SOTA 26 October 2016

Hi All,

Well, this is the countdown. PayPal closes October 30 at 10 pm Eastern. After that, you can pay at the door — cash only — but there probably won’t be any Deluxe packages left. At the moment, I have 2 opening tickets and about the same for banquets. So if you want the whole deal, reserve now.

You will, however, be able to sign up for Pre or Post conferences at the door. Ditto for luncheons — at least until they run out — and Full packages and single days. So if there’s something you really want to see, yes, you will probably still be able to do it…

Thursday Opening

Speaking of the Opening, we have had one small change. Reverend Kathleen Barnard won’t be with us. Bill Duvendack will be replacing her. And yes, you’ve heard that name before, because Bill is one of our Friday night speakers (and yes, you can also sign up for the Friday night mini-lectures at the door). He’s a multi-capable kind of guy — astrologer, Tarot reader, medium, etc. And from all indications, he’s very, very good. So you might want to check him out at some point….Note that he will also be in the Trade Room doing readings for the duration of the conference. And the Trade Room is free if you just want to look. But expect to be tempted…

Featured Speaker: Sherrynne Dalby

What else will you miss by not coming? Sherrynne Dalby’s lectures, for one thing. Sherrynne is coming all the way from Australia, so no, you probably can’t hear her next year. And what is she lecturing on? On Saturday, it will be Astrolocaliity, Your Place in The World. Here’s a description:

Astrolocality, Your Place in the World.

Location is so important but especially in terms of our own energy. We are born into an energy dictated by time and space. Local space charts show how that energy impacts on everything around us from how comfortable we are in our own kitchen to where to plant the roses, a very personal feng shui.

Sherrynne’s Astrolocality knowledge has drawn high praise from none other than Ronnie Dreyer — and if you know Ronnie, you know she doesn’t bestow praise on just anybody. So why not come and check this out?

Sherrynne will also be lecturing on Childhood Stages on Friday. This will be material from her book of the same name. And no, I’m not sure we will have this one available because I’m not sure it’s still in print, but if it is I hope Sherrynne will bring at least 2 or 3… And in any case, here’s the description:

Childhood Stages

In this lecture we look at the developmental stages of childhood and their astrological correlations. Using astrology, we can understand why children develop and different rates and why they normally level out by the time they start school. Understanding this can make parenting a less stressful process for all concerned.

You will find Sherrynne a very down-to-earth lecturer who is both knowledgeable and easy to listen to. And yes, she has experience with children. Just ask her!

Roommate Wanted

On a whole other level, one of our speakers is hoping to get to Niagara Falls on Monday, but in order to stay, she needs to have a roommate for Monday. If you think that might be you, contact me and I’ll fill you in…


OK, keeping things short and sweet this time, as there’s still a lot of administrivia to deal with, but I hope this piques your interest. And as usual, I would ask you to pass the news along to those who might be interested.