SOTA 22 March 2016

Hi All,

Well, it’s now officially spring and guess what? It’s gotten cold again. In fact, they are predicting snow flurries for tonight. However, that hasn’t cooled off SOTA.  Registrations are coming in at a good pace ahead of the early bird registration deadline at 10 pm Eastern on Friday. Rates will be going up on the 26th, so if you haven’t already done so, now’s the time to get your registration in. Many of you have done that already; in fact we’re very pleased with the response to date. But if you still need to add your name to the reg list, there’s still time to do it. Just go to the Registration page and fill out the form provided. We’re looking forward to hearing from ALL of you.

SOTA Staff

I am happy to report that we now have a full contingent of staff. Wanda Davies will be joining Angie, Rachel, Cindy, Bev, and Elizabeth. We’re happy to have her aboard. You ladies will be getting an email very shortly detailing what will be happening this year.

Trade Room

Now that staffing us under control, it’s time to get the trade room up, running, and finalized. At this point Billee Dommell and David Jordan will be back with their wonderful array of gems and minerals, A-C Tapes will be back with all your CD needs, and Silver Raven Soaps will be back with some yummy soaps and other body care lovelies to treat yourself with. And yes, we are currently negotiating with a bookseller, so I’m hoping to have news on this shortly.

Meanwhile, several of you from last year have expressed interest in coming back, and yes, we’d love to have all of you. However, we need to be sure we have space for everybody, so we are now at second call for the trade room. That means that in order to reserve the quantity of tables you need, we will be looking for a firm commitment very soon. Once we reach April 25, we will no longer hold space without a table fee or a deposit. After that date it will be strictly first-come, first-served until space fills. Now if you only need one table and are fine with aisle space, we may still have room, but again it will be first-come, first-served, and chances of getting multiple tables may not be good. So now is the time to reserve.

And for you attendees, you need to know that the trade room probably won’t open until 9 am or shortly before this year. Vendors tell me that trade room traffic is close to nil before 9, so it seems sensible to give them another hour to sleep, drink coffee, or simply get ready. Also note that we will be keeping the trade room open until at least 7 Friday night. If traffic warrants, we’ll keep it open longer. However again, if there’s no traffic, what’s the point? You can make the vendors happy by spreading the word with your friends. Admission to the trade room is free for all whether you’re attending the conference or not. And it’s a great place for a bit of early Christmas shopping. So spread the word!

Opening Ceremonies, Mediums & Messages

Additionally we’re working on plans for our opening, which in addition to the usual food, introductions, and getting acquainted or reacquainted, will also feature messages from 6 mediums, some of whom you may remember from Mediums and Messages. We  have done this in the past, and it’s pretty amazing to see what these talented mediums can tell you just by looking at you. This year we have an abundance of excellent mediums available and at the moment, we’re trying to decide which of these you will be seeing in action. So stay tuned on this one as well.

How to, What to, When to, Why to

In addition to later trade room hours Friday night, we also have a very special 2-hour program called How To, What To, When To, Why To. This will consist of 9 short and sweet, lectures on various tips and tricks on everything from astrology to mediumship. We’re even going to have a tutorial on Sirius by none other than David Cochrane — and we’ll have another one on Solar Fire if Astrolabe can find us someone to do it.

Unlike  our past Open Forum -type mini-lectures, we DO have some people in mind for this program and some of you will no doubt be hearing from me. That said, just because we have speakers in mind doesn’t mean they will accept. So if you’d absolutely love do do something along these lines, email me and I’ll tell you what we’re looking for and what we can offer in exchange.

Ellen Bourn

As for the regular program, one of our regularly-featured presenters is Ellen Bourn, and I can confirm that she will indeed be back this year. Ellen’s specialty is Kabbalah and Kabbalistic astrology. Here’s her topic:

White Magic, Kabballah and Astrology

By examining the client’s natal aspects, transits and progressions, one can determine what the Soul’s purpose is for the situations the client is experiencing on their life’s journey. This class will teach you how to use perfumes, gemstones, and specific meditations to assist your client in balancing their inner Self. Knowing how to combine these methodologies will allow you to offer your client a broader perspective on their situation, and make you a more valuable resource to your clientele.

As you can see, there’s going to be a whole lot of information in this presentation. Get ready for a stimulating 2 hours!

So there you go. A few more good reasons to come to SOTA.

Merry Easter to those who are celebrating. Catch you next week!