SOTA 27 March 2016

Hi All,

Well, the early bird rates have come and gone. A BIG thank you to all of you who registered. We have had record numbers; in fact, we’ve already met our June 25 target.

Canadian Registration Special

Just one thing bothers me. Specifically, our Canadians are not signing up. And frankly I can’t blame them. They get hit with a 25-30% surcharge right across the board. So we’ve been trying to come up with some kind of a price break that won’t break our budget too, given that we are also paying for everything in US funds. And we’ve decided that here’s what we can do:

Between April 1 and May 31 those of you on this side of the border can register for the Full Conference package for $200 Canadian. Full conference does not include the opening, the Friday night how to what to, or the banquet. These would need to be paid for in US funds. The same for the luncheons and the Pre and Post conference stuff.  But you will still get all those great lectures in the main portion of the conference without having to pay an additional $40-$50 in exchange.

You can either pay by cheque or Interac (email transfer) and we will honor this fee until May 31. After that, it’s back to US dollars again. Americans, please note that this applies to Canadian residents ONLY. Every time I try this some clever soul from the US sends me a money order in Canadian funds. This year those will be returned.

4-for-3 Registration Special

However, before you start crying foul, here’s another deal just for you, and this one will work on either side of the border. It’s designed for those of you who want to save money not just on the conference but maybe on the hotel too. So between April 1 and May 31, if 4 people register together, we’ll do a 4-for-3 package. In other words, 4 register, but you pay for 3.

This one is again Full Conference only and it is also US funds only. No extras are included, but with the money you save you can maybe sign up for a luncheon or the How To What To or something else you like. The only thing is that to do that, you’ll need to register for those things separately. With 4 people registering at once, it’s just too hard to keep track of who is signing up for what. But yes, you will be able to register for this on PayPal or you can send your checks to me at the address on the flyer.

And yes, you CAN squeeze 4 people in a room, which means said room will cost you around $30 US a night. That said, I am not recommending you squeeze yourselves 4 to a room; those bathrooms are small! But having said that, I do know several people who did 3 to a room last time, lived to tell about it, and are actually still speaking. So it all depends on you. But either way, you’ll get to hear all those great main conference lectures assuming you can get out of the bathroom in time.

AFAN Scholarships

Now if that’s not enough, our good friends at AFAN are also giving away scholarships again. If you qualify, this could REALLY be the answer to your dreams! Here’s the info:

The Association for Astrological Networking steering committee is happy to announce that AFAN will be awarding $3000 in scholarships for 2016. The purpose of these scholarships is to provide members with the resources to further their astrological knowledge and enhance their professional skills.

Please note that in order to be eligible to apply for a scholarship you must be an AFAN member in good standing for the year 2016 when you submit your application.

The following are the scholarships available this year as a benefit of your membership status within AFAN:

Two $300 Conference-of-Your-Choice Scholarships (such as AFA, NORWAC, NCGR, SOTA, or similar conferences) Recipients of the conference of your choice scholarships will be required to serve a minimum of one-half hour per day at the AFAN booth during the conference.

Two $700 Full Conference Scholarships, for registration, hotel and meal expenses at a conference of your choice. Recipients of the Full Conference Scholarships will be required to serve a minimum of 1 hour per day at the AFAN booth during the conference.

Two $500 Study Stipends. Applications will be accepted for one course or term of study online or in person, up to a maximum of $500. Eligible classes for this category are those available through a school/association/etc., which offers multiple teachers or styles rather than private tutoring.

How to Apply:

All current AFAN members in good standing are eligible to apply for the scholarships. Applications should be sent by email to and should include:

  • The specific scholarship(s) applied for.
  • A short explanation of your background in astrology so far.
  • How the scholarship would help you further your aims in astrology.
  • A statement of financial need.
  • For study stipend grants only, please also include the cost for the specific study term or project proposal.

Your application must be received by April 8, 2016.

Scholarship recipients will write a brief article about their experiences to be published in the AFAN newsletter. Conference scholarship recipients will also assist at the AFAN membership table during the conference attended.

All applicants will be notified of results by April 15, 2016. Any questions/comments about AFAN’s 2016 Scholarships should be addressed to:

Frank Piechoski and/or Nadiya Shah,
Scholarship Committee Co-Chairs

And yes, you have to be a member to take advantage of this.  But if you’re not a member, I have to ask you why not.  AFAN, if you’ll recall, is the organization that sponsors our wonderful hospitality each year (last year in conjunction with Astrology Toronto, which is another group you should join if you’re local).

They are unlike any other group out there in terms of the services they provide to members. They do hospitality and networking functions, they provide scholarships, they can provide study buddies, and they offer many other worthwhile services. And they put every bit of their money back into the astrological community. No boondoggles with this lot. Alas, they are sometimes forgotten because they don’t have a flashy newsletter featuring trendy techniques, and they don’t have a grandstanding leader tooting a great big horn. So please support them and please check them out. And if you’re not eligible for this, so sorry for your luck. Now you know!


And after all that, I can still hear a lone voicing crying in the wilderness, “But what about the GLAC discount?” I know that we have traditionally offered one, but regrettably we won’t be doing that this year. You can instead take advantage of one of the above. Or you can enter the raffle for the free Full conference admission which will be held at the GLAC banquet.

Christopher Renstrom

Ok, so since we’ve been talking about the wonderful lectures you can hear in the main portion of the conference, let me give you just one example by Christopher Renstrom:

What Kind of God Are You?

If you could be God, what kind of God would you be? The Sun represents the Self, but Jupiter represents the Divine Being the Self was created in the image of. The planet of morals, justice, and plenty, Jupiter’s horoscope placement shapes our expectations of good fortune and higher purpose.

If I was to give an award for the most intriguing lecture title this year, it would definitely go to Christopher for this lecture. It’s generated LOTS of interest. And I suspect Christopher will generate a lot of interest too. He is a charismatic and engaging speaker with good knowledge of both mythology and history. So come and see what kind of a god  YOU are according to your chart.


Christopher Renstrom, Jodie Forrest, Ed Tamplin, Kelly Surtees, and lots more good speakers will be lecturing at SOTA. Come and join us — and them.

Oh, and before I sign off, PLEASE share this newsletter with your friends. Since many of you are already registered, I may be preaching to the converted. We’d love to introduce some new people to the SOTA experience — and I hope the above makes that a bit easier to facilitate.