SOTA 8 March 2018

Hi Everybody,

We’re running late this week due to my birthday celebrations, but we don’t lack news.

Earlybird Registration Deadline

First of all, we’re now in March and March 21 is the last date for the early bird registration rates. So if you’re still sitting on the fence, you might want to jump down before the rates go up. Right now we’re 2 registrations short of our March 21 target; getting those two registrations will save me enormous stress.

Unlike UAC, there is no organization funding or backing me. Which as why as little as two registrations can make a difference. I know some people will go to UAC. And I know none of you have unlimited funds. So I am ever so grateful for all of you who have signed up and are supporting us. We are an option for those of you who either can’t afford UAC or prefer a smaller, more intimate conference. We are also an option for new regional speakers, which is important, because if you can’t get conference experience locally, you’re unlikely to go further afield.

We also try to bring in high-quality speakers and focus on friendliness and fun without a huge amount of glitz or pretense. And we’ve received stellar feedback from past speakers, current speakers, and attendees alike. So I AM hoping you’ll join us. No glitz, no pretense, just good, solid, astrology.

John Green

Like John Green, for example. John is from England where he teaches for Liz Greene’s school and on-line.He has been involved with astrology for over 25 years. His material is solid and his presentation is excellent. And he is doing not only a 2-hour presentation on Mars on Saturday, but also a 3-hour Post-Conference on Monday. Here’s his post-conference topic:

Post-Conference Topic: Practical Synastry — Making Synastry Work for You and Your Client’s Relationships

Synastry gives us a wealth of information about the relationship between two people, but how can we use it effectively with our clients or our own relationships? In this practical workshop, we will explore how to use the natal chart and synastry to help us understand relationships and make them work.

John also has a book Do You Love Me? The Astrology of Relationships. And yes, we hope to have this in the trade room.

And just in case you missed it the first time, here’s his 2-hour main conference offering, which will be on Saturday afternoon:

Saturday Afternoon: Gods of War — Reclaiming the Mars Warrior – John Green

Will, drive, aggression, overt masculinity. These words have negative connotations in our modern world. The warrior has been demoted to a safe fictional character or demonized in war. In this re-evaluation of Mars, we look at its importance to us all and the problems arising if we ignore it.

Some of you know I wrote a book on Mars many years ago on a similar theme. It’s still important and it’s good to see it revisited.

John will be doing one hour and a quarter lecture at UAC, but not on either of these topics.

And yes, you’re probably safe to sign up for this on-site, though it will cost you more. But there will be BIG rooms for both the Pre and Post Conference workshops, so there will probably be room. Unless, of course, John is such a hit at UAC that it sells out after that. However, these days, that kind of stardom is rare in astrology…

Alan Clay – Sedna: the Soul’s Path of Destiny

Last but not least, if you’re coming in for Saturday and are interested in hearing people from overseas, I would remind you that Alan Clay will be doing a two-hour presentation on Sedna: the Soul’s Path of Destiny. Alan is not lecturing at UAC at this point. He hails from New Zealand and this is original work, so you might want to catch him while he’s here.

Single-day tickets are available now. There will probably also be half-day tickets available at the door, but again you’ll pay more.

OK, off I go for another week. Have a great weekend folks…