SOTA 9 May 2018

Hi Everybody,

A few reminders and updates:

First of all, we’re STILL looking for vendors. Pretty much everything except gems and minerals, and books. Please spread the word and let me know if you’re interested. Fees are reasonable —$150 for two 6-foot tables for the duration. We are particularly interested in crafts and oils…

Secondly, I wanted everyone to know that Melody-Ann Summers is once again donating an afghan, which will be raffled off at our banquet. She calls it Rose Garden and it sounds stunning. Tickets will be $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00 and will be available at the reg desk as well as at the banquet where the draw will take place.

We will also have our usual 50/50 draw at the banquet. Same price for the tickets, but these will only be available at the banquet — and you must be present to win.

Either one of these wins would certainly give you back the equivalent cost of your banquet.

And yes, Franco and friends will be back with entertainment. Which friends? I dunno — he never tells me. What kind of entertainment? He rarely tells me that either. But Franco is multi-talented and generally very funny. If you’ve not encountered him yet, there is a little video on SOTA Astrology Conference Page on Facebook that will give you a wee taste. Note that this is not from the conference; this is just Franco killing time. And he may or may not have his guitar at the conference. But he will have something, and it will be good.

As for the banquet itself, we’re still a couple of months away from finalizing it, but it WILL be buffet, and you WILL be able to choose from several things or have a bit of everything. And yes, there will be vegetarian fare as well as choices for carnivores and fish-eaters. No worry there! If, however, you want a vegan meal, it would help me to know that now so we can make accommodations. And yes, if there are enough vegans, we’ll include a strictly vegan offering in the buffet. If not, we can special-order something for you. Just let me know.

Ehsan Khazani

OK, let’s serve up some info on a speaker, and a blurb now:

Ehsan Khazani is from Iran. This will be his first time lecturing at SOTA, though he is a seasoned lecturer and has in the past lectured at Dennis Harness’s conference in Sedona where he was very well-received. Here’s his topic description:

Universal Nakshatras

“Universal Nakshatras” is a bridge between ancient knowledge of Vedic lunar mansions and concepts of modern astrology. In Universal Nakshtras, despite the traditional teachings, there is a meaningful order for Nakshatras which shows how the lunar mansions of vedic astrology are sequentially interconnected. It demonstrates how the next and previous mansion for every planet can give us some information and how all mansions occupied by planets in the chart can be employed in our interpretations. Universal Nakshatras provides a set of tools and techniques for both tropical and sidereal astrologers to apply the Nakshatras effectively in their interpretations.

This is something a little bit different and yes, it’s suitable and accessible for Western astrologers. Come and check it out! Ehsan will be at UAC but he’s not lecturing there. Their loss is our gain…

So there you go! Don’t say there’s nothing new under the Sun! Come, join us, and learn. Not all the breakthrough stuff is at UAC.

Meanwhile, please share this with your friends. I hope to see you at SOTA!