SOTA 23 August 2016

Hi All,

It’s again been longer than I intended. Suffice to say that I had an urgent domestic situation that required me to put everything else on hold. I am now hoping things are back on track, because I am really, sincerely missing my normal routine — of which this is a part.

First of all, an announcement: We have space in the trade room. We would like to fill it. So if you are a vendor — or know a vendor — with interesting things to sell, consider displaying them at SOTA. Our rates are reasonable and our attendees like to shop — especially when they see unusual handcrafted stuff. You will make both me and the other attendees happy by bringing another vendor into the mix.

Secondly, Al and Carol Godzick will not be joining us this year. We are doing our best to arrange for taping and hope to be able to announce something soon.

Third, it’s time to book your hotel room. You can do that by calling the hotel at 1-800-323-3331 and telling them you’re with SOTA.

Featured Speaker: Jessica Lanyadoo

And now without further ado, let’s have a look at a couple of lectures from one of our returning speakers, Jessica Lanyadoo. Jessica is back by popular demand and will be doing two lectures this year. The first of these is on Saturday from 9 to 10 and is called Making The Most of Your Crazy. And yes, we all have a crazy. In fact some of us have several. So here’s what Jessica is going to be talking about. And even if you don’t have a crazy, you may be able to find some insight into someone else who is driving you bonkers (which in itself is probably a form of crazy).

Making The Most Of Your Crazy

In this class we will explore what planets govern the most common mental health maladies (as opposed to severe mental illness), the spiritual roots of our struggles and predispositions, and how to best cope with them. We will explore the motivation of the planets that govern our issues to better understand our own needs.


Jessica’s second lecture is on Sunday from 2 to 3 and it’s about Understanding and Maintaining Health through Astrology. Here’s the description:

Understanding and Maintaining Health Through Astrology

This talk will provide insight and strategies for coping with mental and body health issues in the birth chart and by transit.  We will focus on the influence of the outer planets, their impact on our medical predispositions and how to find them in the chart. This will be a lively discussion that is suitable for astrology connoisseurs of all levels.

Two great topics, don’t you think? And if you were there last year, you know that Jessica has a wealth of good material. So why not join us for one or both of these…


…Speaking of which, rates will be going up again in September. Do yourself a favor and save yourself some money while you can!

Meanwhile, you’ll be hearing from me again in a couple of weeks. I am expecting to be in Michigan over Labour Day, so there’s apt to be another small disruption. In the interim. please share this newsletter with your friends. We’d love to see a good crowd in attendance, and I’m pretty sure most of you know people I don’t who might be interested…

Have a good end-of-summer,