SOTA 7 Dec 2017

Hi Everyone,

As most of you know, this is a UAC year. So why come to SOTA? We  for sure aren’t UAC. We can’t offer you Chicago. Too bad, because Chicago is a wonderful city.But Buffalo, while smaller and less glitzy, can certainly hold its own for history, architecture, and interesting sites. Don’t believe me? Check out

You will discover buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, good art galleries, historic sites, good food (including those Buffalo Wings and beef on weck, but also fantastic Italian food), and good shopping.

And don’t forget Niagara Falls, either. While we’re not within walking distance of everything, buses are within walking distance and will take you pretty much anywhere you might like to go. And it IS worth your while to come in a day early and explore. Buffalo grows on you!

We can’t offer you 150 speakers. But we CAN offer you 29 very good speakers and some very interesting topics, many of which are debuting at SOTA. And face it, you can’t hear 150 speakers anyway. You can’t even hear all of the 29 we’re offering. But even if you can’t hear them all, there’s a good chance you can meet and talk to all of them (and of course buy recordings).

So maybe you can’t get time off work for the Pre or Post Conference. I know this is a problem for some every year. That’s why we’ve scheduled two Pre-Conference speakers and one Post-Conference speaker for Friday. You won’t get the same topics, and admittedly these are shorter lectures, but you’ll get to hear them for the same cost as attending both pre-conferences. Have a look:

Pre-Conference: The Fourth House: Our Grave or Our Treasure?

Baris Ilhan

The house of home, parents and roots, but also represents the hidden things, treasures and graves. We will see how this house can be our grave in a symbolical sense and how we can turn it into a treasure by working on the issues of the sign there.  (Intermediate or Advanced)

Baris has presented this at NCGR conferences before. It is a well-received lecture and new to SOTA (as is everything at SOTA). She will also be presenting Veiled Power of the Twelfth House on Saturday.

Pre-Conference: What Should I Do With my Life?

Kelly Surtees

What houses, planets and aspects really describe and define career? Where and how do we find life direction in the chart? Are there any special planetary phases or configurations to consider? Join Kelly for a deep dive into career and life direction through astrology.

This is a 2-hour lecture and I haven’t seen it presented elsewhere — on this side of the pond anyway. And this is Kelly’s only presentation in the main portion of the conference.

Post-Conference: The Coming Global Economic Reset and Cryptocurrency “Satoshi” Revolution

William Stickevers

Most today have never experienced a financial or political “reset” (repression). Since 2008 we have witnessed the re-emergence of systemic risk and political turmoil with emerging disruptive technologies, i.e. Bitcoin. From an astrological perspective, we will explore cryptocurrencies’ role in transforming the financial system as Global Financial Reset begins.

This is a brand-new lecture especially for SOTA. And judging from the comments/queries I got after last week’s newsletter, it is a topic of interest. I would also mention that  William’s other topics — The Rise of the Geopolitical Red Dragon (on Saturday)  and his Post-Conference, Archetypal Astrology Through the Planetary Cyclic Index — are also brand new.

And since we’re talking about brand-new, it might interest you to know that a great many speakers got their start at SOTA — including Wade Caves, Ryhan Butler, and several others.  In fact, little conferences like SOTA  are the lifeblood and proving ground of a LOT of new speakers and topics.

I would even go so far as to say that if it wasn’t for us little independents, big conferences like UAC might find interesting new speakers in short supply. So come to SOTA, where you’ll hear it first! We’re low on glitz, but we rank very high when it comes to quality content. As do most of the other independent conferences.

So if October isn’t good for you, why not check out one of the other independents? NORWAC (Northwest Astrology Conference), in Seattle, is in March this year. I am suspecting Seattle in the beginning of spring will be lovely. And NORWAC can be counted on to have a good line-up of seasoned speakers. They are also unique in that they have communal luncheons and dinners with after meal lectures each day.

There’s also GLAC (Great Lakes Astrological Conference) in July. GLAC is in Ann Arbor, which is one of my favorite places. Their line-up this year inclines to old reliables who have lectured there in the past. Normally, there’s some duplication of speakers between GLAC and SOTA, but this year SOTA decided against that. Many of our attendees go to both conferences, and we want to see them get the most bang for their buck at both.

Now you may STILL want to attend UAC. And I do believe that anyone who is serious about astrology should at one point go to a UAC. And if what you want to do is name-drop and hob nob with anybody who is anybody, you may be happier at UAC than you would be at SOTA or NORWAC or GLAC, though you may also discover that a lot of the speakers at UAC are too busy with other people and other things to actually sit down and have a coffee with you.. And if you don’t like crowds or if you have never been to a conference before, one of these smaller conferences may be a far better bet.And I can tell you that while you may come in to SOTA or one of these others knowing no one, you’ll leave with a whole bunch of potential Facebook friends or whatever. SOTA  is a very friendly crowd…And that includes our speakers.The same generally holds true at NORWAC and GLAC.

I’d also mention that costs for rooms and parking (free at SOTA and maybe NORWAC and GLAC too) are cheaper, as our the reg fees. So, Sweetie, you have options. Give us a look. You may find a conference that better meets your needs and budget.

Catch you next week,