SOTA 27 Feb 2016

Hi Everyone,

…Good-by to February, hello to March! We’re another month closer to SOTA and another month closer to warm weather. I hope you’re as happy as I am about that… It’s been a mild winter here but well, winter is winter…

We’re also moving closer to our first reg deadline. The early bird registration closes March 25. As of the 26th, both Full and Deluxe conference packages will increase by $40, while single day admissions will increase by $10. A lot of people have chosen to register early — we have already met our March 25 registration target — but if you haven’t registered yet, there’s still time.  Not only that, but the Canadian dollar is up at the moment.  ‘Nuff said…And yes, I know you Canadians are hoping for a bit of a price break due to the aforementioned exchange rate. Unfortunately we can’t do anything at this time, but we’re continuing to explore options.

Meanwhile, our wonderful webmistress Wendy Guy is working on a new — and simpler — reg form. We hope you like it and will take advantage of it.

On my end, I’m still working out details. We now have a full contingent of taping and monitoring staff, and while we don’t have a registrar or assistant yet, we are getting closer and I hope to be able to make an announcement by this time next week.

We are also still working on the Trade Room. I am happy to inform you that Lisanne and Rob Moore of Silver Raven Soaps will be joining us once again, along with Billee Dommell and David Jordan and all their wonderful jewelry and minerals and Carol and Al Godzick of A-C Tapes. We are expecting others as well, including a few readers. If YOU are planning to come or if you’re interested in being a reader or vendor, please contact me SOON. We would like to get the trade room finalized by April 30th if at all possible, and after that date space may be limited. If you let me know of your interest, I can put you on the list and keep you posted. Also note that once we get a full — or reasonably full — contingent  we will be posting a list to our website so that people will know about your participation and can come check you out.

And speaking of readers, this year we will have Mediums and Messages as part of the opening instead of a keynote. There will be at least 5 readers on hand, each of whom will give brief messages to members of the audience. And who are these mediums and psychics, you might ask? Well, right now I’m in the process of sorting that out. I will guarantee they will be competent, though — and since it’s very likely that not everyone will get a message, I’m hoping they will all be available at some point during the conference for those who might like a longer reading than we can offer at the opening. Again, as soon as I have a full list, I’ll let you know.

You will notice that we have very few non-astrological topics in our schedule this year. Believe me, it wasn’t for lack of trying. Most of our speakers submitted astrological topics and while I could have turned them back and asked for something more metaphysical, I believe that speakers do a better job with a topic of their choosing than with one I mandate. While I WILL sometimes turn back a topic, it’s usually for one of three reasons: 1) It’s too basic; 2) It’s already well-covered elsewhere in the program, or 3) it is identical or close to identical to something the same speaker has presented before. You don’t want reruns and neither do we. And merely changing the title in the hopes of getting a new audience just doesn’t cut it. We try to guarantee that what we’re offering is fresh, new, and…well…State of the Art.

One of the few metaphysical topics submitted for 2016 came from John Marani. You may remember John from 2015. He is a Tarot master and experienced reader as well as a student astrologer. Here’s his topic:

Across the Table: A Practical Look at Reading Tarot for Others

Want to read for other people but the very idea of it makes you nervous or anxious? Let’s work together to take that next step! This fun, practical lecture will provide insights and practical advice if you’d like to read for others or to build on your existing skills.    

John is definitely fun. He also definitely knows what he’s talking about. So if Tarot interests you, be sure to check this out. Even if you don’t want to read for others, you may learn a bit about Tarot or consulting in general. Why? Because John is a great teacher.

Ok, it’s now dinner time here in paradise, so I’m off to partake. Catch you next week!