SOTA 3 January 2017

Hi All,

Here it is — the first SOTA 2017 flyer!

And incidentally,  flyer production is now in  the capable hands of Jo Gleason. Jo replaces Demetrius Bagley who has gone on to, among other things, setting up vegan food tours in Italy and elsewhere. I’m actually a little envious, but also happy for him. Jo, meanwhile, was the AFAN scholarship winner (and I hope some of you looked into that program — too late now,I fear) in 2016 and it turned out that she had just the skills we needed. So now she’ll be a regular. Please join me in welcoming her aboard.

Wendy Guy is continuing on as our webmistress and will be  putting up the flyer and registration page as  soon as the corrections are made. And if any of you are looking for a webmistress, you really should talk to her. She handles all of the technical stuff on the website, promptly, efficiently, and mostly with a smile. Those of you who know me also know that I am the undisputed Queen of the Luddites, I simply couldn’t do this without Wendy’s assistance. So if any of you are looking for website help, email me and I will be happy to pass along her email address. Her rates are reasonable and frankly, you can’t go wrong. And yes, Wendy will be putting the SOTA 2017 flyer and the registration page up just as soon as we get the kinks out of the flyer. She is nothing if not prompt.

Sara Cartwright will be  back doing our taping. She did a superb job last year, so we’re happy.

We have a new  crew manning — actually ladying, like  why do they always  refer to people doing things as “manning” when it’s often women doing  the job?— the reg desk this year. Pam Wenzel, who also ran reg at GLAC, will be assisted by  Charlene  Preston (also known as Mrs. Sara’s Mother). I am delighted to have them aboard. Please welcome them.

We will be looking for one monitor this year and possibly two. So if you are on  a tight budget and would like to get a free conference in exchange  for doing a  bit of  work, contact  me and I’ll  fill you in. Work consists of taping and monitoring. And yes,you will get training. We are looking for people  who are prompt, pleasant, and efficient.  So  if this  STILL sounds like you, let’s talk!

Our flyer  is now online. Once again, I think people are going to have some tough choices to make in some time slots, and I don’t  think too many  will be tempted to miss sessions. That means we are going back to  half  hour breaks between session. A few years back, people complained that this was  too  long. Last year, people practically begged me to restore the half hour breaks. So they’re back.  Better for you, better for the vendors, who really didn’t get the attention  they deserved last year. And really, it only adds half an hour on to the day…

We will again be back at The Millennium. Now I know some of you would like to go back to the Falls, but there are many reasons not to. Much lower room rates (the hotel we used to use now charges $129 US a night, plus some kind of resort fee), free parking, free shuttle to and from the airport (and it will also take you anywhere within 3 miles of the hotel), decent food, and loads of restaurants and shopping right next door. And if you REALLY want to get to The Falls, there is a bus from the airport for cheap. Or bring your car. We’re not moving so we can pay more for less…

Featured Speaker: Greg Bogart

OK, enough back story. What about speakers??? Well, let’s talk about one of our Pre-Conference Speakers. Greg Bogart is a psychotherapist  as  well as  an astrologer.  He teaches Counseling Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies, And he’s authored 5 books, 4 of which  I have read and enjoyed immensely. In  fact, Therapeutic Astrology still gets read every  year or  so — there’s that much meat in it. And yes, some of that meat is astrology. This will not be all psychobabble. You will be hearing  material from his latest book on dreamwork. Have  a look:

Jung, Astrology, and Dreams: An Experiential Workshop

Jung cast birth charts for his patients and also studied their dreams. Following Jung’s example, this presentation explores the connection between planetary symbols and archetypal figures and themes appearing in our dreams. We’ll consider how dreams reflect celestial symbolism while astrology reveals the internal order and meaning of dreams. Combining astrology and dreams is a dynamic practice that has the power to awaken us emotionally and energetically.  In this experiential workshop, participants are invited to share a dream along with their natal chart and transits.

Now I know some of you people.  Don’t be put off by the word  “experiential”. It simply means to experience, you know. And  this promises to be both a gentle and a soulful experience. We are very fortunate to have Greg since he rarely does small conferences  like ours.  So come and soak up some knowledge and some insight.

More Key Speakers

Greg  will be followed on the program by Grace K. Morris, a financial astrologer who has been here several times before.

And then on Thursday night, there will be a keynote by none  other than David Cochrane. That’s right — he agreed to come back. We may  eventually develop a reputation for being the conference that hosts speakers who  don’t do regional conferences.

More about these next week. Meanwhile, why not consider coming out for the Pre-Conference and Opening, even if you can’t attend the whole conference? With this line-up, you  can’t go wrong…

Stay warm and  have a good week,