SOTA 7 Feb 2018

Hi All,

This week we have a request from one of our international speakers, Baris Ilhan.  She is looking for a ride to Chatauqua for sight-seeing during her stay.  Since I don’t drive, I’m calling for a volunteer. She is available Wednesday before the conference or possibly Sunday or Monday (which would be during the conference). If you know someone, perhaps a local, who might enjoy showing Baris Chatauqua and spending a few hours with a knowledgeable and lovely astrologer from Turkey, let me know. I’ll put you in touch. And by the way, this could earn you a day pass to SOTA, so it’s not a bad deal at all…

We have had requests for more local excursions as part of SOTA. I would LOVE to oblige on this, because Buffalo and surrounding areas are truly gorgeous and interesting. However, I fear that organizing outings is labour-intensive, especially when I’m doing it from across the border. So frankly, I’m not the right person to take this on. If one of you locals would like to do this, let me know. It’s probably too late for this year, but we could certainly add it into the mix for next year. And yes, there would be some kind of perk for the organizer, depending on how much work they have to do… Meanwhile, for those of you who want to explore, I would mention that there are local buses with good connections readily available and leaving from the airport.

I am waiting to hear from a couple of staff but it looks like we have staff positions for 2018 covered. So hopefully that bit of the work is done or close to done and I can focus on the trade room and other things.

Primary Directions – Toby Aldren

Our featured speaker this week is Toby Aldren. Toby is from Vancouver, and his good reputation precedes him. He lectured at the astrology conference in Calgary last September and drew absolute raves from some of our speakers, so here he is and here’s his topic for your perusal:

We’ll begin by reviewing the fundamental principles of Primary Directions. From there, we’ll develop a technique that has its own special place in the toolbox of contemporary astrologers. As well, Toby will introduce his original method of manipulating diurnal circles to see better the proportional location of planets in the heavens.

Now yes, this is the same topic Toby did in Calgary. However, it’s a 2-hour format and the material on diurnal circles wasn’t covered in that presentation. And if you STILL don’t want to hear it again, you can always go hear Brad Kochunas on Chiron (which we discussed last week) or Ellen Bourn on Kabbalistic Astrology (which we’ll discuss next week)

And until next week, have a good one and please share this with your friends.