SOTA 16 October 2016

Hi Everyone,

OK, I don’t need to tell you again to reserve your hotel room, do I? Or  to tell you that PayPal will close October 30 and after that it will be cash only at the door? I might need to tell you that the Opening and banquet are liable to fill, so you may not be able to get them at the door. Which means if you want one, it’s time to go to PayPal and register.

One bit of new news I want to mention is the location of the Half-Dead Astrologers’ Party Sunday night. It will be at El Agave Mexican Restaurant. And we will be getting the shuttle to take us and bring us back. Note that there is no set cost or menu for this; it’s all up to you. The food is authentic Mexican. There is vegetarian and also some vegan. And it gets rave reviews, too. Service is incredibly good. There are specialty drinks — and yes, tequila. And there will be good company. If you want to be a part of this, what you will need to do is tell Joanne at the reg desk. She will make a list and I will then take that list and reserve at the restaurant and reserve the shuttle. Please reserve by Saturday noon so I can be sure everything is under control. I DO hope you’ll join us if you’ll still be around on Sunday night…And I hope you will be, because we have 2 great Post-conference speakers on Monday.

…Speaking of which, several people have expressed disappointment at not being able to hear April and Joyce on Monday. And I DO commiserate, but if we’re going to do Post-Conferences, our only available day is Monday. However, April and Joyce are both going to be lecturing in the main portion of the the conference — in fact, Joyce will be lecturing twice. We talked about April last time (and that newsletter can be found on the website), so let’s look at Joyce’s lectures this time.

Featured Speaker: Joyce Levine

First of all, Joyce is going to be doing the requisite Pluto lecture. I mean, EVERYBODY wants a Pluto lecture, don’t they? So here’s Joyce’s. And by the way, I have heard this one, and it’s good!

Pluto — Death or Transformation

Get to know Pluto — the only planet over which we have no control. Pluto’s cycles coincide with dramatic life changes that strip away what’s no longer meant to be and wittingly or unwittingly return us to our essence. This talk provides an understanding of how the Pluto process affects both individuals and the collective and shows how the cycles bring what has previously been unconscious or suppressed to the surface.

Not only is this good, it’s timely, since the US is having it’s Pluto return this year…

Joyce will also be doing a lecture o:

Family Dynamics — How and Why We Get Along

Family patterns get transmitted astrologically as well as genetically. Sign, planet, and aspect patterns are handed down from generation to generation. So it’s not an accident that we prefer certain family members to others. And while we may swear never to marry anyone like our mother or father, we may discover similarities long after the wedding date.

This one probably has relevance to pretty much everybody…

Featured Speaker: David Cochrane

One  lecture that is generating a lot of interest is The Discovery of Why Astrology Works: Fractal Sacred Geometry. In fact, the presenter, David Cochrane, is also generating a lot of interest. So let’s look at this lecture first:

The Discovery of Why Astrology Works: Fractal Sacred Geometry

Astrologers have very recently discovered that the tropical zodiac is a perfect representation of prime number and Fibonacci number sequences! This is now understood in detail. Science, mysticism, astrology, and psychic ability are not antithetical to each other but rather are different lenses into the same awesome and mysterious reality.

Meanwhile,  here’s his second topic:

Marriage and the Navamsa Chart

Vedic astrologers regard the navamsa chart as extremely important. It is not possible to give an astrological reading without it. It is often called a chart of dharma, marriage, and happiness. We will learn what the navamsa chart is and we will see examples of its power in relationships.

And don’t forget, David will also be doing a Sirius Demo as part of the How To Night on Friday. I may take this one in myself because there is so much good stuff in Sirius that I still haven’t used all of it. Though for asteroids and for harmonics, it’s superb.

Featured Speaker: Wendy Guy

One other speaker who is eliciting interest is Wendy Guy. If you have read her Evolving Door columns and wondered if she is just as interesting in person, you can find out. And what you will find out is that she’s even more interesting. Here’s her topic:

Hindsight/Foresight – Context is Everything

Where you’re going depends a lot on where you’ve been. Recent transits and progressions lay the groundwork for what lies ahead and make a difference in how future influences manifest.  Understanding what happened is useful, sometimes essential, in anticipating what comes next. Case studies will show how transits and progressions play out following different planetary events.

This is a very important lecture for anyone who wants to understand transits and progressions. Check it out!


I hope this motivates any fence-sitters who still might be out there to get off the fence and come on out. We’d love to have you join us. And by all means, please share SOTAnews with your friends.