SOTA 4 October 2016

[Updated 7 October 2016]

Hi Everyone,

The time is getting shorter. Are you excited yet???

I am yet again reminding people to book their hotel rooms. When I last looked, a number of people — including speakers — hadn’t done that yet. And if you don’t reserve, we may not be able to find you a room. Best not to trust to luck.

Meanwhile, we have booked our Pre and Post Conference speakers for 2017, and I think you’ll be pleased. I hope you’ll also be pleased with the special attendees-only rate for next year. It will unfortunately be a bit higher than this years because expenses are going up. When expenses go up, the only way we can keep costs down is by increasing attendees. And while we have decent numbers, this year, we’re not seeing an increase. So again, please tell your friends and help us get the word out. You undoubtedly know people I don’t and maybe some of them would like to come.

Also, a big welcome aboard to Sara Cartwright. Sara will be in charge of our recording this year.

We’re also looking at books for this year. All of the speakers books will be available. There will also be a selection of older, gently-used books. But there may be specific titles you’d like to see. If so, please get that info to me SOON so I can get them on the list. The order will probably go in next week.

Featured Speaker: Dawn Silver

One speaker who will be here with her books is Dawn Silver. Dawn is an Ayurvedic astrologer from Chicago and she just happens to have one of the best books on gemstones I have seen. Those of you who know me and have heard me gag at Melody’s books know I’m pretty fussy when it comes to gemstone books. Dawn’s book is one I can wholeheartedly recommend.

While Dawn’s talk is  gemstones in Ayurvedic astrology. Though it may be new material and a different take on the stones for some of you, it’s going to be fascinating nonetheless. Here’s a description:

Rasavidya – Alchemical Gemstone Astrology

Rasavidya, knowledge of the alchemical essence, is a Sanskrit system used to preserve health and prolong longevity. Gemstones are prescribed by this nine box astrology system to determine your (Brahma) ancestral genetics, birth sustaining (Vishnu) and planetary aging (Shiva) cycles. Gemstone healing employs the homeopathic science of resonance, releasing stuck energy to slow down the rate of entropy (aging).

Bring birth-date and time …notes provided.

So yes, if you bring your birth data, you will be able to make your very own Rasavidya chart. You’ll also be able to take advantage of Dawn’s awesome knowledge — and did I tell you she’s also a naprapathic doctor?  What’s that, you say??? Come and find out!Gonna be GOOD information in this one.

[added 7-Oct-2016]

And this just in! Dawn will also be doing the luncheon lecture on Friday. And yes, you can sign up for just that one lecture, but I’d advise you to do it soon. We have very limited space in this one…

The Stars in Your Bowl

Each astrology sign is unique in what they need and what they prefer for their healing journey. Many of the great astrologers of the past were also doctors and have given us guidelines using natural methods. We shall journey through the 12 zodiacal signs and look at the astrological healing potentials in regards to gems, foods, remedies such as cell salts, flower essences herbal tinctures and disciplines. 


OK, a reminder that PayPal is still up and running until October 30th and a reminder to please share this with your friends. See you next week!