SOTA 22 Feb 2016

Hi All,

I am back from The Millennium and I come bearing good news. First of all, yes, those bathrooms on the main floor have now been finished and are ready for us. I tried them all out (well, the Ladies and the Family washrooms anyway; you men are on your own). So that’s one problem out of the way.

Secondly, for those of you who complained that you couldn’t get coffee in the restaurant after 2 pm, we have that resolved. They will have coffee available and you will be able to pay the hostess. You will also be able to get light meals between 2 and 4. For those of you who asked about free coffee, I’m sorry. That free coffee may be free to you, but we pay for it. We would rather pay for speakers than for coffee.

Third, for any vegans out there, we are exploring having a vegan cookie option available on Friday night. And we will ensure that we won’t run out of food at the opening this year. However, I will need your help on this one. So if you’re planning on coming, I will need to know a week before. While we don’t want to run out of food, we don’t want to over-order either.

There have also been some upgrades to the bedrooms, most notably an extra little shelf outside of the bathroom. This is good news for those of us who tend to travel with a lot of make-up, pills, and toiletries. However, I will warn you that the bathrooms are STILL small, so if you are a woman, you might not want to go 3 to a room. The closet, however, is large. And I am told they are working on upgrading the Wi-Fi, though I am not sure that will be done for our arrival. And in case you missed it earlier, the hotel has shaved $2.00 a night off our hotel rate — not just for this year, but for 2017 and 2018 too…

Last but not least, some of you will remember the jerk who threw us out of the trade room early last year. Well, guess what? He’s GONE! And the trade room will be ours until 5 pm. Iron-clad guarantee with severe penalties if they violate the contract.

On other fronts, I am still sorting out the registrar and assistant registrar positions. I hope to have news on those in the next newsletter. We HAVE, however, filled our staff vacancies for taper/monitor. I am happy to welcome Elizabeth S, Kullen and Cindy Chamberlin to the staff roster. They are both pleasant, organized, and capable. I think you’ll like them….And I think they’ll like you, because really SOTA-ites on the whole are pretty likable.

We’re now working on the trade room, and we’re still in first call mode. So far I can confirm that Billee Dommell and David Jordan are returning, as are Carol and Al Godzick of A-C Tapes. We’re also expecting Lisanne Moore of Silver Raven Soaps, Fei and David Cochrane from Cosmic Patterns, and Joy White and Mary Lou Vaughan, who will once again have all those wonderful little boxes and carvings and possibly some We’Moon calendars too. If you’re thinking of coming and haven’t reserved your space yet, now is the time. We are hoping to get the trade room sorted out by April 30th so reserving your space early will guarantee that you can have the table space you need. After that, it will be first come, first-served — and if it’s like last year, it might be single tables only. Also, note that this year you will get advance and ongoing publicity on our website.

Also note that we are currently actively seeking a bookseller. Helene Arts will not be joining us this year. We have had — and are continuing to have — discussions with a couple of people, but as yet we have no firm commitment. So if it happens that you’ve always wanted to be the bookseller, contact me and I can tell you what’s involved.

…And now let’s talk about one of the speakers, specifically Sherrynne Dalby. Sherrynne is from Australia, where she has been an active speaker for a number of years, lecturing at FAA conferences and elsewhere. While she has not lectured in the US, she has drawn praise from Ronnie Gale Dreyer and others who have heard her while in Australia. Sherrynne is also the author of an astrology book on parenting which we will try to have at the conference. So not surprisingly, one of her lectures will be on childhood stages. Here’s a description:

Childhood Stages

In this lecture we look at the developmental stages of childhood and their astrological correlations. Using astrology, we can understand why children develop and different rates and why they normally level out by the time they start school. Understanding this can make parenting a less stressful process for all concerned.

Sherrynne will also be lecturing on astrolocality, specifically local space, during the conference. You don’t hear much about local space, but it’s a valuable technique. Sherrynne will explain it clearly and concisely so you can go home and try it for yourself.

Sherrynne’s bio will also be posted on our website. This is also where you can register if you haven’t already done so. Early registration helps us greatly. It’s also good for you, because by the time you get to the conference, it’s all paid for, leaving you more money for jewellry, or books, or software, or whatever.

Please consider joining us. We’ve got a good time planned for all, but it just won’t be the same without you.

OK, I am off to deal with more administrivia. Catch you next week!