SOTA 17 March 2016

Hi Everyone,

Spring is just around the corner. Hoping it brings sunshine and flowers to replace our current gray and rain.


The arrival of spring is also your alert that the early bird registration date is coming to an end. Last date to register at the lower rate is March 25. As of the 26th, all fees will increase except for the Welcome Reception and the Friday night mini-lectures. So do yourself a favor and register soon!

As some of you may know, we DID have some problems with our reg form, but Wendy our webmistress extraordinaire has fixed them and we’re back to business as usual on the web site. In the interim, we HAVE had some registrations by snail mail as well — and of course that is always an option. The mailing address is on the flyer.

Lunch Lectures

I’ve also had some queries as to how late is too late to register for the banquet and/or the luncheons. As was the case last year, you WILL be able to register for luncheons at the last minute so long as we still have room. And that’s the kicker. Our lunch room only holds 12, so this is strictly first come first served.

Also note that once again you will be able to order a lunch of your choice from the set menu. Please note that these are light luncheons revolving around salads and sandwiches for the most part. It has to be that way because the kitchen is trying to accommodate a variety of different tastes and have everything ready on time. They have agreed to let us place orders up until 10 am the day of the lecture, but with that flexibility there is also a trade-off. If we were doing set luncheons and turning numbers in a week ahead, we could possibly come up with some more imaginative menus.

So I fear you’ll have to forget about that lunchtime lobster thermidor or the vegan pizza with the 4 different kinds of mushrooms — at least until dinner.  However, we CAN guarantee you some filling food for mind and body. Just remember, though — when we’re sold out, we’re sold out.  Last year we were fine, but that doesn’t guarantee that we will be equally fine this year.


I’ve also been asked how late is too late to register if you want to go to the banquet.  Again, every year is different but in this case if you plan on registering at the door, you may be out of luck. Normally we are sold out well before the conference opens. So all I can say on this one is read your newsletters. Once we are sold out of luncheons or banquets, you’ll get the news here first and will see a notice to that effect on the website well after that.

Recorder/Monitor Needed

On other fronts, we are still looking for a recorder/monitor to replace Joanne Wise who has become assistant register. You will get training and a free conference for your trouble. Not only that, but if you are asked to work at a luncheon or the banquet, your luncheon or banquet will be paid for. And yes, we can help you find a roommate if necessary, but we do not pay a hotel allowance. You also need to know that you don’t get to choose which lectures you will be working at — but rest assured that you will get a good variety. And ALL of our lecturers are seasoned pros. Interested? Email me. I’ll fill you in!

Trade Room

The trade room is moving along. I can now confirm that Fei and David Cochrane of Cosmic Patterns will be on site. I’m hoping we’ll have an Astrolabe rep on site as well, but to date that hasn’t been confirmed.

Not only will these people be in the trade room this year, but they’ll also be doing half-hour demos on Friday night as part of our How To, What To, When To, Why To mini- lectures. More about those later — except to say that this will be an excellent and inexpensive evening for those of you who can’t make the whole conference. Stay tuned for details. They’ll be in the newsletter as soon as they are finalized.

We still have not finalized our bookseller, but we have had inquiries and hope to be able to make an announcement soon. Also note that we are trying to get the trade room finalized by April 25 if at all possible. Space is limited, and after that date we cannot guarantee to give you the space you want or even the quantity of space you want. So if you’re planning on being a part of the trade room, now is the time to reserve your space. Also note that this year we are hoping to have evening hours on Friday and will probably open a bit later in the mornings since traffic just didn’t justify the 8:30 am start.

Ed Tamplin

OK, now let me tempt you with a few good lectures to show you why it might be worth your while to register early:

You already know that Ed Tamplin will be presenting a Pre-Conference workshop on essential keys to mundane prediction. But did you know that he’s also lecturing on Friday? This one is called The Astrology of Belief and Ed tells me it’s a zinger. And if Ed says it’s a zinger, it’s definitely gonna zing. Here’s a description:

The Astrology of Belief

What we “believe” in determines who we are and either expands or limits our future. In extreme cases, it can spell the difference between life and death. How do we determine belief astrologically — both for the individual and the national narrative?

You can rest assured that this lecture will not be yet another philosophical talking-head trip. There will be astrology. There will no doubt be examples. And there will be good, solid information. Come and check it out!

Joyce Levine

Later on Friday, Joyce Levine will be lecturing. Again, you may already know that Joyce is presenting a Post-Conference on working with transits. Her Friday lecture is on Family Dynamics — How and Why We Get Along. Here’s the description:

Family Dynamics – How and Why We Get Along

Family patterns get transmitted astrologically as well as genetically. Sign, planet, and aspect patterns are handed down  from generation to generation. It’s not an accident that we prefer certain family members to others. As parents, we may prefer the child who most resembles ourselves or have trougle seeing our characteristics reflected back to us. As adults, we may hope to emulate the way we were brought up or vow never to create that kind of family life. We may swear never to marry anyone like our mother or father only to discover similarities long after the wedding day. Astrology shows us why and what we can do about it.

Since we all have family dynamics, this is a lecture that should be of interest to many of you. And Joyce has a particularly good knack for showing you both sides of the coin.

If you can’t make this lecture, note that Joyce will also be lecturing on Pluto on Saturday. Again, you need someone who can show you both the gifts and the trade-offs of Pluto — particularly Pluto transits and their impact on the collective. I can’t think of anyone better than Joyce for the job!

Ronnie Gale Dreyer

Last but not least, since we were talking about luncheon lectures, have a look at Ronnie Gale Dreyer’s topic for Friday lunch:

Twins: Can we really tell them apart?

With the proliferation of twins being born it is most important for astrologers to be able to distinguish differences, even if it is only one major distinction. Using derived houses (3rd for younger and 11th for older sibling), and other techniques, Ronnie will present sample charts that provide the key.

I will just about guarantee that at some point in your life you will encounter a client who was a twin. You may even encounter both of them at different times. This is a lecture based on original research on a topic that is rarely covered. Don’t miss it — and also note that it is already starting to fill.

Ronnie will also be lecturing on Ascendant combinations on Sunday. A basic understanding of Vedic would be helpful for this one.


So there you have just a few good reasons to attend SOTA 2016. And there’ll be more to come over the next few weeks. Why not register now so you can save yourself some money and get in on the action? We’d love to see you there!