling for volunteers. And be aware that  we already have one Tarot reader. We would prefer not to have more than 2, so if you apply after those two slots are taken, you will be put on a back-up list. The way to apply is to  email  me and tell me what  you are willing to do. I  will compile a list and we will take it from there. Interested? Contact me!

And yes,  for those of you who just want readings, the first reading — along with the coffee, tea, and cookies—  is  included as part of your  Deluxe registration package. Or if you  don’t  have a  Deluxe  registration package, you can get a ticket for only $15.00.

Breaks Between Lectures

Just one more thing to make the conference more interesting. Which is what  we try  to do. Our goal is a well-organized conference where attendees, speakers, vendors, and staff can learn in a comfortable environment at a comfortable pace. Which, by the way, is why we’re back to half hour breaks between lectures. Fifteen minutes  didn’t give people the time they wanted and needed to hit the trade room, the bathroom, etc.

Featured Speaker: Wade Caves

…And speaking of interesting, I’m happy to report that  Wade Caves will be back. And those of you who are interested in medical astrology — whether traditional or modern — should be very happy too. Decumbiture charts are  a  very useful tool  for medical  astrologers, or so I think. Read the blurb and see what YOU think…

The Horary Astrologer’s Guide to Decumbiture

Historically, astrology and natural philosophy formed the cornerstone of medicine. Through decumbiture charts, astrologers assessed the true root of an illness, identified its severity and also its cure, while forecasting the cycle of critical periods. Decumbiture charts are judged very similarly to horary figures, with a few unique techniques. This presentation explores the basics of humour theory, the use of decumbiture charts through historical and modern chart examples, and the doctrine of sympathy and antipathy in determining cause of illness and the path to treatment.

Does it sound good? I think so. And  by the way, while I am not a  traditional astrologer (though some of the people at this conference may convert me yet) I have managed to used  decumbiture  charts with remarkable accuracy. This one is truly one for your bag of tricks…

Webmistress: Wendy Guy

Last  but not least, a reminder that our webmistress, Wendy Guy, is for hire. And believe me, she will do a good job. I have  nothing but praise for her. But she’s happiest when she’s busy and I can’t always give her enough work to do. And since I’m happiest when she’s happy, you will make us both happy by checking out what she has to offer.

OK, folks, until next week.