SOTA News 20 July 2014

20 July 2014

Hi All,

A heads-up: I just heard from one of our speakers who tried to book a room for Friday night and was told our room block was full. I have asked the hotel to increase our block and am hoping that will happen on Monday.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t already booked your room, it’s time. Call the hotel at 1-866-961-3780 and tell them you’re with SOTA. If they tell you our room block is full, email me. I will make sure you get in at the conference rate, at least until rooms run out. And I DO think they might run out this year. So once again, we’re back at snooze and you lose.

Now you can of course look for accommodation elsewhere, but it’s to your advantage to stay at Sheraton at the Falls. Why? Well first of all, that’s where all the action is. You won’t have to run back to your hotel to change for the banquet or drop off your trade room purchases or whatever. Nor will you have to lug stuff with you. You’ll simply have to go upstairs. Instead of an hour, it’s 10 minutes max. You can hang out with the speakers for the other 50 minutes, because this is where they will be staying.

Secondly, if you want to go to evening functions like Sweet Messages or the banquet or the opening reception or the AFAN suite, you won’t have to worry about driving home or going home alone late at night or any of those things because your room will be a short elevator ride away. Nor will you have to go out in the rain, hunt for parking, etc. Once you’re there, you’re there — and if you want to connect with people, well, Sheraton at the Falls is where it happens. It’s also got the only Starbucks in town, if that’s an incentive…
Last time I checked the rooming list, there were a number of you who weren’t registered yet. Now’s the time. Once the rooms run out, they run out. ‘Nuff said…

Ok, now just in case you haven’t already registered for SOTA, let me also tempt you with a lecture offering. This one’s a 2-hour presentation by none other than Cassandra Butler:
Astrological Signatures of Psychics and Astrologers
It takes a certain type of person to buck the prevailing social consciousness and pursue astrology as a hobby or a vocation. Astrologers’ divinatory cousins — psychics and mediums — also follow a road less travelled. How are their natal charts similar to each other? Are there astrological signatures? Are there particular transits during which people become “more” psychic? Cassandra will present her original research into what makes us similar and different. Her findings just may surprise you!

Cassandra needs no introduction to you regulars. For the rest of you, she is one of Buffalo-area’s top astrological teachers. She also has strong foundations in healing and spiritual studies. And she does AMAZING foot reflexology as well, though she may not have a lot of time for that at the conference. For one thing, she will also be giving messages at Sweet Messages Friday night. In any case, Cassandra has a wealth of knowledge and is always happy to share it. And we’re always happy to have her at SOTA.

Cassandra is just one of our speakers. As you can see from the flyer, there are lots more. And that doesn’t even count our Open Forum speakers. So again, if you haven’t registered, now will be a good time. Especially if you want to attend the banquet, because tickets for that are in very short supply and probably won’t last until September.

Meanwhile, get out there and enjoy that summer weather. I look forward to seeing many of you at SOTA.