SOTA News 17 August 2014

17 August 2014

Hi All,

I’m back from The Falls and from Lily Dale, where I had to suddenly fill in for Rick Levine, who was unable to make it due to a health problem. Fortunately, I shared the slot with Patricia Bell, who is also one of our SOTA lecturers and mediums. It really DID take the two of us to replace Rick Levine, especially at the last minute.

As for the Falls, all is well at the hotel. I met the chef, who is committed to working for us and with us. I checked on rooms. And I made sure that we still had enough hotel rooms for those of you who still hasn’t registered. And yes, there are still rooms, but I’d advise you to reserve yours soon.

The last day for our special conference rate is September 22, and it’s possible that we will run out of rooms before that date. The hotel number is on the attached flyer. Call them NOW and tell them you’re with SOTA if you haven’t already done so. You won’t be sorry.

By the way, the new flyer reflects our one speaker change, which is Frank Piechoski replacing Rodney Smith in the 4:15 Saturday time slot in the Cobalt Room. And as promised, here’s Frank’s lecture description:

Sex and Blood and Chocolate

A look at how Venus and Mars operate in individuals’ charts – not only how the native relates to others but in synastry. Included will be a look at some relationships involving personalities in the music industry – some tempestuous, some stable – and at how Venus/Mars placements operate in their charts.

Frank is one of those people that conveners generally describe as “good conference energy”. He’s personable, he’s accessible, he’s prepared, and his lectures tend not to be the same old stuff. This one is no exception. Note that on Friday, Frank will also be doing a 2-hour lecture on electional astrology. I can vouch for this one as well. It is truly excellent.

I also promised you an update on Open Forum. Here’s the deal: We are STILL two speakers short, and I’ve been playing with the schedule. For a time I had hoped that we could make all the lectures one hour in length. We CAN do that, but that would mean that things are all going to start and end at different times and the last of the Open Forum slots before lunch wouldn’t end until 12:30, which would mean that some people would have to choose between Open Forum and luncheon. Not good for anybody. So we’re back to 45-minute slots. And while they will not consistently start at the same time as the main lectures, you should be able to follow the schedule very easily. And many of the speakers will have a bit of time at the end of their presentation if they need it.

While the full schedule is still being juggled, I CAN tell you a little bit about who will be presenting and what they’ll be presenting. And while the schedule is tentative, they will probably be presenting in the order given here:

Timon Harewood — Midpoints
Marilyn — The Power of a Degree
Adrianna Dream — Details to come, but here’s a hint: There WILL be popcorn.
Alex Trenoweth — The Astrology of Adolescence
Eric Pride — Astrology and Magic
Kathy Thompson — Voice Coaching —and if you don’t think you need this, you may be in for a surprise.
Suzanne Montalalou — Spiritual development using Celtic symbolism
Carol Mason — Decanates and Dwads
John Marani — Tarot
Wade Caves — Horary
Jim Schaefer — Primary Directions
Priya Kale — East-West astrology with an emphasis on the Vedic lunar calendar and its use with Western astrology
Pundit Prakash — Vedic astrology
Dionne Sutherland — A comparison of Chinese and Western signs

And yes, there are two more to come. I will be getting you the full schedule with blurbs and bios just as soon as I have it together. And if you think this is sounding pretty doggone good, you’re right! Not only that, but we have a speaker from England, a speaker from California, a speaker from New York, and a speaker from Pennsylvania joining the many familiar faces from the Ontario and Buffalo-area communities.

Now if you want to join us, I’m still trying to fill those two slots. Email me. But do it quickly, because I want to get the full roster out as soon as possible. This is just a taste…

And on that note, it’s time for me to have a taste of tea. Have a good week everybody. And don’t forget to register. Especially if you want a banquet ticket. They are in short supply…