SOTA 6 March 2016

Hi All,

Welcome to another edition of SOTAnews. And yes, we DO have some news this time…

Registrar and Assistant Found

First of all, we finally have both a registrar and an assistant. Please welcome Shirley Prisco and Joanne Wise to the  SOTA staff. Some of you may already know one or both of these ladies, since they have both been at SOTA as both attendees and as monitors in the past.  They are ready, willing, and able to perform reg duties cheerfully, efficiently, and competently, and I think they’ll both be easy to deal with. So come prepared to introduce yourselves. And if you’re a first-timer, don’t be afraid to ask them questions. If they don’t have answers they will for sure know where to direct you to get them.

Need a Taper/Monitor

Since Joanne was actually going to be on staff anyway as a taper-monitor, we now need to find a replacement for her in that area. Might that be you? Or might you know somebody? The work is actually fairly easy. You will alternate between checking badges and doing recording for A-C Tapes. And while you do not get a choice of which lectures you will be working, your conference is absolutely free. Not only that, but if you are asked to work at a pre or post, that will be free as well. And if you are asked to check badges at a luncheon or the banquet, we’ll cover your luncheon or banquet too. Note that there is no other remuneration for this. Also note that we do not pay hotel. We can, however, find you a roommate if you need one. If you want to know more, simply email me. I’ll be happy to fill you in.

Trade Room

We are still on first call for the trade room. We would like to finalize as much as possible on that front before April 30th. So if you want to be sure you get the space you want, now is the time to get it. As most of you know, space is limited. It’s even more limited if you want wall space rather than aisle space. If you get your fee in early you’ll be assured of the space you need. And while we are on the subject of the trade room, we are STILL looking for a committed bookseller. We’ve also had requests for things like flower essences, astrologically-themed T shirts, and candles. We already have an amazing array of jewelry and minerals, some absolute wonderful soaps, software, and of course A-C Tapes. And we WILL have books if I have to sell them myself but please don’t make me do that. I’m SURE there’s a better person out there….

Mediums and Messages

I’ve also had a lot of queries about Mediums and Messages at the Opening. First of all, who are the mediums? Right now I am trying to sort that out. Suffice to say that I have a list of eleven mediums and we will take 5 or 6 from that list. So if you have a favorite, let me know. Secondly, will everybody get a message? Reluctantly we can’t guarantee that. We have time constraints — and besides, we rarely have any idea how many will be at the opening until at least a month before.

Speaking of which, last year we ran out of food. I don’t want that happening again. So it would help me greatly if I could get a head count. The opening is included in the Deluxe package but not everyone turns up for it. Last year, a lot of people decided to come at the last minute. And that was wonderful EXCEPT that we ran out of food. So this year I will probably be asking you to RSVP.

Which brings me to, three, which is can you simply turn up and pay at the door? Most years, the answer to that has been yes. This year I am not going to guarantee that.  My advice would be to check about 48 hours before rather than just turning up. And yeah, I know that isn’t appealing for you spontaneous types, but running out of food isn’t very appealing for those who are expecting something other than pretzels and celery…

Speakers and Topics

…OK, enough administrivia. Let’s look at some speakers and topics, beginning with Jodie Forrest. Most of you already know that  Jodie is one of our Pre-Conference speakers. She will be offering you a very thorough look at 2017 in that time slot, something that should be of both interest and value to pretty much everybody. But she also has a very interesting lecture in the main body of the conference on Friday. Here it is:

Jupiter and Saturn: The Reach and the Grasp

“A man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?”
—Robert Browning

The two planets are compared and their interpretations discussed, with their orbital periods and when their hard aspects occur in the life cycle. Then, we examine the energetic relationship between these two outer planets, both their interplay in the birth chart, and their aspects in a transits and progression reading.

In my opinion, the Jupiter-Saturn cycle is one of the most important  keys to understanding not only the natal chart but what’s going on in your life at any given time. Jodie is an idea candidate to present this material. Her insights are deep, her approach is holistic, and she’s ever so easy to listen to. This is definitely worth your while.


Note that one of your favorite lecturers, Kelly Surtees, is also lecturing on Friday. Her topic is a fascination one — firdaria. Have a look:

Firdaria – Planetary Periods

What are planetary periods? How can this traditional and medieval timing tool help you understand the rhythms of modern life? An exploration of the firdaria technique, as well as a ‘how to’ guide for professional practice. Discover how to combine firdaria with natal chart and predictive work.

Firdaria seem to be quite promising as timing tools — and is there anyone who can’t use another timing tool in their bag of tricks? Come and learn how to use them. You won’t be sorry!

Note that Kelly will also be lecturing on Sunday on Fertility Cycles, so you’ll have two chances to hear her this year.


So there you go — a few good reasons to come to SOTA. And there are lots more — great speakers, great hospitality, and absolutely great attendees. Come and be one of them — you’ll definitely be missed if you’re not there.