SOTA 14 June 2016

Hi All,

Yes, it’s been a while… I have been busy with life and lectures. I spent a wonderful weekend in Ohio at IAA-Cleveland and Ena Stanley doing workshops at their school. This was followed by a lecture for LCAA. It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces, to reconnect with some I had lost touch with, and to meet a few kindred spirits.

I was no sooner back than it was time to attend the Lynn Bell workshop in Toronto sponsored by Astrology Toronto. I only made it to the Sunday Solar Returns portion of the workshop but it was well worth attending and I heard very positive things about the days I missed.

Mediums and Messages

Meanwhile, I haven’t been idle. Lots has been happening on the SOTA front. What you may ask? Well, for starters, we have finalized our Mediums for the Mediums and Messages portion of the Opening on November 10. They will be: Rev. Kathy Barnard, Patricia Beers,Rev. Ellen Bourn, Tim Brainard, and Patty Mac. All have been at SOTA before for Sweet Messages and other openings. They were asked back because they got positive feedback then. I’m sure they’ll get more this year. And 15 of you will get messages at the opening.

If you don’t get one, most of the mediums will also be available for at least some of the weekend, and so you can still book an appointment. Patricia and Tim will be in the trade room for the duration. Bill Duvendack will be joining them. Bill is from St. Louis and is both an astrologer and a Tarot expert. I have heard excellent things about his readings, so do check him out.

How To, What To, When To…

Bill will also be taking part in the How To, What To, When To mini lectures on Friday night. And yes, our roster is finalized, though I am still waiting for some topics and titles. There will be two software how-to demos — one on Sirius presented by none other than David Cochrane, and one on Solar Fire by Richard Smoot.

I have both of these programs, use both, and am quite certain that even after several years of almost daily use there are still features that I have never used. If you’re the same — or if you’re shopping for software — these could be must-attends for you.

But if you’re not really looking for software tips, don’t worry — there’ll be other lectures that could be well worth your while. I’m hoping to have the full schedule ready for the next SOTAnews, but meanwhile I can tell you that in addition to David, Richard, and Bill, there will be presentations by Cassandra Butler,Judy Conkel, Aaron Fried, Reagan Jane, Marilyn, and Arun Tuwari.

Most of these people will be familiar names or at least faces with the exception of Bill. Aaron is a new presenter and past attendee from the Buffalo area (well, at least for now). And Aaron will also be doing a luncheon lecture in the main portion of the conference, as will Cassandra and Marilyn.

Arun Tuwari is a new presenter from the Toronto area where he teaches Jyotish. He has considerable knowledge and experience, so I am hoping you will enjoy him. And by the way, he is a good teacher, so don’t be afraid of your lack of Vedic knowledge.

Trade Room

At the moment, all of our trade room space is reserved and we are hoping to have all of it confirmed by June 26. If we don’t, space we’ll be released and we’ll put out another call for vendors. That said, I can confirm that Richard Smoot will be representing Astrolabe (and you may run into Victoria Smoot there as well when she’s not in lectures).

You’ll also find Fei Cochrane of Cosmic Patterns there. David Cochrane may join her at times, though we’re keeping him pretty busy. In addition to the How To, What To, When To software demo,  he has two lectures — The Discovery of Why Astrology Works: Fractal Sacred Geometry on Saturday from 10:15 to 12:15 and Marriage and the Navamsa Chart from 10:15 to 12:15.

I can also confirm that Billee Dommell and David Jordan will be back with their wide array of jewelry and minerals, Lisanne Moore of Silver Raven Soaps will be back, and Sue Morris of Sue’s Salves will also be there. Both Lisanne and Sue have high quality botanical products that are worth checking out and smell nice without overpowering your sinuses. And of course Al and Carol Mason Godzick of A-C Tapes will be there too.

In addition, we are hoping to have Joy Kay White and Mary Lou Vaughan back with those wonderful wooden boxes and carvings that you like so much. Helene Arts is tentatively booked as our bookseller again. And we are expecting to have a couple of new vendors as well.

Therese Taylor of Keyhole Gallery in Ohio makes intention dolls. These are absolutely magical and you’ll be able to either buy a ready-made one and fill it with your intentions or make your own to ensure it is an absolutely perfect fit for you. Fun? Yes! And gorgeous as well.

Plus Dana Hatchett of Buffalo will be there. Dana does spirit paintings, which is something you have asked for. I have seen his work and I think you’ll like it…

Closing Ceremony

For those of you who are attending for the first time, I’d like to mention one of the things that we thinks helps to make SOTA special — specifically, our closing ceremony and prize giveaway. Note that this is NOT a silent auction (though once in a while we have an additional raffle at the closing).

What this is, plain and simple, is an energy exchange. Many speakers, staff, and attendees donate prizes that can range from books to jewelry to candles, to pashminas and just about every kind of astro-themed thing you can imagine. Some are hand-made. Some are regifted. Some are new or gently used books. Some come from vendors. Some take the form of readings from speakers, mediums, or others.

We never know what will appear, but each year these wonderful things appear magically. And any attendee who is present for the closing is eligible to take home a prize. It’s a nice way to connect and a nice way to end on a high note. So plan to attend, and if you’d like to donate something, let me know. Or just bring it!

Half-Asleep Prophet’s Party

The closing this year will be followed by The Half-Asleep Prophet’s Party for those of you who are staying over until Monday. And what will happen there? Well, um, something. We are still in the planning stages for this one so all I can tell you for sure is that it will NOT be in the hospitality room. It could be a trip to a local restaurant. It could be a series of roving room parties (which would have to end at 10:00 I fear because of noise prohibitions in the hotel). But party we will, so stay tuned for further details on this one. Oh, and if you have suggestions, please let Demetrius and I know

Speaker: Donna Van Toen

Now then, since someone asked me what I was lecturing on this year, I’ll give you that info now before I misplace it in my files.

On Friday, November 11, from 4:15 to 5:15, my topic will be:

What Are We Doing Anyway?

What are we doing when we do a consultation? Who are we talking to? Do we really know? Astrology can be a wonderful growth tool, but as with any other tool it can be used in ways that are less than productive and do not bring about the desired results. Let’s talk about those desired results and the possible pitfalls that might stand in the way of getting them.

This is a topic near and dear to my heart. I am hoping there will be some food for thought.

And then on Saturday November 12 from 2-4  my topic will be:

Moon-Mars Phase Cycles and the Path to Self-Reliance

Every single planetary pair in your chart is in a phase. And each of these phases denotes a path to something, both by phase and by the aspect within the phase. In this lecture, we’ll discuss the path from dependence to self-reliance, as denoted by the Moon-Mars phase, house positions, and any aspects between them. Bring your chart!

I hope one or the other of these will appeal and I hope to see some of you there!

Fees go up June 25th at 10 PM EDT

And speaking of being there, a reminder that the current registration rates for Deluxe, Full, Pre-, Post-, and single-day sessions will ALL expire at 10 pm Eastern on June 25. You’ll wake up on June 26 to increased rates. That’s not the kind of coffee you want to wake up and smell.

So why not register now if you haven’t already done so. A flyer may be downloaded. Just follow it to our website or pop a cheque in the mail. Then you’re done with it!


Meanwhile, enjoy the wonderful weather. I’ll see you next week!