SOTA 5 October 2014

Hi All,

Here’s a last-minute look at some SOTA offerings that may interest you:

First of all, Pre-Conference workshops with Lynn Koiner and Georgia Stathis still have space available as of today. You can still pay by PayPal for these, or you can pay at the door. Cost is $80 for one; $120 for both. And a reminder that if you’re paying at the door, that’s US funds only. No checks or credit cards.

Secondly, as of today we have two banquet tickets left. They may also be purchased at the door. Cost is $60 US And yes, if you’re determined to have one I will take cheque  or Interac payment until October 15. A reminder if you’re on this side of the border that yes, this IS US funds and you do have to pay the exchange rate.

We have a fabulous buffet planned, featuring marinated beef tips with a cabernet reduction, pan seared Mahi Mahi, eggplant parmesan and more. We will also have entertainment by the fabulous Franco and friend, and the usual 50/50 draw, for which you must be present to win. Who knows? You just might win back the cost of your registration. You’ll certainly win back the cost of your banquet ticket…

As for the entertainment, well, I don’t know. It has been tradition for me not to know. Sometimes I suspect that Franco doesn’t know either and that’s why I don’t know. However, he pulls it off every year and pulls in the audience too. So come and enjoy the fun.

Franco, by the way, is not just another funny guy. He is an engineer, a musician, a pagan rune-reader par excellence, and a good astrologer whose skills include research. Here’s his topic:

Astrologers: Analyze This!

Many astrologers notice a pattern in 4 charts and come to the conclusion they’ve discovered a technique. Many mistake this for being research. As a member of Alphee Lavoie’s Astrological Investigators (aka ‘Gators) and as a mechanical engineer, Franco is familiar with the statistical approach to research. This workshop will give you insight into how to conduct a proper astrological research analysis.

And for those of you wanting more info on the Open Forum lectures, here’s the remainder of the Saturday schedule. The full Open Forum schedule is up on our website thanks to the intrepid Wendy Guy. Have a look:

Are You a Tarot “Misfortune Teller”?

Rev. John Marani
This presentation will talk about the “baddies” of the tarot, and how and why to deliver the “bad news” when necessary in a reading.

This sounds like a wonderful lecture — and I’ve been hearing very good things about John. If Tarot appeals to you and you’re tired of the same old stuff, check this out!

Next up is Wade Caves:

Planetary Profiles in Horary

Wade Caves
Using techniques that are often underemployed, horary astrologers can divine rich physical descriptions of people from planetary symbolism. We’ll explore these techniques, and their implications for astrology today.

Wade is on the faculty of Deborah Houlding’s School of Traditional Astrology and is coming all the way from Los Angeles to present for us. I am hoping he’ll get a terrific turnout because I know YOU are going to get a terrific lecture.

Wade is followed by none other than our own Joyce Stewart:

Astrology and Consciousness

Joyce Stewart
This deals with the ages when we experience changing states of consciousness, and the importance of astrology and ruling planets on our lives at each stage.

Joyce has been a regular at SOTA ever since I can remember. She is a long-time student of astrology and a delightful presenter.

Last but not least, Jim Schaefer:

Where’s #1? Primary Directions

Jim Schaefer
Once the premier forecasting technique from Ptolemy to Lilly, it has reached the obscurity of the Open Forum. Why? How? What?

As you might suspect from the blurb, Jim is a questioner. He tries techniques before he buys the hype. A student of both traditional and modern Western astrology, he is a prime candidate to explain primary directions clearly and make them interesting enough for you to want to explore yourself.

OK, that’s it for now. I’ll see you next week for the last issue of SOTAnews of the season.