SOTA 8 March 2017

Hi Everyone,

People often ask if it’s hard work putting on a conference. I will be blunt; it is. Mostly it’s a labour of love, but yes,  I get tired, and there are times I question  my  sanity. I know  people love SOTA, and  I definitely want it to continue, but I could use a little  help. No, not money, though if you have a spare $20,000  kicking around, I’d take it. Because that’s what it takes  each year to  run a conference.  But actually, the kind of help I’m thinking of will cost you nothing but a little  bit  of time. And in some instances it could  help both of us. So what kind of help do I need?

Ways You Can Help SOTA

First of all, I need you speakers to let your friends and those on your mailing  lists know that you’re speaking, Send them the flyer or send them to Let them know that this is a great conference and as conferences go, it’s fairly inexpensive to attend. Parking is free. Room rates are low. And our conference fees, for what we offer, are as reasonable as we can make them.To make them MORE reasonable, we need more attendees. And you speakers know probably have fans that we don’t know. So tell them about us. If they like you, there’s a good  chance they’ll like SOTA.

Attendees and staff, it’s easy to forward this newsletter to friends. No pressure, no hard sell. But if YOU like SOTA, they might too. And maybe you’d than have someone to share room or traveling expenses with.

And those of you who haven’t registered yet could help us, and you, by registering early. That way you save money and we can better anticipate attendance. Plus I  won’t  have to go through neurosis because we’re under quota. This kind of stress  is definitely not good for  my diverticulitis.

That said, I know  some people just CAN’T register early. Many have to see if they can get the time off. I know 3 or  4 who don’t   even  KNOW  their October  work schedules until September. Others wait to get their tax refund. Still others save a little bit each month in order to be able to come. And if that’s how it  works  for you, that’s fine.

Many of you have supported  SOTA  year after year and I DO want you to know it is appreciated. We couldn’t do this without you. So thank  you. And thanks  in advance to those  of you who forward newsletters, mention SOTA in your own newsletters, or otherwise spread the word. Your efforts are appreciated and CAN make a big difference.

Featured Staff: Wendy Guy

One of the people who definitely is doing her part is our webmistress Wendy Guy. Wendy is  the one who did all those  wonderful banners. Which, by the way, are another way to promote SOTA. If you didn’t get one or can’t make it work, let me know  and  I’ll put you in touch with her. I fear this was not the easy solution I had hoped for and some of you got intimidated and just  didn’t try them…

But that’s not all Wendy does. She does a lot of behind (and in front of) the scenes,  including  keeping the dreaded Russian hackers and spammers away. So if YOU’D like to keep your website safe, or spiff  it  up, or even get  a new website up and running, contact me and I’d be happy to put you in touch with Wendy. I can certainly vouch for her  work.

Featured Speaker: Greg Bogart

Meanwhile, let’s  look at some speakers:

As you  know, Greg Bogart is doing one of our two pre-conferences (“Jung, Astrology, and Dreams”). But did you know  that he’s also lecturing  on Saturday? Well, he is. Here’s his topic:

Planets in Therapy: Therapeutic Astrology and the Art of Counseling

This talk explores how to approach planetary symbolism to facilitate emotional transformation, to navigate periods of depression, anxiety, relationship conflicts, workplace stress, and bereavement, and to form the most adaptive responses to life’s challenge and adversities.

Describing his work as a psychotherapist-astrologer, Greg will discuss how therapeutic astrology helps us heal emotional injuries, evolve the personality, and turn crises into conscious and meaningful passages. Participants will experience a method of astrological process work combining meditation, visualization, and symbol amplification.

Greg is the author of one of my favorite books, Planets in Therapy, which will also be available at the conference.  He  is a seasoned and effective teacher and presenter. And we were lucky to get him as he rarely does regional conferences. So  check him out while he’s in the neighborhood!

Featured Speaker: Carmine

Another new speaker is also speaking on  Saturday. Carmine is an uncommonly humble  astrologer with a lot to offer, and a very worthwhile topic. Here it is:

Marketing In The Modern World: For Astrologers and Other Similar Vocations

Over the last decade we have witnessed major developments in the world of marketing through the rise of social media platforms. This has provided new opportunities for astrologers and others who are in consulting and healing professions. This talk is designed to help navigate and determine the best internet marketing strategies based on one’s natal chart.

This is a topic we don’t get to hear about very often. And I think I need to hear about it. So again, if you want to help me, please don’t have a crisis Saturday morning. I’d very much like to go to this. And I suspect I won’t be the only one.


So there you have it. Not the same old people or the same old stuff. Join us! And share those newsletters!!