SOTA 20 January 2017

Hi All,

In many respects, being an  astrologer is a rather solitary profession.  We  spend vast quantities of time alone — setting up  charts, studying  charts, reading, and studying. And most non-astrologers don’t understand what we do —not even if we explain. Some find it very glamorous — which it can be. If you do  well, you get to travel — but only after you’ve prepared all those charts and handouts. And once  you get there, you can expect to spend much of your time working. In fact, I know  several people who not only lecture and teach and  do  charts  while away but also take other work  with them. Some  people see it as an easy job and expect you to give them free readings. And some just plain  aren’t interested. And as you advance in your studies, it gets harder and harder to find kindred spirits to share your passion with on a fairly level playing field.

That’s  where conferences come in. At a conference,  you can  spend 3 days with kindred  spirits, socializing and eating, sleeping, and  breathing astrology with knowledgeable people who share your passion.  They understand  what you   do. They’re  mostly  interested in what  you do and  how you do it. And they are often willing to share their knowledge both  in  lectures  and  out of them. In fact, some of the best discussions I’ve ever had have not been in the  lectures at  all but rather in the hospitality room or in someone’s room or in the bar after lectures where you start to compare notes and see  where those lectures have taken people.

The other neat thing about conferences is that you not only get to hear those speakers you’ve read or seen on video; you get to talk to them. No book or video can do that.

Keynote Speaker: David Cochrane

Take for example, our keynote  speaker David Cochrane. David  has some excellent videos on  YouTube. And yeah,  you can watch them  at home for free. But  you won’t  get your  questions answered that way.  And  you won’t have the  benefit of other people’s questions or input either. (And yes, sometimes these questions can  be annoying or the input irrelevant. A good speaker knows how to deal with that, though, so he or she can deliver  what was promised  and sometimes  more.) Last year, David  Cochrane was one  such  speaker and many of you  wanted more.  So this year he’s back. He’ll be lecturing in  the main  portion  of the conference and  additionally will be doing our keynote:

The Astrologer’s Journey: Roller Coasters and Merry-Go-Rounds

David will share with us how his passion for astrology has resulted in a life-long roller coaster ride. On the other hand, some astrologers are enjoying a pleasant ride on a merry-go-round. David illustrates his points with humorous stories that also have some serious implications for how we can best pursue astrology and best serve our clients.

This will be an informal and informative event, complete with good nibblies and a cash  bar. So while  it  may be more expensive than staying home, you will have all the  comforts of home while listening, except maybe your pajamas.  And so long as your pajamas cover all the  appropriate parts,  you can even  wear  your pajamas  if you really want to —  though frankly, one  of the  things  I like about conferences  is that they give  us a  chance to dress up a bit.

David  will also be  lecturing in the main portion of  the conference.  And when not lecturing, you may sometimes find him and Fei at the Cosmic Patterns table in the trade  room. Drop by and have  a  look  at their programs, which are also largely David’s work.

Trade Room

We are still at first call for the trade room — and  STILL looking  for  a  jewellry vendor — but   I have it on good authority that Silver Raven Soaps will  also be back—  and  Lisanne informs me that there could very well  be some new products. If  you are a  vendor, now is a good time to reserve your space. So  contact  me, huh? We’re trying to get a good variety of items in the trade  room, and you just might have what we’re  looking for!

Divination Night

Oh,  and  for those of you  who  are  scratching your head  and asking “Where are the mediums?” here’s the deal. We’re having  something  a little different this year  on  Friday night — a Divination night.  This  allows some  of you with various metaphysical skills  to show them off, and we’re  expecting to have Tarot,  runes, and crystal  ball  among other things. And yes, there could well be some mediums too. I hope to have more news on this in a couple  of weeks once I get the  kinks  worked out.  So stay tuned.

The next SOTAnews will appear around February 7, since I will be traveling to Midwest School of Astrology in the interim as well as dealing with some SOTA-related administrivia and doctor’s appointments. In the interim, stay warm and watch out for that  freezing  rain that’s going around.