SOTA News 2 Feb 2014

2 February 2014

Hello again,
…And Happy February. Here’s the latest installment of SOTAnews.

First of all, the website: Wendy Guy, our new webmistress, is currently fine-tuning things to make sure everything is working and reading right. We are hoping to go live with the website within the next 48 hours. You can check things out at and stand by to register on Wednesday or thereafter if not before. If you prefer to register by mail, you can send your cheque, made payable to Full Circle Seminars, to me at 35 Brock St., Suite #1405, Hamilton, ON L8L 4L7 Canada. A flyer is attached for your reference. Note that rates are listed in US funds. Unfortunately, if you are paying in Canadian funds — either by cheque or by email transfer — there will be a 10% surcharge to cover the exchange rate. I don’t like it either, but we simply can’t absorb the difference. Blame Harper…

Secondly, staff positions: At this time I am contacting last year’s staff to see who and how many will be back. It is possible that we will have one or two staff positions open, but I won’t know for sure until late March or early April, so please stay tuned. And Carol, maybe you can check with your crew and let me know. Aparna and the rest of you on the list, you can save me time by letting me know if you’re interested.

Third, vendors: Consider this first call for vendors. I already have confirmation from Billee Dommell of Sticks and Stones and also from Adam Gainsburg. We are hoping to have Helene Arts back as our bookseller and also hoping to have Astrolabe and Solar Fire back. Meanwhile, if you want to be a vendor, please drop me a note so I can pencil you in. Space is limited and it’s strictly first-come, first-served.

That said, we are open to new vendors and would love to have things requested by our attendees — herbal products, soaps, clothing, candles, decorative items for the office or living space, etc. We already have a wonderful selection of minerals and jewelry, and it appears we have plenty of software. So with that in mind, if you have a product to sell yourself or have a favorite craftsperson, let me know. I would mention that we’re hoping to get a complete listing of vendors on the website. You can help us do that by paying your fee early so we can guarantee you space.

Fourth, readers: We are hoping to have all of our readers from last year back. Additionally, Deirdre Norman will once again be joining us in the trade room as a reader when she’s not lecturing. And based on last year, we may have space for one more. So if you think you might be interested in reading, let me know and I’ll fill you in.


OK, announcements over. What about the program?

Well, as you know, Georgia Stathis is one of our pre-conference lecturers and will be presenting on Business Astrology — Basics and Beyond. This promises to be an excellent workshop by a seasoned presenter and we’re already getting registrations for it. But for those of you who can’t make it on Thursday, it’s worth knowing that Georgia will also be presenting on Friday. Her topic? Synodic Cycles… Here’s the description:

Synodic cycles push through time after making their original conjunction, continuing to trigger original events for the duration of the cycle. The faster of the two planets pushes through time, revealing events relating to the original moment and staying in place until the next conjunction; whether 12 years or 172 years, the cycle stays active for the entire time. Concrete examples will be presented in this 2-hour lecture.

Synodic cycles are hot right now. If you haven’t explored them, here’s your chance to do so with a pro.


Our other pre-conference presenter is Lynn Koiner. Her topic is Psychological Patterns of Disease and the Four Lobes of the Brain. Lynn will be exploring a very wide range of disease patterns and offering relevant information. And on Friday, she will finish off with a one-hour follow-up on Transits and Progressions in Medical Astrology. Here’s the description for that one:

Transits and Progressions in Medical Astrology – while this lecture will discuss the medical issues that can be triggered by the transits and progressions, the information is not solely medical but a detailed discussion of transits and progressions in general. Lynn will discuss the medical implications occurring with the current Uranus-Pluto transits.

Lynn assures me that you can get something out of this one-hour lecture even if you can’t make the pre-conference.


And last but not least, Janet Markham will be back, after being unable to join us last year. As you regulars know, Janet is a very solid presenter and a popular Toronto-area teacher and consultant. Her topic is Relationships and Myth. Here’s the description:

A starting point in examining relationship potential begins with what each individual is able to bring to the table. Not only the dynamics of the natal chart but the individual’s birth mythology. This talk offers a look at the different components of the birth mythology — planetary, collective, social, family, and individual.

Janet’s lectures are always jam-packed with useful information that students and consultants can use. This one will be no different.


These are only 3 of a dozen lectures on Friday — and that doesn’t include the luncheon lecture with Brad Kochunas. And we’ve got more of the same on Saturday and Sunday. So why not join us — just for Friday or for the whole conference as your time permits. We’re small, we’re friendly, we’re fun and we do our best to bring you top-notch presenters with fresh new presentations. If you haven’t attended before, do yourself a favor and try us. You just might like us and become a regular.

That’s it until next week. Stay tuned.