SOTA News 31 Jan 2014

31 January 2014

Hi All,

OK, for starters, some of you may be getting some of this twice. I am having connectivity problems, and the last newsletter didn’t save properly. So if you get half of this twice, my apologies.

…As you can see, the flyer is here. And the website will be following shortly. In fact, it should be up by Sunday. And yes, PayPal will be up and running too. Our new webmistress, Wendy Guy, has made a few changes, and we hope you like them and find the registration process easier to navigate. Meanwhile, a big thank you to Tom Humiston for his hard work in years past.

Lots of work is going on behind the scenes too. The trade room, for example. While we probably won’t have our vendors and readers finalized until March, I can confirm that Billee Dommell will be back with her gems and minerals, Adam Gainsburg will be back with his books and his wonderful software program, Pam Gallagher and Mindy Whitt will be back with Cosmic Patterns and Sirius, and Lorraine Hughes has expressed interest in coming back as a reader. We are hoping Navika, Tim Brainard, and Pat Beers will be back as well, and there’s a possibility that Deirdre Norman will be doing double duty as both a speaker and a reader. We may or may not add one more reader as well due to popular demand and because it seems that many people like to get more than one reading. So, folks, if you’re interested, please let me know and we’ll get things rolling. Meanwhile, if any of you are vendors or know of vendors who might like to attend, please contact me. The reader situation is at the moment under control and in fact, we have had more inquiries than we have slots available. Mostly we’re looking for vendors…

If you’re wondering why I have been silent for the last couple of weeks, it’s because I was presenting at the FAA Conference in Hobart, Tasmania., a wonderful small conference (just a bit bigger than SOTA) with some excellent speakers, held in a beautiful venue on the harbour. Kelly Surtees was there too; Kelly is a native Australian and very well-known in her home country. I didn’t hear her, but I heard she was well-received and am sure that was the case. Kelly is always well-received; that’s why she’s doing SOTA’s keynote this year. Here’s the description:

Purpose and Passion: Mining Astrology’s Past as a Guide to Its Future

What has astrology offered in the past? What can astrology do now? Where do we go from here? An uplifting call to action about how the passion of each of us can help contribute to astrology’s ongoing purpose.

Knowing Kelly, this talk will be an inspiring, dynamic, and thought-provoking opening. It will be preceded by a brief introduction of speakers, readers, staff, and vendors and as usual there will be a cash bar and an array of nibblies for your enjoyment. If you’ve already registered, the opening and keynote are included in your Deluxe package. If you have the Full package that doesn’t include evening events, you can add this in for a mere $20. That’s not much for an evening of food for the mind and the body along with a chance to greet old acquaintances, make new ones, and perhaps even talk to some of the speakers.

So if you’re NOT already registered, why not go to over the next 2-3 days and register by PayPal. Or if you prefer, you can send a cheque, made payable to Full Circle Seminars to me at 35 Brock St., Suite #1405, Hamilton, ON L8L 4L7.

If you’re on this side of the border, you can pay by Interac as well but please note: Due to the fact that our dollar has dropped below the 95 cent mark, SOTA can no longer absorb the difference in the exchange rate. Prices listed are in US funds because our expenses are payable in US funds. So this year you’ll need to add 10% to the fees to cover your exchange rate. In other words, that $20 opening will be $22 Canadian. We regret the added expense, but we really had no choice. I am hoping that you will still find SOTA good value and well worth the money; we work hard to give you the best deal possible and keep our expenses down. And I definitely look forward to seeing all of you there.

As usual, if you have questions, please message me. Otherwise, I’ll catch you next week. Meanwhile, stay warm.