SOTA 9 May 2016

Hi All,

Mercury and Mars are both retrograde, the weather is gorgeous and news is slow, though things are moving. I think we’ve FINALLY sorted out the mediums for the opening and will be contacting them to confirm this just as soon as possible. And I can confirm that Tim Brainard will be one of them. The trade room is also moving. We’re in negotiations with a bookseller and hope to confirm a third reader very shortly. Meanwhile, you will find both Tim Brainard and Pat Beers back again for your entertainment and enlightenment. We have also gotten a couple of very interesting queries from vendors and I am hoping they will join us. We’re still trying to finalize space requirements on that front, so you vendors will also be hearing from me very shortly.

…And since I have all these people to contact very shortly, PLUS a trip to Ohio coming up, SOTAnews will again be taking a 2 week hiatus beginning next week. The Ohio trip, by the way, involves a stop at IAA-Cleveland, where I will be talking about the Midheaven on Friday, May 20th and about trigger aspects all day on May 21. May 23 will take me to the LCAA where I will be talking about abundance and lack of aspects with a little bit of info about approaching, departing, applying, and separating aspects as time permits. And yes, there will be handouts at all of these. I am a Luddite and I don’t DO Powerpoint if I can help it. For more information on the IAA-Cleveland event, contact Ena Stanley. For more info on the LCAA event, contact Carolyn Clementson. If you need email addresses , let me know. I’m ┬ávery much hoping to see some of you there. And yes, I am available for a limited number of consultations.

OK, informercial over. Let’s look at what one of our SOTA speakers has to offer. As I’ve mentioned before, I am absolutely delighted to have David Cochrane joining us this year because I think he is one of the best and brightest minds out there when it comes to research and new insights. His material is original, applicable, and never dry. And this year he will be doing not one but two two-hour lectures. Here are his topics:

The Discovery of Why Astrology Works: Fractal Sacred Geometry

Astrologers have very recently discovered that the tropical zodiac is a perfect representation of prime number and Fibonacci number sequences! This is now understood in detail. Science, mysticism, astrology, and psychic ability are not antithetical to each other but rather are different lenses into the same awesome and mysterious reality.


Marriage and the Navamsa Chart

Vedic astrologers regard the navamsa chart as extremely important. It is not possible to give an astrological reading without it. It is often called a chart of dharma, marriage, and happiness. We will learn what the navamsa chart is and we will see examples of its power in relationships.

Here is David’s bio, just in case you want to know more:

David is the author of two astrology books, instructor at the Avalon School of Astrology, founder of Cosmic Patterns Software, past President of ISAR, and has created over 200 free tutorial videos available at He has collaborated with dozens of astrologers on astrological software products and research projects.

As usual, Sirius will be one of our conference vendors. Not only that, but David and/or Fei will be presenting a half hour demo on Friday night as part of our How To, What To program. So if you need more info on Sirius and its many, many features, SOTA 2016 is definitely the place to get it!


One last thing; We’ve had a few questions about the trade room, the How To, What To program, and registering for single sessions or half days. First things first. The trade room is ALWAYS open to the general public. So tell your friends that they are definitely invited to come in and browse.

Secondly, you can definitely register for the How To, What To sessions on Friday night without registering for the rest of the conference. We will be taking registrations at the door right up until the start of the sessions. However, it probably will not be possible to sign up for just one half-hour presentation. We generally don’t offer single-session tickets for anything except Pre and Post conference sessions, so if you were planning on just turning up and dropping in for one lecture, I advise you to check before heading out. We may or may not be able to accommodate you, and we are unlikely to be able to tell you whether or not we are able to until late September earliest. If we can, it will be registration at the door only.

As for half day registrations, we have offered those in the past and while no decision has been made for this year, there’s a good chance we will do so again. But again these would be registrations at the door only. As with the single-session registrations, we’ll make a decision on these in September and will let you know via the newsletter.


Have a good couple of weeks — and don’t forget to share SOTA with your friends.