SOTA 8 September 2018

Hi Everybody,

I have one bit of possibly pending news. Specifically, I am currently in negotiations with the hotel to reduce the hotel rate. If this comes through, the reduction will automatically be applied to your room rate, assuming you are on our rooming list. And I will be sending out a letter to those not reserved very soon so this can be taken care of. In other words, all you will need to do is reserve. I will keep you updated in SOTAnews to my progress. Wish me luck!

Also a reminder that rates increase on September 22.

And now for some reminders and program blurbs:

Qigong with Susi Rosinski

First of all, a reminder that Susi Rosinski will be leading you in QIGONG on Saturday morning from 8 to 8:30. This will be outdoors if weather permits, indoors otherwise. I am going to suggest that you meet in the lobby about 7:55. Susi is a very accomplished teacher and healer. And I had hoped she would be here for the day so you could get to meet her. However, she has another training program to go to. So getting to know her better may have to wait until next year. But if you enjoy this taste of QIGONG, we will definitely look at having her back again next year. Stay tuned.

The Nakshatras, by Alan Annand

In addition to the regular zodiac of 12 signs, Vedic astrologers make great use of nakshatras, the 27 sectors also known as the lunar mansions. These star-clusters, or asterisms, each occupy 13 degrees and 20 minutes of arc along the ecliptic. Without needing to know anything about Vedic astrology, western astrologers can make great use of this “sub-zodiac” in their interpretations. This lecture will offer key associations for each nakshatra, with examples, that can provide an astrologer astounding insights into personality, career and relationships via the presence of key angles or planets in the nakshatras.

Now as you may already know, Alan is replacing Ehsan Khazani. There lectures are based on the same principles, but of course they are not identical lectures, because Alan is not Ehsan and vice versa. However, Alan will do a good job with this topic and as he says in the blurb, you won’t have to be a Vedic astrologer to be able to use this material. As a bit of an introduction, Alan was an accomplished Western astrologer before studying Vedic with Hart deFouw. He is now both an accomplished Vedic and an accomplished Western astrologer, though his focus these days is mostly Vedic. You will find him both knowledgeable and entertaining. And speaking of entertaining, you MAY see Alan’s alter ego at some point in the conference. Stay tuned…

Confessions of Failure Panel

And while we’re talking about Saturday, don’t forget about the Confessions of Failure Panel from 4:30 – 5:30 on Saturday. This presentation provides opportunity for panelists and participants alike to share some of the predictive failures we’ve experienced in our practice. Whether it was with a client prediction (career, health, marriage, financial.), times of election, or horary considerations, what were the consequences of this for the client and the astrologer? Come and share your concerns and experiences. We’re all human, and we all fail sometimes. Brad Kochunas will moderate and will be joined by Wade Caves, Kelly Surtees, and William Stickevers. If these people can admit to failed predictions and live to talk about them, surely you can too! Whether you predict or don’t predict, there’s sure to be some food for thought here for you.

OK, i’m running very late this week. More next time. And if all goes well, that will include discussion of a reduction in the hotel rate.

Have a good week folks!