SOTA 22 July 2016

Hi All,

I am back from the hotel and returned to a hectic schedule. So let’s get right to the news.

First of all, the hotel is ready for us — and I am planning to be ready for you. I have ordered extra food for the opening and a lovely array of fruit and cookies (and the usual coffee and tea) for How To, What To. So all you have to do is turn up!

Part of that turning up involves reserving your hotel room. At the moment we have 22 rooms left in our room block. We MAY be able to get more when these are gone, but if we’re going to do that, we need to do it sooner rather than later. Which is to say please reserve your hotel room NOW calling the hotel at 1-800-323-3331 and telling them you’re with SOTA so you can get the special conference rate. Speakers, this means you too. The Millennium is the place to be if you want to take advantage of ALL our activities, the free shuttle, the free parking, and everything else. So please do this NOW while we can still get rooms.

How to, What to, Why to

Secondly, we now have an actual How To, What To Schedule, which has turned out to be all How To. It is below. Descriptions will be in another issue and also in the program, since we still have a couple of blurbs that need to be fine-tuned. In most cases, though, the descriptions speak for themselves. So hear we go:

7:00 – 7:30 pm


Sirius Demo
David Cochrane


How to Spot Important Timing Changes
Aaron Fried


How to Spot Your Totem Animal
Judy Conkel


7:45 – 8:15


Solar Fire Demo
Richard Smoot


How to Keep Your Astrology Business Fresh
Cassandra Butler


How to Use Transits to Work With Your Chakras
Bill Duvendack


8:30 – 9:00


How to Do a Group Spirit Message
Rev. Marilyn


How to Access Creativity Using Moon Cycles
Hilary Harley


How to Interpret Peregrine Planets
Tamara Small


If you have a Deluxe registration, the How To night is included in your conference package. If not, it’s only $20 until September 25 and $30 from September 26 onwards. And either way, you get to choose 3 of these great half-hour lectures and demos. And yes, we WILL sell tickets at the door, but we have no plans to sell individual tickets at this time. And these will NOT be recorded.

Sunday and Other Features

Also note that we are planning a Half-Asleep Prophet’s party for Sunday night for those of you planning on staying over for the Post-Conference workshops or “just because”. I am hoping to sort out details with Demetrius Bagley this week, but I think at the moment plans are for somewhere off-site if we can find somewhere appropriate that can accommodate both vegans and carnivores So stay tuned for further details on that one…

And don’t forget our closing and prize draw on Sunday. We have done this every year since the beginning and it’s a wonderful way to close the conference. People donate all sorts of wonderful stuff — wine, chocolates, jewelry, astro-kitsch, books, and more. I never know what we’ll have until Sunday morning. But all registered attendees get a ticket and everyone has a chance to go home with a nice souvenir of SOTA, donated by one of the speakers, the staff, or another attendee. And it’s all FREE… If YOU’d like to donate, just let me know and bring the prize along. The more, the merrier — and the happier the attendees are! That’s YOU, by the way…

Note too, that we still have space in the Trade Room for one or possibly two vendors. So if you have something amazing to sell, let me know. Our table fees are low and our attendees are always happy to see new things — especially hand-crafted things, T-shirts and the like. But let me know SOON so I can get the Trade Room organized.

Speaker: Julie Simmons

And since we’ve been talking about Sunday events, let’s talk about one of our Sunday speakers — specifically Julie Simmons. Julie is one of our regulars and is much loved. In fact, as years have gone by, the question has gone from “Who is Julie Simmons?” (because for a long-time teacher and consultant with an outstanding reputation, she is amazingly bereft of ego and disinclined to toot her own horn) to “Where is Julie Simmons?” because so many people want to be sure they get a seat. This year will probably be no exception. Have a look at her topic:

Realizing the Chart: Observation Vs Realization

Astrology can be bound by rules and regulations or it can be a lived reality – changing with each person who encounters it. In this hour we will explore these dimensions. Bring your chart: The best place to see what works, what doesn’t.

If you’re wanting to see the chart as a lived reality, there’s no better guide out there than Julie. If you do consulting, this lecture will be well worth hearing!


And on that note,  I’m off to forage in the freezer. Happy Full Moon fruition. Catch you next week.